૮ ˙Ⱉ˙ ა Nº294 – 10 4, Dinosaur 🦖📢

Nº294 – cyclists on Amsterdam's streets, Marion Dziwink at AMR & Kike on JoanSeguidor. Natural Intelligence, promoting your publication & only as good as your worst day. Chuck Studios office tour, Daniel Ekbladh's portfolio & Mike Frazier interviewed. Velocio Ride Series NL kicks off this weekend!
૮ ˙Ⱉ˙ ა Nº294 – 10 4, Dinosaur 🦖📢
Jimbo Safi & yours truly around the corner from our office after recording The Mechanics of Joy. 📷:Kike Molares
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This Saturday is our first Velocio Ride Series event with Joop in Schoorl (north of Amsterdam). RSVP here! We've got a month of awesome activities at Super 73's de Pijp Pop-Up this month as well! More about that here.

At the end of the month we're heading to Girona for Traka. I'm doing the 360k event. Hardly prepared but when am I? ; )

wishing you a great week ahead,


p.s. this week's title comes from a rhyming synonym for 'ok, boomer' ; )

Upcoming Events

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Amsterdam Doing a Trial with Faster Cyclists On The Road

The bike lanes in Amsterdam are becoming increasingly busy. There are larger speed differences between bikes, especially with faster e-bikes. This can make traffic in the bike lane less safe for smaller & slower riders. That is why the city of Amsterdam is starting a trial in which fast cyclists are allowed to use the road. Pretty interesting development! Thank you for the heads up on this, Kristy! : )

Velocio's Wayside Series Features Marion Dziwnik

Wayside: Marion at the Atlas Mountain Race

Marion is no stranger to ultracycling. "She won Badlands in 2021 and the Traka360 in 2022, along with a second place finish at the Transbalkan Race in 2023. She recently rode 715km island hopping through the Canary Islands (of which some of the below photos are from). And she makes a habit of competing at the hardest and longest races around the world." See you at Traka, Marion! : )

Kike Once Again on JoanSeguidor's Cycling Podcast

Johan Bruyneel, Raúl Alcalá y ¿Flandes o Roubaix? - JoanSeguidor - Podcast en iVoox
Escucha y descarga los episodios de JoanSeguidor gratis. Análisis de la actualidad y viaje nostálgico con Johan Bruyneel y Raúl Alcalá. En este episodio: 00:16 Introducción 00:57 Raúl Alcalá ha... Programa: JoanSeguidor. Canal: Joanseguidor. Tiempo: 01:14:59 Subido 03/04 a las 20:52:32 126988504

If you're into pro racing & speak Spanish, this is a podcast for you! Worth mentioning, too: our latest episode of The Mechanics of Joy with @Jimbo.Safi is online too! Listen here. All music heard on the show is here too. : ),


How Natural Intelligence, not Artificial Intelligence, will help us build a flourishing future

What Happened at the UNFCCC COP26 and How Regeneration Internationl Could  Promote Soil Health and Regenerative Agriculture to Reverse Climate Change  at COP27 in Egypt – Aufbauende Landwirtschaft
“Life runs on sunlight. Life rewards cooperation. Life builds from the bottom up. Life banks on diversity. Life recycles everything. Life builds resilience through diversity, decentralization, and redundancy. Life optimizes rather than maximizes. Life selects for the good of the whole system. In short, life creates the conditions conducive to life.”Janine Benyus, Co-Founder Biomimicry Institute Read the article here.

Ghost.org on Promoting Your Publication

I was just going to link to one of these articles, but the whole is is 🔥. Kudos to the Ghost.org content team! :D

You’re Only As Good As Your Worst Day

You’re Only As Good As Your Worst Day
Across the board, we tend to measure performance by what happens when things are going well. Yet how people, organizations, companies, leaders, and other things do on their best day isn’t all that instructive. To find the truth, we need to look at what happens on the worst day.

Farnam Street is a consistent source for great food for though and this idea is good to keep in in mind when the going gets tough! After all, "Anyone can steer the ship when the sea is calm!"


Olaf van Gerwen (Chuck Studios): 'We're not going anywhere for the time being'

Olaf van Gerwen
Chuck Studios is located next to Twotone & Workspace 6 under the railway tracks in the heart of Amsterdam. In this interview & office feature [paywall & in Dutch], Olaf adds that its 'maybe not the most practical place, but certainly the most fun.' I have to agree! ; )

Daniel Ekbladh's Cycling Photography Portfolio

Cycling — Daniel Ekbladh -filmproduktion i Uppsala

I met Daniel on a ride in Berlin years ago and we've stayed in touch. He just got his portfolio up and it's worth a look. If you like what you see, get in touch : )

Mike Frazier Interviewed by Chrome Ball Incident

I got to know Mike through the cycling scene here in Florida, and years ago, he once very generously gave my son one of his PRO decks. A moment Otto will never will never forget. : ) This is a great interview with Mike about his career as a pro and he's still ripping! Thank you for the help with getting into Tampa Pro this weekend, Mike! : )


Velocio Ride Series Nederland

This weekend is the kickoff to our ride series with Velocio in Schoorl with Joop!RSVP here & hope to see you there! : )

Thank you very much for reading!
Here's to not being a dinosaur this week!
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Jon Woodroof
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