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Nº276: been 3 weeks, hello! Bespoked coverage, Ampler's popup in WS6 & Rider's Choice Awards voting open. Half of USA shops don't sell the big brands, + what it's like to join Buffer & a warning not to stop playing. Friends Marin, Natalya & Quinda with news & features & the nice film: Frankenbiking!
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Greetings from Florida, three weeks since the last issue & Bespoked! Here are my day one, two & three recaps + a selection of several articles covering the show are below.

Since then, October has flown by with events like The Street Surfin' Jam pictured above, a successful media day in Paris with Lemmo and, the most recent Mechanics of Joy show is available for listening.

Next up:

  • Attending DT Swiss #CraftBikeDays Nov. 13 & 14 with Rob Quirk.
  • Working on a screening of some cycling films about the bike culture in Seoul, South Korea in Workspace too. Stay tuned!
  • The International Cargo Bike Festival Nov 24-26 in Amsterdam
  • #Twotoneturnsnine – I can barely believe it, but our 9 year bday is a month away on Dec 1. We're working on the details for:
    • Live music – band announcements soon!
    • Tattoos – if you slept on a permanent party favor in 2019 & 2022: this is the chance for you!
    • Limited Merch – we've teamed up with our friends down the Rhein in Switzerland: Rio Basel, for a 100-shirt limited run + patches, stickers & more.
  • After that, I've got surgery scheduled. More about that soon.

as always, thank you so much for reading & sharing this newsletter!


p.s. I loved this little post from David Hieatt on newsletters. Certainly, the approach I take! : )

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BESPOKED 2023 Coverage

A selection of images from the articles below from this year's Bespoked in Dresden. Props to the CRANK! crew for great teamwork before, during & after the show!
"Whoever is passionate about handmade bikes will travel far for the sole reason of checking bespoked builds first-hand, but this year the organizers made it easy for residents of Central Europe by organizing the event for the first time outside the UK, with the German city being the host instead. That translated into a massive public turnout and a diverse portfolio of exhibitors." - Javi Angulo of Raw Cycling Mag
BESPOKED Dresden 2023 Bike Show
Bespoked Handmade Bicycle Show’s Inaugural Edition in Dresden was a success.

Bespoked is returning to Dresden next October 18th-20th, 2024. Sign up to their newsletter!

Ampler Opens New Pop-Up in Amsterdam at WorkSpace Six

Ampler Opens New Pop-Up in Amsterdam at WorkSpace Six
All five of its lightweight urban e-bikes are available for test rides. The direct-to-consumer e-bike company continues to sell its bikes online, but the doors are now open at a new location for a full Ampler experience.

We're super excited to have Ampler's showroom in our office! Book a test ride & swing by!

Vote for Ride Review's Rider's Choice Awards 2024

2024 Rider’s Choice Awards
Vote for the best electric vehicle companies in the 2024 Rider’s Choice Awards

Consider voting for Twotone clients: Ampler, Lemmo, Omnium & Super 73!


Nearly 1/2 of US bike shops don't carry any of the Big 4 brands

Vosper: Nearly half of US bike shops don’t carry any of the Big Four brands
Staying small and lean seems to work, at least for some non-aligned dealers.

Along with this week's theme: the double whammy risk of a small shop & lesser-known brands banking on each other successfully meeting demand is grand!

What It’s Like To Join the Buffer in 2023

Buffer has been an inspiration for company culture, hiring, leadership, and many other small biz facets for me for years. In other cool company news, I know Bike Rumor is looking for writers!

Why do we stop playing?

Why do we stop playing?
As adults, play is often low on our list of priorities. We’re living in a world that’s more conducive to anxiety than playfulness. In the never-ending to-do list of adulthood, play can feel like a waste of time. We exhaust ourselves with tasks we should or have to do, but we rarely have time or ener…

Growing up is a trap but don't forget to take a nap. (The Connection between Growth and Rest)


Marin de Saint-Exupéry in 'Le Coursier'

One of the coolest & most unassuming personalities in ultradistance racing. Keep it up, Marin!

Crafting Dimensions: Dreams of Augmented Gems

My friend Nat's first jewelry show is in two weeks! They’re exploring where physical and digital creation meets in jewelry. Drinks Friday 10th Nov 5-7pm, show runs until Nov 18. See you there!

About Quinda - Ultra Distance Cyclist, Artist, Human

Schwalbe made a cool film about my friend & former colleague Quinda. Check it out! Also, Chris Hargreaves of Cyclepeak recently interviewed her about her Silk Road Mtn Race experience.



I just watched this before bedtime with my sone & daughter. Ultimately the very essence of cycling for me: finding your niche scene in the bike world but rolling with anyone really and, above all, having fun!

Thank you for reading!
Here's to taking chances & making advances this week!

Written by
Jon Woodroof
♥️ @Kristyspark✨, Otto, Mira, Errol, Simone, Brayden & Rowan 💡 living the dream @Workspacesix & @Twotoneams 💌 I love to send special stuff to special people weekly.
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