ೖ(⑅σ̑ᴗσ̑)ೖ Nº279 Nothing Affords Opportunity, Like Fostering Community 🪴💭

Nº279 Nothing Affords Opportunity, Like Fostering Community: Innovation in isolation, a year on a Posedla & #craftbikedays. Skinny roads save lives, buyer-centric sales, and Amsterdam Drink & Doodle. Ryan on TheNineClub, 'From Scratch' screenings, win a Lazer helmet + Welcome to Hell but with jazz.
ೖ(⑅σ̑ᴗσ̑)ೖ Nº279 Nothing Affords Opportunity, Like Fostering Community 🪴💭
Bene from Standert dropping last talk of the show knowledge at #CraftBikeDays. I love this quote!
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This week's lead-in was inspired by Benedict of Standert's wise advice that,

"Communities are the best thing that can happen to a business".

I've percolated on the idea since Tuesday, and it's really stuck with me, so I thought to share some ideas not from Bene's talk but from this Forbes article, 10 Tips For Building A Positive Community Around Your Business:

  1. 🌏 Create An Open Space For People To Connect"If you're not creating meaningful connections between people, you don't have a community, you have an audience."
  2. 🎗️ Rally Around A Cause "Share educational and impactful content within your shared space, and [people] will be encouraged to share their own stories."
  3. 👤 Leverage User-Generated Content "The cost of creating content from scratch can be debilitating, so consider sourcing & featuring content from real customers."
  4. 🤔 Solve A Problem Without Selling"The core objective of a community is to solve the problems of its members. So, if you strive to build a community, create one that helps people seek the answers they're looking for—not one that advertises how great your products or services are."
  5. ‍💼 Appoint A Dedicated Community Manager"An effective community manager will be the glue that holds the community together and ensures that it is a positive, supportive environment for all."
  6. 💁 Turn Customers Into Brand Ambassadors"Brand ambassadors are passionate about your brand and can help spread the word about it. They can help promote your product on social media, at events, and through word-of-mouth."
  7. 🔗 Encourage Customers To Interact And Share"People are looking for brands to help with their problems, but they also want a place for open discourse."
  8. 😊 Be Genuine"The first step to building a community is to be genuine. The best thing you can do is simply be yourself and share what you love with the world."
  9. 🏫 Provide Educational Resources – "What better way to do this than to build a community that supports and believes in what [you're] selling? [Help] customers develop and refine their strategies using industry best practices."
  10. 🌐 Find The Right Platform For Engagement "Find a way to distinguish your brand. The more you set your company or product apart from your competitors, the more interest current and potential users will take in it."

That ended up being a little more long-winded than I expected. I hope it was helpful! For Nº10, I always suggest a newsletter! ; )

Next up:

Looking forward to seeing many of you soon!

Thank you, as always, for reading & sharing this newsletter,


p.s. if last week's intro left you scratching your head, here is the text I meant to include instead. 😅

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A GDR Story of Innovation in Isolation

Petor of Bespoked made this spellbinding short film about technological advances in former East Germany despite being so cut off from the West. Worth a watch with your morning ☕! Also recently on the Radavist: Forty-Eight Hours in Berlin with Fern Fahrraeder/Allygn, Gramm Tourpacking, Drust/Akinn Cycles, Velociao Paint, and Velo Saloon. Love it!

Posedla Joyseat 3d Printed Saddle Review

Posedla Joyseat 3D Printed Saddle Review: The Price of Comfort
With claims of being the first totally custom 3D-printed saddle, find Miles’ Joyseat Saddle Review after almost a year of riding here…

Miles, after nearly a year of riding his custom Posedla Joyseat, shares his thoughts here.

Craft Bike Days 2023 | 19 Road & Gravel Bikes For Starters

I spent last Monday & Tuesday in Bielefeld with Rob Quirk and many other framebuilding friends new & old at DT Swiss' #craftbikedays. Seeing the Standert crew was a highlight too!
Craft Bike Days 2023: 19 Rennräder und Gravel Bikes zum Auftakt - Rennrad-News
Mit 38 Bikes von feinen Bike Brands haben die Craft Bike Days 2023 ein neues Niveau erreicht – hier kommen 19 Rennräder zum Start.

It's in German but worth the click, even if not your native tongue. I'm hoping there will be more international coverage of this show in the future as well!


Skinny Roads Save Lives

Skinny roads save lives, according to a study on the width of traffic lanes
A new study found engineers should make roads narrower to reduce car crashes. Such improvements would also come with environmental and economic benefits.

The bad news: In the USA, traffic fatalities are the leading cause of death for people between ages 1 to 54. The good news: The world’s 280 million electric bikes and mopeds are cutting demand for oil far more than electric cars. And you don't need wide roads for those! : )

A Buyer-Centric Approach to Competitive Positioning

April Dunford believes that "many companies get positioning wrong because they get too caught up in their own definition of what 'competition' means and forget that they need to look at it from a buyer’s perspective." This is really relevant when pitching!

Join Drink & Doodle in Amsterdam on Nov 28

Drink & Doodle November 28
Thank you for deciding to join us during this month’s event! Please fill out the below information so we can welcome you the best way possible and keep in touch after the event. *** 28 November 2023 - Drink & Doodle LAB111 Arie Biemondstraat 111, 1054 PD Amsterdam *** 18:00 Doors open & arriv…

We recently had Shacy & Carmen over for lunch invited via Creative Lunch Club. Well, Shacy also co-organizes Drink & Doodle. Reminiscent of the Doodle Club we used to host at Workspace 6, so I wanted to give this month's event a shout! And maybe we can host in '24!


Ryan Clements | The Nine Club - Episode 300

"Ryan Clements discusses the economics of skateboarding events, big corporate sponsors and how they're perceived, the world of skateboard agents & managing “athletes”, is anyone making money throwing contests, the Boardr's live scoring system for contests, did the Olympics have any effect on skateboarding, giving advice to clients & dealing with skater's parents, getting into the skatepark construction game and much more!" Great episode, Ryan!

‘From Scratch’ Screening at Workspace 6 on Jan 12th

Watch Eui Ho Kim @yakimuo ride through Seoul and talk about life as one of the only bike messengers in South Korea.

Claire Tayler's ‘From Scratch’ and six other short films explore Seoul’s alt-cycling scene and are embarking on a screening tour after a very excellent first screening in Berlin. Each stop will include a photo exhibition, @gigcourier zines, and patches to be available as well.

Donate to Bikeygees and win a unique Lazer helmet
The raffle is just an excuse to donate, but a wonderful excuse, for sure.To participate and win the wonderful Lazer Helmet painted by Alice Summers there is only one rule: donate to Bikeygees by using this link on betterplace.org.Just donate as much or as little as you can and send me proof at raffl…

This Lazer helmet hand-painted by @summers.tattoos could be yours by donating to @bikeygees, a nonprofit offering cycling training for (refugee) women. #cyclingisahumanright 🚴‍♀


Revisiting “Welcome to Hell” Through The Eyes Of A Jazz Artist

Watch the rescored Toy Machine classic Welcome to Hell here.

Canadian multi-instrumentalist Joseph Shabason removed the original Welcome To Hell soundtrack and re-scored it to Jazz.

I'm so hyped on this! One, I was a fan of the original skate video in Middle School, and two, with all my recent jazz exposure via Dox Under The Tracks, I'm even more receptive to a project like this. So rad!

This oughta throw off your Spotify algorithm. ; ) Need more tips on finding new music? How about more nostalgia? This article about cassette tapes will get you there.

Thank you for reading!
Here's to helping foster community this week!

Written by
Jon Woodroof
♥️ @Kristyspark✨, Otto, Mira, Errol, Simone, Brayden & Rowan 💡 living the dream @Workspacesix & @Twotoneams 💌 I love to send special stuff to special people weekly.
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