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Cyclist in Siberia

Red Bull

Red Bull organised a crazy bike race through Siberia. To attract cyclists, Red Bull turned to Twotone to reach out to the best cyclists to enter this spectacular race.
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Real training, virtual worlds


Outdoor cycling is great. But weather, traffic, time constraints and distance from other cyclists can take the fun out of it. That’s why Zwift has created a new destination
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Komoot app on iPad


Komoot enables cyclists, hikers and runners to plan and share their best experiences outdoors with a community of like minded people. With over 3 million users the crowd is an
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Pure Cycles came to us back in the days when they were still called Pure Fix. We organised rides with them and brought them in contact with media. Later they
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SILCA is mainly known for its lifelong pumps and indestructible tools, handlebar wraps and bags for both on and off the bike. Twotone is responsible for the company’s public
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72andSunny copy reading, "We believe in the power of creativity. It's the force-multiplier that grows your business."


Check out the ‘We Are Greater Than I’ video we worked on together with 72andSunny and Samsung. Jon and Twotone gave us the benefit of their deeply embedded knowledge of
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