Nº299 How Community Grown Kona Lost Its Flavor with Private Equity Aroma. 👨🏼‍🍳 ♨

Nº299 – re: Kona, is the 🚲 industry back to passion over profit? Cyclespeak talks to Petor from Bespoked & Lael's 🚴‍♀️ around the 🌎! Time sinks & money sinks, Sasha's 50 📋 + Bikepacking is hiring! Fenderfest recap, CargoBikeLife & Better ATL Transit visits Micromobility & Hellenic Mountain Race!
Nº299 How Community Grown Kona Lost Its Flavor with Private Equity Aroma. 👨🏼‍🍳 ♨
Some clips & photos from Kike from our 2nd Velocio Ride Series event with Village Coffee & Repack!
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Without cosplaying too much as an investigative journalist, I'll do my best to succinctly set the stage here a bit:

A lot to take in, but it all clicked for me when I read the Lunch Ride's Parting Thought last issue:

"I won’t lie, it’s harder than people think to make money in the bike industry. [...] It’s the lifestyle and fringe benefits that keep us all here, definitely not the cash.
I think it’s largely because this is such a passion industry. When a bike brand is driven by the numbers, and numbers alone, it doesn’t usually work out well. The people who are most passionate about the brand and the products are often the first to go, replaced with bean counters and outside consultants.
There are very few industries that have so many brands competing for the same consumer dollars. There are literally hundreds of bike brands…can you name another industry like that? Maybe fashion, but those are low ticket items.
Bikes, however, are a relatively high ticket recreational item, which means each brand has to really stand out and connect on an emotional level. When that connection disappears, I’d argue that their competitive advantage (and reason for anyone to care) does, too."

Which brings me to my conclusion from this whole fiasco: brand comes first!
Like the Lunch Ride wistfully espouses, the elusive emotional connection people build with your brand is your most vital life force because trust comes by foot but leaves by horse! Starting by scrapping D2C & going back to dealers, supporting athletes, rehiring recently laid off staff: they're already back on track.

I'm wishing Jake & Dan all the best and I already feel like I'm part of the story with their recent repost of me on my Ute with two kids from a decade ago. 🥰

Thank you for reading! I've been getting some great responses to the newsletter recently and it really makes my day & it is the number 1 means of new business coming our way. I'm very grateful for that. So thank you for taking the time to read, forward and support!

Thank you,


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Opinion: Kona Bikes Relaunch – A Return to an Age of Passion over Profit?

Opinion: Kona Bikes Relaunch – A Return to an Age of Passion over Profit?
The Kona bikes relaunch is just the latest of a string of bike brands coming back to passionate leaders with a focus on the long run.

Two Josh Ross articles in two weeks? Well, Josh cut me to the chase and articulated my sentiment about what the 'Post-Corona Kona Persona' could come to mean alongside examples like ENVE and Wahoo. Event The Radavist's sale & sell back is an example. He ponders whether passion for cycling is the fuel we need to succeed vs. solely corporate balance sheet-driven greed.

Petor Georgallou / Bespoked

Petor Georgallou / Bespoked
Petor Georgallou, co-owner of the Bespoked handmade bicycle show and a charismatic raconteur. From studying fine art during a financial crisis to his unconventional frame building practice, his jou…

Cyclespeak interviews are always a treat. This link should/could be in the friends section below as Petor & I have been homies since very first Bespoked's in Bristol back nearly a decade ago. Petor is the epitome of the passion that is the antithesis to what nearly killed Kona. He's the curator & torchbearer of an international iteration of a show determined to shine a light on the next generation of builders & brands that share that same pure fire for bicycles and their riders. To borrow his words, reading this interview is a "moment of lucidity in a world where we are constantly assaulted by grandeur." Keep it up, Petor & Rosie! p.s. happy bday too!

18,000+ miles without a chamois: Lael Wilcox sets off on her Around the World record attempt

18,000+ miles without a chamois: Lael Wilcox sets off on her Around the World record attempt
Wilcox left on May 26 and hopes to set a new Guinness World Record by completing the task in 110 days

Dang! 3.5 months around the world & no chamois. That's 262km daily for 110 days. Hard ass & bad ass! Lael's route rolls RIGHT in front of Twotone HQ too! (our address) Stoked to ride with her when she rolls thru Amsterdam!


Time sinks and money sinks

Time sinks and money sinks
How business models drive product design and user behavior

"To dramatically oversimplify the internet, every product on the Internet is just one of two things: 1.Time sinks: High engagement, sticky, with endless scrolling/tapping. These apps live on the home screen. Usually free or free-ish, so they are terrible at making money when measured on a $/hour basis. 2. Money sinks: Low engagement, you are there to do a job, so you just need it to work. But at the end, you might pull out your credit card or fill out a form that generates a ton of $. These apps don’t live on the home screen — sometimes you only visit because you tap on an ad"

Sasha Chapin's 50 things I know

50 things I know

Ha! You know I love to share these. Pick 2 or 3 to percolate on and see if you can adopt them. At least 5 really hit home for me & resonated like Nº1, 5, 26, 48 & 50

Bikepacking.com is Hiring!

We’re Hiring!
The BIKEPACKING.com editorial team is expanding, and we’re seeking folks to join the team…

Some pretty impressive roles up for grabs here!


Fenderfest 2024: An Inaugural Gathering Of Fine Machines

Fenderfest 2024: An Innaugural Gathering of Fine Machines
Find a report from the inaugural edition of Fenderfest in Germany and details on a dozen spectacular classic and modern bicycles here…

Oh man, I don't ever really get fomo. (Luckily!) But the weekend after Traka was Fenderfest & I really wish I coulda have attended. Easily one of my favorite pockets of the bike scene with simply the kindest, most creative, quirkiest & coolest people! Great photos, Stefan, article, Helene & event, Thomas! ☺️

Cargo Bike Life – Your Hub for Cargo Bikes & Family Biking!

Cargo Bike Life
Cargo bike and family biking reviews, stories, and tips to get you rolling to leave that car at home.

My friend Arleigh is launching Cargo Bike Life on June 1. Follow them on insta! (Subscribe to her YouTube while you're at it. ; ))

Going Dutch: Wheels Down In Holland

Going Dutch: Wheels Down In Holland — Better Atlanta Transit
The Dutch can teach micromobility, but we must learn it for ourselves

Next week, my friend Walter will be in town for Micromobility. We're both from Atlanta and I'm stoked to see how stoked he is! See you soon, Walter!


The Hellenic Mountain Race is in Full Swing!

And not just HMR but also HIghland Trail is happening! In fact, the ultra race calendar is as crazy as the gravel race calendar nowadays! Allan Shaw is back on interview duty running the HMR podcast, the leaders are already way past the halfway point & I'm rooting for Marin de Saint-Exupéry in the men's category & very impressed with Jana Mascha Lu Wahlig in the women's field! Also friend & officemate Leanne Bentley is in a solid 22nd position! Rad!
Thank you for reading!
Here's to not letting your taste for brand go bland this week!
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Jon Woodroof
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