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Nº298 – A brief Traka recap & critique, Ebike Future X Amsterdam conf this Thursday, Josh's Traka Gear Rundown & RSVP for our Eurobike dinner. Progress on a 🌍 at its limit, mktg inspired by cinema & AMS 🌈 ride. Tampa 🛹 culture, join the Echobox fam, Ari's Pieterpad fundraiser & The Damn 24 alleycat.
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A few weeks ago, right after my last issue & at the peak of Traka fever, Rouleur published this quote from Lachlan Morton:

"Gravel racing is now at the point of where road racing was when I left. It’s not as crazy as the WorldTour is now, but it’s going down that route. I don't feel bad about that and I think it’s needed, but my position in it is like, okay, what am I trying to achieve here? I love getting out there and racing, but there's only so far I'm willing to go down the rabbit hole, because I've been down the rabbit hole before and I don't want to go back to that place, ever.⁠

It seems like the industry has this obsession with performance at the moment. If you look up cycling online now, there's so much information. Like, you need these gels and this many grams per hour and this aero equipment. It's so wild. I’m like, damn, if you were just getting into cycling now, you would think you need all this stuff just to do it, but you don't. I've got a strong need to get back to basics in a non-competitive way, so I can just enjoy riding my bike." –
Lachlan Morton in Dominance, Diversity And Avoiding The Rabbit Hole: Lachlan Morton On The Changing Face Of Gravel

The post struck a chord. It gained exponentially more likes & comments than anything Rouleur had recently posted prior or since (and that includes Giro coverage!). I do believe people love Lachlan's outlook, but they're sucked in by the bike industry's marketing playbook. An aero socks paradox: marginal gains are means to ends but you just wanna have fun with your friend. ; )

Well, I've had some time to digress about my experience at the 'Influencer Olympics' also known as The Traka and I realized gravel racing wasn't really real to me until then. I'd read about UCI gravel races, had friends do Unbound & other events but I hadn't personally been in the mix.

To me, racing had always been crits, 'cross, velodromes & alleycats. Gravel was for fun & maybe a bikepacking 'race' but even then all the events I ever did were for the views and not to turn the screws. So when I set off on the Traka 360 I let the elbow-throwing chaotic calvacade climb ahead of me with all their dropping chains and rubbing wheels.

Granted, even with my conversation pace approach, I did manage to pass many dozens of riders at the well supported rest stops as I kept my refuels brief. Due to a mechanical (re: brakes, I"m not down with Juin), I ended up brakeless for the last 60km and Ted Shred'd my way to the finish; melting through my shoe before I was through. I finished at 4:21am. A 21-hour adventure.

Before sundown, I stopped for pizza and a beer just like I would in an ultra aiming to ride all night and into a week with 1000km+ ahead of me. But this wasn't an ultradistance race, I was in the 344km shortened Traka 360 gravel race. This was a refreshing experience for me. A return to long-distance riding after a surgery nearly 6 months previous and a unique chance to feel what many only see on social media: a marketing mosh pit where riders aspire for ranking on their bikes but also for likes.

I was impressed with the race organization. Every single road I crossed in 344km had a course marshall. Amazing. Though, wrapping my head around the myriad of events, rides, film screenings, and parties was impossible. I think Klassmark could better aggregate & present a comprehensive overview of the community they've deftly brought to Girona vs. simply spotlighting sponsors.

In the end, most attendees don't really care about sponsors or podiums. The community is what enchanted them to attend to begin with and the best bet to keep them coming down the road.

I don't have the silver bullet fully formed but I'm imagining rides that aren't overtly branded so those in different brand kit, frames, tools & tires can ride together without the pressure to maximize attendance & views lest they feel like they'll lose. Film evenings from different brands on one screen. Parties featuring a local shop, artist or aspect of the city more then a sponsor. I'm just brainstorming here.

Either way, I'm planning to be back next year but with better brakes and the same party pace stakes. Join me for pizza as the sun sets for the home stretch!

As always, thank you for reading,


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Ebike Future X Amsterdam This Thursday May 23!

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Ok this is going to be cool! We're hosting a mini-conference at our office this Thursday. If you're into bikes, urban cycling and anywhere near Amsterdam: register to attend here! (Enter code 'efxa25fx' for 25% off)

All The Gear Josh Ross Used to Complete The Traka 360

All the Gear I Used to Complete the Traka 360
The Traka 360 is no small undertaking and I thought carefully about my gear. Here’s what worked, what didn’t, and changes I would make.

Case in point! If I hadn't of been rolling at conversation pace, I never woulda bumped into Josh from Velo and realized we're industry colleagues! If you read his gear rundown & race recap, you'll notice nutrition played a big part. Maybe he should pack pizza from the start! ; )

RSVP For The 3rd Annual CRANK! & Twotone Eurobike Dinner

3rd Annual CRANK! & Twotone Eurobike Dinner
Twotone & CRANK! invite friends, clients, colleagues & new connections from all over the world to join us for dinner once again at Eurobike!

🎆 July 4th! Frankfurt! Eurobike! We're returning to our favorite Ethiopian spot by the show for everyone we know to say hello! RSVP here & hope to see you there! p.s. Omnium is throwing a party that evening too. More about that soon!


What Does Progress Look Like On A Planet At Its Limit?

What does progress look like on a planet at its limit?
Putting endless growth above our wellbeing and the environment is no longer viable

"The challenge is to create economies that enable us to thrive, whether or not they grow" A decade ago, it was absurd to suggest a focus on social and ecological wellbeing vs. shareholder return & how much can we earn. Now its past time we really learn.

Talking shop with Tracksmith’s Creative Director, Rafa Oliveira

Talking shop with Tracksmith’s Creative Director, Rafa Oliveira
A conversation about growing up in Portugal, what makes a great collab, how to regain creative inspiration, turning an old warehouse into his home, living around the world, and more.

"Running, and physical activity in general, have become embedded in people’s lives in a way that wasn’t there before. [...] it’s easy to get carried away by trends." Rafa's cues come from cinema as opposed to social media and this long read is worth the click. Thank you, Kristy for the tip!

Join the Rainbow Ride in on June 15th to benefit the Aidsfonds

Rainbow Ride
Fiets mee voor een inclusieve wereld,fiets mee voor een wereld zonder aids! Fiets op 15 juni 2024 mee met de Rainbow Ride🌈, een uniek fietsevenement georganiseerd door Aidsfonds. Samen fietsen we voor een wereld waarin iedereen zichzelf mag zijn en…

The Rainbow Ride is a challenging and inspiring cycling event organised by Aidsfonds during which participants raise as much money as they can to support the global AIDS response. Click through to get involved & join!


Tampa Bay skateboard culture has famous history.

Skateboarder Scott Bentley of Tampa pops an ollie while skateboarding on May 7 at Ryan Clements’ private skatepark at Clements’ home in Tampa.
Always cool to see your friends in the paper! Pictured here is Scott Bentley on Ryan Clements' 'Dream Driveway'. I've been to both Scott's & Ryan's homes & respective DIY spots over the years. Another paradox in this issue: skateboarding's mainstream appeal due to its' counterculture roots. Rad that these OGs got credit where credit is due! Well deserved attention Scott, Ryan & Tampa Rejects crew!

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Support Ari's 500k Pieterpad Run Traversing The Netherlands

I've known Ari as long as I've lived in Amsterdam. He's an inspiring guy. About two years ago, we had him on our show (listen to the episode here). 👈 After listening, I bet you'd be inclined to contribute to his fundraiser. He is running the Pieterpad route, a 500km/305 mile trail system, which traverses the Netherlands from North to South to raise money for Wounded Warriors. Good luck, Ari!


Damn 24 Returns on June 29 & 30

Image preview
My first participation in cycling culture was the alleycat scene in Atlanta back in 2005. We had our own 24race back then called FM24! The opportunity to continue to support grassroots events like the Damn 24 has a special place in my heart & is a real way to stay involved in the kind of community that gave me my start. ❤️
Thank you for reading!
Here's to defying the aero socks paradox this week!
Written by
Jon Woodroof
♥️ @Kristyspark✨, Otto, Mira, Errol, Simone, Brayden & Rowan 💡 living the dream @Workspacesix & @Twotoneams 💌 I love to send special stuff to special people weekly.
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