ᜊ( ' ⩊ '𖦹)ᜊ Nº278 Slice of Paradise 🍕🏝️

Nº278: Ampler offers up to 30% off, ultra-distance nerve damage & Ass Savers' new Win Wing. Uncomfortable truths re: cycling retail, tech makes life faster & how to practice empathy. A great Sami Sauri convo, be in an Ewert and The Two Dragons video, Stefano Zotti's new site & Best of Marnix recap!
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This week's rhyme every time intro is courtesy of a new single by the same name from a new fave band of mine, Home Front from their latest EP entitled 'Nation':

"You're Not Asking For The World
You're Not Asking For Everything
Just Some Place To Call Your Own
Slice Of Paradise Is Something You Can Hold Onto
Slice Of Paradise You've Been Told About"

Obviously, lots of interpretations are possible here! Could be a moment, could be several actual places, and could even be nostalgia for a time in a place that, when it occurred, didn't even seem like paradise at all until much later. I alluded to this sentiment with a recent scanned 35mm post featuring the song. For me, I'm always just aiming for a nice slice of paradise regardless of its 'sunny skies.' : )

Case in point, I'm on my way to Antwerp by train to meet Rob Quirk to travel further to Bielefeld for the...

as always, thank you so much for reading & sharing this newsletter!


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Save Up to 30% Off on All Ampler E-Bikes

Book a test ride at one of Ampler's showrooms in Berlin, Amsterdam, Zürich or Moss, Norway!

Ampler is doing a pretty wild sale. Here is the scoop:

✔️ Get -20% off when you buy 1 bike

✔️ Get -25% off when you buy 2 bikes

✔️ Get -30% off when you buy 3 or more bikes 

That’s potentially up to 1000€ off each bike!

This exclusive offer is valid for all Ampler e-bikes from 9/11 - 20/12/2023.

More info here.

Nerve Damage During Races: What causes it? Can it be prevented? And, what to do if it strikes.

Nerve Damage Caused By Long Distance Cycling – DotWatcher.cc
Nerve damage, a physical phenomenon many ultra cyclists are familiar with. We explore the causes, prevention and treatment. We asked Gail Brown to share her knowledge on why nerve damage happens,

Honestly, this has been an issue for me several times and can take months to sort out. I'd recommend this reading if, after an ultra, your hands suffer from numbness and loss of dexterity.

The Ass Savers Win Wing 2 Launched Last Week

The Ass Savers Win Wing 2 Drops Today
Building on the original Win Wing, the new Ass Savers Win Wing 2 has been redesigned and is now available in an all-black version…

The evolution of Ass Savers has been a wonderful thing to witness. Kudus to Staffan & the team!


Uncomfortable Truths, and the Opportunities They Present

COMMENT: Uncomfortable truths, and the opportunities they present
Juansi Vivo, as 16 year cycling industry veteran, with Cannondale, Orbea, and BMC experience, talks big problems, and bigger opportunities

Juansi Vivo about the cycling industry upping their retail game by learning outside the industry.

Tech doesn’t make our lives easier. It makes them faster

Tech doesn’t make our lives easier. It makes them faster
Breaking through the illusion of convenience that’s used to sell us automation

Lots of analogies you'll dig in this one. One I'm warming up to: "cash as the bicycle of payments."

One Question to Help You Practice Empathy

One Question to Help You Practice Empathy
Instead of simply assuming everyone’s trying their best, ask: ‘What if they’re secretly suffering?’

"Anger is the external expression of internal sadness and unprocessed grief, which we all have a lot of these days." Keep in mind the possibility that "What if the person in front of you is doing the best they can, but they are struggling?"


Sami Sauri / Mountain High

Sami Sauri / Mountain high
In a year that saw life explorer Sami Sauri swap city living in Girona for a new home in the French Alps, we once again sat down to chat over the thrills—and some spills—of snow buried bikes, bakin…

I always like to see what Sami is up to and this interview is great: "Honest, heartfelt and never shying away from life’s complexities, Sami weighs up the uncertainties of her profession, how she sought solitude but then needed to embrace the silence, and why there’s always time to stop and smell the flowers." Keep it up, Sami!

Ewert And The Two Dragons Want You in Their New Video.

Ewert And The Two Dragons: Hold Me Now
Be part of our new music video!

Ok, this is a cool one. Our friend Tuuli from Ampler knows the band and asked me to help get the word out about this music video content crowdsourcing. Essentially, upload a video of you hugging, getting hugged or our loved ones hugging by Nov. 26th!

Stefano Zotti's New Website

About — stefanozotti
Stefano Zotti…

Stefano was born in Brescia, Italy, in 1984 and self-taught in an artisan family, He became interested in drawing and printing from an early age. He studied illustration at the IED-Milan and then printing and bookbinding in Venice with the master Silvano Gosparini at the Centro Internazionale della Grafica di Venezia, then he turned to sculpture with Stefano Orizio at the Orizio modelli studio. Recently, he moved with my studio to Berlin, working as a photographer and art director. Check out the website here.


6th Annual Soulcycle Best of Marnix - Dive Deep Edition Recap

Twotone was honored to sponsor this sick neighborhood BMX jam for the first time this year! My step-son Brayden's run is at 1:52. Proud of you, Brayden! And we missed you, Otto!

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Read the write-up on Dig BMX! Soul Cycle's founder & DJ at this event will also be playing at the Twotone 9 Year Party on December 1st. Hope to see you all there!

Thank you for reading!
Here's to finding your own slice of paradise this week!

Written by
Jon Woodroof
♥️ @Kristyspark✨, Otto, Mira, Errol, Simone, Brayden & Rowan 💡 living the dream @Workspacesix & @Twotoneams 💌 I love to send special stuff to special people weekly.
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