( -_•) Nº293 Good Habit Advice? Never Miss Twice! જ⁀➴⌖

Nº293 – Super73 Amsterdam Pop-up, Bikepacking's CIRTOMGB & Cyclingworld goes to NYC! On not taking yourself too seriously, the state of the Culture in 2024 & the future does not fit in containers of the past. Bas at Fjällräven, Gunnar & 'workpacking', Céline's 21 Roubaix tips & an Onguza edit!
( -_•) Nº293 Good Habit Advice? Never Miss Twice! જ⁀➴⌖
Ella Zirina & Teis Semy performing in our office at last week's Dox Under The Tracks. (📷: Kike)
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At Twotone, we had our 7th Dox Under The Tracks concert series featuring Ella Zirina & Teis Semy on Friday, a bike messenger karaoke alleycat checkpoint on Saturday & local Haarlemmerbuurt legend Iggy's 11th bday party on Sunday!

The weekend before, I was invited all the way down to South Africa by Ciovita to experience Cape Epic, tour their factory & soak in South African cycling culture as much as I could. Check out my stage 6 experience here + Cape Town morning ride & Woodstock Cycleworks shop visit from a week ago here.

All that on the heels of an absolutely radical weekend in Düsseldorf for Cyclingworld which will be expanding to the USA next year!

This week started this morning for me, and I'm spending Thursday on my 34th flight to Florida since 2018 to visit my son & daughter there. Friday morning is 'Ride to School' day at their school & I'm always glad to be there for that. : )

wishing you a great rest of the week,


p.s. this list of things that don't work made me laugh.

p.p.s. this week's subject line came from this concept to keep a good thing going: avoid the second mistake

Upcoming Events

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Official Opening Super73 Amsterdam Pop-Up Store April 5

Get ready for an electrifying experience! Join us at our official opening and be the first to see SUPER73’s first-ever pop-up store!

This Friday in de Pijp, Super 73 is opening a new pop-up! RSVP & swing by!

CIRTOMGB: “Can I ride this on my gravel bike?”

Introducing the CIRTOMGB? Mobile App
Can I Ride This On My Gravel Bike? (CIRTOMGB?) is a new mobile app that uses AI to help riders judge UB Level (Underbiking) and Tire Width…

Lots of 'innovations' launched yesterday and this one from Bikepacking answers an important question. ; )

Düsseldorf or NYC, Cyclingworld is All That Matters

Düsseldorf oder New York, Hauptsache Cyclingworld.
Ein Messerückblick 2024 Natürlich liest man, bevor man sich ans Schreiben begibt, den eigenen Rückblick auf die letzte Ausgabe der Cyclingworld, um zu vermeiden, dass man sich all zu sehr wiederholt. Und es fällt auf, dass man einfach nur einige Protagonisten austauschen müsste, ein paar Details pimpen und hervorheben

This is a great (German) recap of maybe my favorite bike show nowadays! Great side events, public-facing, and accessible for even smaller brands: Cyclingworld represents everything I love about the bike industry, and it's coming to NYC next year May 1-4!


On not taking yourself too seriously

"Don’t take your image so seriously that you stop experimenting." from an interesting interview with Gabi Abrāo.

The State of the Culture, 2024

"The fastest growing sector of the culture economy is distraction. Or call it scrolling or swiping or wasting time or whatever you want. But it’s not art or entertainment, just ceaseless activity." Read Ted Gioia's glimpse into post-entertainment society here.

The Future Does Not Fit in the Containers of the Past

"There is a famous law called “Parkinsons Law” which states that the duration of tasks expand to fill their allotted time spans, regardless of the amount of work to be done. Work expands to fit time available. The same thing has happened with space." Read the article here.


Bikepacking Event April 25 2024 - Fjällräven Amsterdam

My friend Bas Rotgans along with Eva Boer, are doing a talk about bikepacking on April 25th. See you there! : )

Workpacking: When an e-Cargo Bike Becomes a Mobile Home

Workpacking: When an e-Cargo Bike Becomes a Mobile Home – Gunnar Fehlau
A longtime “velopreneur” who has worked across the cycling media industry, Gunnar Fehlau decided to take on a new experiential project in 2023: He loaded his household onto his e-cargo bike and has been living and working from the road for one year. This is his report from the first 333 days of life while workpacking. As you might expect, I didn’t have too many practical role models to turn to when planning for my workpacking tour. In the American, Steven K. Roberts is an ancestor of my idea; he rode a high-tech recumbent as a digital nomad around the…

I loved following Gunnar on this project last year & rad to see him get some international coverage about it this year! Well deserved! : )

21 Bicycle Activities in Roubaix for Cycling Fans

21 bicycle activities in Roubaix for cycling fans
Cycling activities in Roubaix. Around the historic Paris-Roubaix velodrome, of course, but also unique and original idea from a local!

Céline sent this through last week as a resource and I've already been sharing it directly with people heading to Roubaix. A great resource!


Onguza: High-End Steel Bikes Handmade in Namibia

Josh Reid made this 22min film about Onguza a little over a week ago & its worth a watch! ...And if you haven't seen Onguza's recent brand video, do watch that too!

Thank you very much for reading!
Here's to not missing twice this week!

Written by
Jon Woodroof
♥️ @Kristyspark✨, Otto, Mira, Errol, Simone, Brayden & Rowan 💡 living the dream @Workspacesix & @Twotoneams 💌 I love to send special stuff to special people weekly.
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