ᨒ↟ Nº301 Great Things Are Done When Men & Mountains Meet. This Is Not Done By Jostling In The Street. ⛰️🏙️

Kike pens the preamble, Bespoked UK soon, meet at Eurobike + Escape's Overnight Success interview with Kona. RAP & OMM recognized with award, Shift's Climate Action Survey & culture needs more jerks! Moustache Bikes visit, Marnix 🛹 jam, Jon & Kristy in the Parool & Dox Under the Tracks this Friday!
ᨒ↟ Nº301 Great Things Are Done When Men & Mountains Meet. This Is Not Done By Jostling In The Street.  ⛰️🏙️
Yesterday's Velocio Ride Series rollout from Echelon Cycle Sport! 📷: @aarn_
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Kike (key- keh) en route to Utrecht a few weeks ago. 📷: Jon

Hi there! This is Kike!

I’ve been mentioned by Jon in this newsletter several times (thanks, Jon!) and have been part of the Twotone team for three years, and I’m thrilled to contribute for the first time to this issue 301 of the newsletter.

We hope to make this contribution a regular one, and I’ll contribute with all the things I’m obsessed with, like visual culture, branding (in an effort to create meaning), and the outdoors, which includes cycling, of course.

My first relationship with the outdoors was through climbing. No one knows why and how, besides me coming from one of the provinces in Spain with the most mountains, but suddenly, at the age of 12, I told my parents I wanted to climb.

The rest is history: Siurana, Margalef, the Pyrenees, La Pedriza, Frankenjura, Verdon, Smith Rocks, plus plenty of climbing gym sessions in London, Berlin, Portland, Nürnberg, Barcelona, Madrid, and now, Amsterdam.

After more than four years away from the rocks and the gym (...guess how long I’ve been in the NL 😉), I recently went back to climbing and its culture to see plenty of things changed, and the scene is definitely booming, especially indoors.

While going through all the media produced during those years of absence, one of the cases that got my attention was that of Ashima Shiraishi, a young prodigy clearly pushed by her father who ended up leaving the scene and then coming back to it a few years later on her own terms and vision.

It is very inspiring to hear her now speaking about those child years with clarity, sharpness, and plenty of compassion. She’s not just back to climbing; and here it comes the perfect lead-in back to cycling, as part of doing her own thing, she also got into riding, and she's part of the Crust crew.

You often hear the word ‘authenticity’ in marketing. We want authentic people, characters, messages, brand identities, and campaigns. However, we tend to neglect that for the story to be honest and powerful and potentially shift the conversation, people need room and mental space to approach things on their own terms.

It doesn’t matter if it’s the pro peloton or the hang loose, bikepacking and relaxing scene; brands need to guarantee authen… Actually, they need to ensure a safe space for individuals, ideas, stories, and actions to be explored, brewed, and assimilated before they are launched into the world.

The current Ashima doesn’t even compete anymore. She has gone from a young talent-media phenomenon archetype to an inspiring person ready to shift and truly ‘influence’ the outdoor community and the climbing scene, which required the time to disconnect, reflect, and reconnect on her own terms.

Something for all of us to reflect on when looking for authenticity. I hope you enjoy the read. Next time, I’ll keep it short, I promise. ☺️


p.s. I (Jon) chose this week's rhyming subject line from a quote from English poet and painter William Blake. Obviously, the mountain theme was on target, but also the notion to not be bogged down by the daily grind but rather pursue the adventures that will expand your mind. ; )

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Bespoked Manchester Nearly Here!

Get your tickets for Bespoked's 2024 UK show here. Press info can be found in our newsroom. p.s. if you're not going to be in Manchester but will be at Eurobike & would like to catch up with Petor, schedule a meeting here!

How The Founders of Kona Bikes Saved Their Company

"It’s been said that Kona is 'The Smallest Biggest Bike Company in the World'. They’re best known as the quintessential North Shore bike brand, yet their global head office is just down over the border in Ferndale, Washington." Great episode, Wade!

Eurobike 2024 Meetings!

Eurobike is coming up quick! I just set up my Calendly to schedule meetings at the show, so say hello! Twotone's overview of clients and their highlights for this year will be published later this week, and our annual show zine will be finalized and sent to print, too! If you haven't reserved a seat at our dinner on the 4th, do so! We're at 30 seats already & only have space for 50! 😅


Robert Axle Project & Old Man Mountain Recognized by Employment First For Providing Jobs for People with Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities.

Image preview
"All jobs are important here, from financial forecasting to product development to marketing to box-making. A kick-ass brand is the sum of it's parts, working together in a dynamic ecosystem that shifts, grows, shrinks and moves. But the people are the elastic that hold it together." - Katy Bryce, Robert Axle Project & Old Man Mountain CEO

Shift Cycling Culture Climate Action Pulse Check 2024

I'll always support & promote the efforts that Shift are undertaking to support sustainability in the cycling industry. Take the survey here.

Culture Needs More Jerks

Culture Needs More Jerks | Defector
This week, Defector has turned itself over to a guest editor. Brandy Jensen, former editor at Gawker (RIP) and The Outline (RIP), and writer of the Ask A Fuck Up advice column (subscribe here!), has curated a selection of posts around the theme of Irrational Attachments. Enjoy! Fans of country music will be relieved to learn that Beyoncé has “revived [the] […]

Ok, this longer read about needing real music critics like we once had. It is a funny one. And I agree. Plus, I read this and imagined instead of record reviews it could be commentary on bike reviews or other launches, efforts or undertakings in the cycling industry. Remember Bike Snob? I'm not talking meme pages but real commentary!


Moustache Bikes Dutch Media Visit in Epinal & La Bresse

Last week's highlight was certainly a road trip down to the Vosges in France to visit #twotoneclients, Moustache Bikes with our friends Wouter from the ANWB, Lorenzo from Kampioen and Ronald from Soul Media & Fiets Actief. We were treated to a thorough factory tour, an mtb shred session & afternoon road climb up to Hohneck, the highest peak in the region! More about this trip soon!

Marnix Crüe Presents Go Skateboarding Day June 22

Twotone is supporting this awesome event this weekend. Hope to see you there!
Kristy (53) en Jon (39) leerden elkaar kennen via Facebook en een fotoshoot: ‘We waren allebei verrast over het leeftijdsverschil’
Een flirt in de kroeg, gekoppeld door vrienden of een online match; Amsterdammers vertellen over hoe en waar hun relatie is begonnen. Deze keer: Kristy Gabriel (53) en Jon Woodroof (39) kennen elkaar via Facebook. Tijdens hun eerste afspraak voelen ze meteen een connectie.

Our friend Sara Luijters interviewed Kristy & me some time ago about how we met. Pretty surreal to see our love story featured in the Parool newsletter, Instagram and, of course, in print! Thank you, Sara!


Dox Under The Tracks Nº8 June 21 with Chaerin Im Trio

We're back with a summer-edition of Dox Under The Tracks on June 21st! Featuring the sounds of the amazing @chaerinmusic. We'll have food from @bbqbikenl, beer from @walhallabrewing & wine from @nativewines.eu RSVP here & see you this Friday! ❤️‍🔥
Thank you very much for reading!
Here's to making time for some mayhem this week!
Written by
Jon Woodroof
♥️ @Kristyspark✨, Otto, Mira, Errol, Simone, Brayden & Rowan 💡 living the dream @Workspacesix & @Twotoneams 💌 I love to send special stuff to special people weekly.
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