O=('-'Q) Nº272 Problems Worthy of Attack, Prove their Worth by Hitting Back 👊 🎯

A Piet Hein preamble, Stoked for Bespoked, Boomers don't dig Super73, Scope of Work On Gravel, NOMOQ making moves in the UK & a Germany bday. Reasons for sketching, less cars & more bikes in Brussels. New Rvmble Ts, Sherry on the Velocio blog & TCR film, John Prolly podcast & a rad Trey Jones' edit!
O=('-'Q) Nº272 Problems Worthy of Attack, Prove their Worth by Hitting Back 👊 🎯
Kristy on an Ampler & Paula on a Lemmo cruising the test ride track at Bright.nl's recent E-Bike Party.
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Minor hiccup on the weekly scheduling due to a packed weekend of riding at the Bohemian Border Bash (Day 1 & Day 2 recaps) last weekend. It was my first time traveling via Berlin on the new European Sleeper's overnight trains! Twotone also supported Ampler & Lemmo at Bright.nl's very first e-bike party last weekend. (Pictured above.) Check out footage from the event here.

This week's rhyming poetic preamble was penned by Piet Hein, an impressive polymath, inventor, and poet. (Read more about him here) Among many things, he is known for his “grooks”.

Frederic Alois Friedel wrote about how originally, Hein's poems/grooks were published in Danish newspapers. The totally invented word (“gruks” in Danish) came to mean short aphoristic poems characterized by brevity, irony, satire, unexpected use of language, rhyme, and rhythm. In his lifetime Hein wrote 7000 of them! Hein's Wikipedia entry is pretty inspiring! This grook got me:

Problems worthy
of attack
prove their worth
by hitting back.
‘Problems’, Piet Hein(1969)

I read that a more literal translation might be, "Strike undauntedly at the problems, but be prepared for them striking back."

To me, this meant that for the bigger challenges you're tackling, don't expect them to be solved easily or without retaliation. Ultimately an eloquent allusion to any potentially painful challenge, from trying to land a trick or getting a stubborn strategy to solve a problem to stick; just keep pushing!

On that note, thank you, as always, for reading & sharing this newsletter!


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Handmade Bicycle Show BESPOKED Confirms Exhibitor List for The Inaugural Dresden edition, 13-15 October 2023

BESPOKED is poised for a successful debut, with over 100 exhibitors registered!

Saying I'm Stoked for Bespoked is an understatement! I've been attending the show since 2015 & absolutely love the atmosphere of passionate builders, enamoured attendees, and a collective reverence for the craft of framebuilding.

This year is shaping up to be the very best yet! More info about the show in our newsroom in English, French, Dutch & German! See you there! : )

"BESPOKED continues to represent the cutting edge of the cycling industry. It’s a hotbed of innovation and ideas, experimental design and outstanding craftsmanship, dedicated to celebrating the rich handmade culture and the people who make it while striving to promote diversity and inclusivity within the cycling community" – founder, Petor Georgallou.

Super73: Meet the e-bike company that squares love to hate

Super73: Meet the e-bike company that squares love to hate
Anyone that’s into e-bikes is almost certainly already aware of Super73. And if you aren’t into e-bikes, then you’ve probably…
Super73 seems to consistently be a lightning rod for the love 'em or hate 'em fat tire ebikes. In this article, Micah Toll from Electrek sits down LeGrand Crewse to discuss e-bikes, riding culture, and why Super73 seems to have such a big target on its back.

Scope of Work: On Gravel

On Gravel.
Spencer Wright on the National Forest System’s staggering quantity of unpaved roads.
"There are roughly 600,000 kilometers of “inventoried” Forest Service roads in the US National Forest System." Not gonna lie, I do miss American gravel roads sometimes.


NOMOQ announces new team and location for its UK operations

NOMOQ announces new team and location for its UK operations
Multinational digital can printing company NOMOQ, with offices in Germany and Switzerland, has today announced the appointment of its new team, and Leamington Spa, West Midlands, as the location for its first-ever UK site, as it drives growth plans forward.
Congrats to the NOMOQ UK team! We're also heading to NOMOQ's German production facility this week to celebrate its first-year of printing cans and not just for beer!

Make It Work on Paper First

Make It Work on Paper First
The virtues of sketching well before starting a project
Also love to doodle during calls & meetings? This article illustrates why it really works!

One year Good Move in Brussels city: 25% less car-traffic and 36% more bicycles

One year Good Move in Brussels city: 25% less car-traffic and 36% more bicycles | Eltis
"A quarter less motorised traffic and more than a third more cyclists: that is the striking balance one year after the implementation of the new traffic circulation plan(link is external) in the centre of Brussels." That's great!


The RVMBLE 'Think Positive' & Other Design Reprints

The Rvmble had 3 popular T-shirt designs reprinted again. A total of 6 T-shirts, including 5 new colorways. More info on insta and on their webstore.

The Wayside: Sherry Vivian Cardona Collazos

The Wayside: Sherry Collazos
What a great write-up about my friend, Sherry! A few months ago we did a Velocio ride with her, she just nabbed 1st woman & 7th overall at the BBB Race, and we had her on our radio show recently as well. Read her story on the Velocio blog. Watch her TCR film here.

Wyatt Wees interviews John Watson on the 'The Business of Cycling' podcast

Wyatt Wees on LinkedIn: #cycling #velo #radsport #ciclismo #businessofcycling
The Radavist aka John Prolly aka John Watson is a pioneer of online cycling content creation. His blog prollyisnotprobably was one of the most visited cycling…
Very cool to hear about very long time friend John Watson's path from Prolly to The Radavist being purchased by The Pro's Clost. John is interviewed by my Torino-based friend, Wyatt Wees. Listen here.


Trey Jones Vans Part

I'm flying back to Florida for the 30th time on Tuesday to visit my kids. There are few Florida things radder than Trey Jones & this edit gets me stoked to get rad with Otto & Mira!
Thank you for reading!
Here's to staying on track when your problems hit back this week!

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Jon Woodroof
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