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Nº295 —Cruisin' For A Bruisin'! Fenderfest, ebikes cut more 💨 than EVs & more 🚲 than 🚗 in Paris! The influencer industry needs guardrails, you need more power, & they're looting the internet! John Watson's Moné, Ten Dam is NL's gravel coach, the Roundabout Ride Series, & Pablo Durana's interview!
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As I was penning this issue, I was lamenting that my friend Jess, author of Offline Matters (which became nofun.tips), stopped writing back in 2021! I thought of Jess' snarky calls for offline mattering when I read this:

"Last week, Meta revealed (in a motion trying to dismiss an FTC anti-monopoly lawsuit) that Instagram made an astonishing $32.4 billion in advertising revenue in 2021. That figure becomes even more shocking when you consider Google's YouTube made $28.8 billion in the same period. Bloomberg reports that the app made almost 30% of Meta's entire revenue in the early part of 2022. 96% of Meta's $40.1 billion Q4 2023 revenue came from advertising, and it’s made over a hundred billion dollars a year since 2021, a trend it’s likely to continue based on the fact that the only thing these platforms care about is revenue numbers increasing. Google made $86.3 billion in Q4 2023, with $48 billion of that coming from Google Search and related advertising, up 13% from the previous quarter." – Ed Zitron in his newsletter

We pride ourselves at Twotone for never suggesting digital ads in our strategies. We believe in grassroots growth, editorial acknowledgment, and building community that you simply can't growth hack. That philosophy takes time, is at odds with lofty short-term goals & definitely impossible to guarantee we'll match the vanity metrics that our clients' competitors are touting.

We're not naive and acknowledge a number of the brands we work with paradoxically 'need' to sink sizable sums of cash into Meta's & Google's to keep up with the proverbial Joneses. Or do they?

Much like the hardly-heard-of-any-more idea of a digital detox, what if other success criteria rocked your Board of Directors' socks off? For example, our growth was 'only' x, but we saved y on the ads we didn't buy.

Is that still possible? Sure! At scale? Maybe not. But our client portfolio includes a few inspiring examples of bucking the system. That's why I've been buoyed to my idealism for nearly a decade. Besides, who wants to be a slave to a machine not built for humans:

"[...] the people making the products are not building things for human beings, but to show the markets that they'd continue to grow."

So, I'm banking on a sea change. I bet you'd agree that, as Ed says in his article, "society is turning on tech as a result. Everybody knows how bad the internet is."

So what are we going to do about it? Give that digital detox idea another go, don't green-light that next digital ad campaign, and stick to some screen time limits for starters! Hell, triumphantly show your partner/colleagues/kids your (lack of) screen time & go for a bike ride together!

Let's ride!

As always, thank you for reading,


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Fenderfest in Germany, May 11 & 12th

Thomas from Meerglas is organizing a French Fender Day inspired Fenderfest in Germany next month. More info in English here. Hope to see you there! : )

EVs Are Booming But Electric Bikes Are Really Cutting Emissions

EVs are booming but electric bikes are really cutting emissions
Ebikes and mopeds, known as electric micromobility, were responsible for two-thirds of the 1.5m barrels of oil displaced a day by EVs in 2022

I'll keep saying it: electric cars are here to save the car industry, bikes will save the world!

French Revolution: Cyclists Now Outnumber Motorists In Paris

French Revolution: Cyclists Now Outnumber Motorists In Paris
Official measurements have found that Paris is rapidly becoming a city of cyclists.

How's this for some good news! Paris has put the the “15-minute city" concept into practice & created urban areas where access to amenities is close and thus less need to drive.


Why the Influencer Industry Needs Guardrails

Emily Hund's is convinced that the influencer industry is at an existential turning point, in need of leaders to enact a prosocial vision for the future--and users, especially influencers, to organize for change. Read the article here.

On Power

On Power
Practical ways to get more.

Troy Young's advice for a sensible hedge against living with more uncertainty would be to: a) find serenity in our chaotic reality, b) do more to fortify your personal position. Tips on getting more power here.

They're Looting The Internet

They’re Looting The Internet
Last week, Meta revealed (in a motion trying to dismiss an FTC anti-monopoly lawsuit) that Instagram made an astonishing $32.4 billion in advertising revenue in 2021. That figure becomes even more shocking when you consider Google’s YouTube made $28.8 billion in the same period. Bloomberg reports that the

hey, if you click one article this week. Click this one. Grab a beverage, turn on some music, and get comfortable: it's long read but an important one!


John Watson's Monē Bikes SB2 Review: Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’

Ha! I love klunker mtb's & the 'Cruisin' for a Bruisin'' phrase (hence snagging it for this week's title). Certainly an over-the-top build of an otherwise typically intended to be a banner bargain bin build. I'm all about it!

Laurens ten Dam is 1st-Ever Gravel Coach of National Dutch Cycling Federation

Wielerbond stelt oud-prof Ten Dam aan als eerste gravelbondscoach
Laurens ten Dam, die zich na zijn loopbaan als wegrenner onder andere op het fietsen op onverharde paden stortte, moet het gravelen naar een hoger plan tillen.

I moved to the Netherlands in September 2013. Back then, I thought it was already peak gravel in the States. When I first moved here, no one wanted to do gravel rides. LOL! Well, here we are a decade later, and my friend Laurens is the Dutch national gravel coach. Well deserved, Lau!

Cicli Bonanno's Roundabout Ride Series with ACRE Studios in Berlin

Our rides calendar 2024
This year we decided to offer a series of rides to share with you some miles in the saddle, but more importantly, the influences, interests, and contaminations to which the workshop is always open.

Really stoked on this & look forward to riding with this crew this summer! Hope to see you all at Mogast!


The Adventure Filmmaker Who Outworked the Industry

Ever wondered what it takes to climb to the top of the adventure filmmaking industry? Pablo Durana is one of the most sought-after cinematographers in the world and has worked with the biggest-name athletes and brands in the world. Pretty rad!

Thank you for reading!
Here's to cruisin' for a bruisin' this week!
Written by
Jon Woodroof
♥️ @Kristyspark✨, Otto, Mira, Errol, Simone, Brayden & Rowan 💡 living the dream @Workspacesix & @Twotoneams 💌 I love to send special stuff to special people weekly.
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