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Nº297 – Read the room to resonate with stakeholders. Girona for Traka, BMX Jam Amsterdam & mobility is stability. Dieting steals your time, stop acting like you're famous & Sweets Hotel uses cargo bikes. Further allows drafting, Storytelling Systems & Daft Hotel feature + From Biocrust with love!
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If you're in Girona this week, let's ride! More about my plans here below. And if you're not here, you can track my race effort on Friday here: twotoneams.link/traka-tracking.

Keeping my renewed aspiration for sharing intro inspiration, I first thought to comment on the marketing mosh pit I find myself in here in Girona but I'll save that for another day. 😉

This morning, I was reading Studio Radio Duran's latest Radar Mailing List & Jan shared this Ethnographic Mind article by Jay Hasbrouck in his reading list about reading the room:

"The first observation is simply this: Nobody wants your strategy."

What Jay means is that is no inherent reason for a stakeholder to prioritize your strategic insights simply because you’re the researcher or consultant. Naively entering into an engagement assuming that your insights will be prioritised risks not only an arrogant impression but also endangers your ability to build influence (especially in a shifting work environment).

I liked the article because it was a great reminder for me that for the kind of work that Twotone does (and maybe you too!), it is our responsibility to strategically build a case and connect dots leveraging our insights that are not inherently strategic from a stakeholder perspective. Jibber jabber. I know. Here's some actionable cliff notes to sink your teeth into:

Just in Time — where does your role fit in with your clients' current efforts & goals?

  • What would help accelerate their work best right now?
  • How can you deliver key insights in small ‘bites’ that dovetail with the client’s workflow?
  • Model: Newspaper headline writer (This is one is fun!)
  • Approach: Offer simple statements, images, or summaries that emphasise action and direct connections to current team goals.

Ignite Insight — Is your client at a key milestone in their work?

  • What connections across your insights would be most valuable to help your team make better strategic decisions?
  • How can you bring them along to reach the same conclusions you found valuable?
  • Model: Attorney making a case
  • Approach: guide your client through a clear and compelling series of insights that build on one another.

Host an Exploration — deadlines not dire nor an immediate need to put out a fire? Then take a moment to inspire.

  • Present insights configured in such a way that stimulates creative thinking
  • How can you convey engaging, compelling insights that set the stage for generative work?
  • Model: Director staging a play
  • Approach: Curate themes across insights and offer easy ways for the team to explore and dive deeper where interested."

For Twotone, fitting into a client's workflow just in time & igniting insight come way easier than carving out the time for an exploration. Lesson for me this week: read to the room better like the article's title suggests and challenge ourselves to take the time to explore more when we're not under pressure for a launch or other deadline.

As always, thank you for reading,


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Traka Schedule This Week

Traka′24 - Week Calendar
Busy week but here the things you don’t want to miss out ;)

I'm in Girona (for the 1st time!) to race the Traka 360. There is a lot going on there this week! Our friends at The Athletic Affair put this great event list together. Tomorrow I'll swing by the Velocio Renewal Station & live podcast. I plan to join the Maats Ride Thursday before my race for one last shakedown & Cynthia's film screening thereafter! Say hello if you're here & follow my race if not!

Monster's 'Cash Up' BMX Jam Returning to Amsterdam June 1

🇩🇪 🇳🇱 🇩🇰 🇺🇸 🇦🇺 The Monster #CashUpBMX series is back this year! 1️⃣ - @hammerandnailsfestcgn with @felix_prangenberg – 24/25 May 2️⃣ – Mayhem in Amsterdam with @emilebouwman & @bountyhuntersv2 – 1 June 3️⃣ – CPH Street Jam with @GadeBMX crew – 14/15 June 4️⃣ – #BMXDAY San Diego with @bmx - 20 July 5️⃣ – Brisbane, Australia with @boydhilder & @luxbmx – 23 November (images from here)

Trendwatching: Mobility is stability.

Phillip M Lucas on LinkedIn: Omzet Shimano blijft zwak in eerste kwartaal; markt Benelux onverminderd…
Trendwatching: Mobility is stability. Shimano's global cycling market has shrunk 22,6% in turnover in '23 - but mobility markets (like BE, NL & DE) where bikes…

Following all the gloomy industry updates it would be easy to conclude demand is still in a downturn but there is a clue in Shimano's revenue numbers. The real spark for hope is in the markets where commuter bikes represent the bulk of the revenue. There the numbers are healthy. Here's your clue & this week's title inspo too!


Dieting Steals Your Time

Dieting steals your time.
You are not a ‘before photo’.

Jenny's Substack hasn't missed since I started reading & this one resonated with me. I haven't been race weight in years and beating myself up for a perhaps punishing purpose when I enjoy my rides & events just as much may not be worth it after all.

Stop Acting Like You're Famous

Stop Acting Like You’re Famous

"Stop optimizing for a non-existent audience and instead focus on what makes you enjoy the activity." A great reminder to remember why you picked up your hobby to begin with: it's for you, not your followers.

The Hospitality Industry on the Electric Cargo Bike

De hospitality branche op de elektrische bakfiets - Urban Arrow
Elektrische bakfietsen voor bedrijven zijn steeds normaler. In vrijwel alle branches weet het MKB de weg te vinden naar duurzamer en sneller stedelijk vervoer. Zo ook de hospitality branche. Ontdek hoe uniek…

This Urban Arrow post is about how local hotel chain, Sweets Hotel, uses cargo bikes to service their bridge houses transformed into 28 unique suites with amazing views of the canals. Always a romantic tip for anyone visiting Amsterdam! 🏩


Why is Camille Allowing Drafting at His Pyrénées & Scottish Events?

Mines de Liat
"Safety is the bottom line." I'm hoping to get to another Further race this year in August! Kudos to Camille for continuing to do his own thing regardless of whats en vogue or commonly accepted!

Matt Herron's Storytelling Systems

Storytelling Systems
At Storytelling Systems, I offer UX content strategy and content design services to agencies, product companies and enterprise organizations.

I first worked with Matt way back in 2011 when I worked for a back-end web development agency and he at a front-end web design studio. Recently, we caught up and he mentioned going freelance. If you need UX content strategy and/or content design design services: give Matt a shout! : ) p.s. Also in the Studio D Radar Reader this week was aeon.co article on the power of story!

"The Forest's Call" Daft Recording Studios & Hotel

L’appel de la forêt - Noshaq
Au croisement du studio d’enregistrement et du boutique hôtel, le Daft attire les professionnels du secteur et les touristes de passage

The team at Noshaq did this great feature (in French) on Daft Music Studios & Daft Hotel. Daft is the ideal destination for you to record music, ride some incredible surroundings or simply escape to the Ardennes for some relaxation!


The Radavist Announces ‘From Biocrust, With Love’ Documentary

Often thought of as wastelands, deserts are actually alive with biocrusts and vibrant organisms like lichens and mosses. In this film, John Watson and ecologist Dr. Kristina Young explore the ecosystem around Moab, Utah. You will learn about the biocrusts' crucial role in maintaining desert equilibrium. Read more about this informative project on The Radavist! (And in our newsroom)
Thank you for reading!
Here's to more stability with mobility week!
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Jon Woodroof
♥️ @Kristyspark✨, Otto, Mira, Errol, Simone, Brayden & Rowan 💡 living the dream @Workspacesix & @Twotoneams 💌 I love to send special stuff to special people weekly.
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