(„• ֊ •„) Nº291 In Time, You'll Find That It Means Less to Be Nice & More To Be Kind 🤗 🌼

Nº291: OMNIUM's Ti Preorder, Pelago '24 lookbook & Zotti x Bonnano bags. MOVEMENT interview Ander from Orbea, Gaza Sunbirds NL Ride & If you have to choose between being nice and kind: be kind. Dad Agency in It's Nice That, Skloss on Vast Is The Sea, Joachim Baan on Byzantium & Dembs' Anorak bag.
(„• ֊ •„) Nº291 In Time, You'll Find That It Means Less to Be Nice & More To Be Kind 🤗 🌼
A few moments from my ride yesterday. I recently installed join.cc to give my riding some direction and I'm already 2 rides in!
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The weather in Amsterdam was great this weekend, so I went for not only 1 but 2 rides! And, I've gotta admit, I'm a little sore! The gif above is from my 57km ride yesterday and Saturday I even tried intervals. (haha, less 'grammingn for sure!)

In all my years of racing back in the day, I never did regimented training. It was fast group rides but mostly just hammering my more or less hour-long commute at 30km/hr (18mph) on my track bike.

Well after 6 months of mostly no real riding, my recent trip to Spain got me stoked to ride again. With the approval of my Dr., I'm easing back into it, but finding the routine & motivation were the two biggest obstacles.

Recently, I got to know the team at Join.cc and the timing was perfect for giving me some direction in getting my fitness back on track. I'll report back with progress, but in the meantime, I'm down to ride! If you're near Amsterdam & keen, let's go for a spin! See you Saturday at the Pathfinder Giro if you're going! : )

Have a great week ahead,


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OMNIUM Titanium Pre-Order Window Open Until March 14th

The first Titanium On-Demand pre-order window of 2024 for Titanium V3 IR (internal routing) versions of the Cargo, Mini-Max, Mini and CXC models is OPEN! ⚠️ If you're new to this concept, its a made to order procedure. Order window closes Thursday 14th March @ 23:59 CET.

Pelago: Riding, Fast & Slow

I was a Pelago fan long before we had the opportunity to support them some years ago. Their new 2024 lookbook is great. Especially the analogy to Daniel Kahneman’s book titled: ‘Thinking, Fast and Slow’ fits like a glove to their cycling ethos. Fast and slow — of course!

laboratorio zotti x Cicli Bonanno Zip Pouches

I have one of the original Zotti x Bonanno musettes & use it every single day for my laptop. These look great and would make a useful addition to your everyday carry for sure!


MOVEMENT Interviews Ander Olariaga of Orbea

 They discuss the history, brand identity, and unique aspects of the more than 180 years old company. Ander highlights Orbea's focus on reinvention, the influence of the Basque mindset, and the importance of racing involvement in product development. Great convo, guys!

Gaza Sunbirds Solidarity Bike Ride This Thursday March 7th

What has happened in Gaza and continues to is genocidal. The very least we can do is ride to show solidarity & demand a ceasefire. The schedule: • 10:00 - Meet at Den Haag Centraal • 10:15 - Cycle to ICJ • 11:15 - Start cycle north • 13:00 - Stop in Leiden • 17:00 - Stop in Haarlem • 18:30 - Dinner at De Sering, AmsterdamTotal distance: between 70-80 kmMore Details on their post.

If you have to choose between being nice and kind, the latter is a better option.

Kinda nice
A kind person will help you understand reality as it is, prompt you to reflect, and nudge you to fine-tune your position till you get to a place where your resolution is helpful for you. A nice person will tell you what feels good - and often what you think you want to hear at that time - even if it doesn’t help you move past that situation.

This week's subject line was inspired by this article. Take a look.


Very cool to see Leanne get attention for her agency & her bag brand on such a well-known site! Good to see you recently, Leanne & hopefully again soon!

Vast Is The Sea: A Conversation With Skloss And Thomas Hooper

Karen Skloss, Sandy Carson & Thomas Hooper talk about their upcoming performance in Austin, Texas. Sandy once screened a film at my office & we've been friends ever since! At minute 36 Thomas talks about creating the community he'd like to find himself in. Something I certainly aspire for with Workspace Six! : )

Joachim Baan Interviewed By The Byzantium Review

Fun trivia: Joachim is who inspired me to start a newsletter at all! Great interview, Joachim! (for those that click to read, you have to scroll to get to it!)


Dembs Anorak Bag

I saw this bag/jacket recently on Instagram and immediately thought it would be a rad addition to the newsletter. See it in action here.
Thank you very much for reading!
Here's to being kind this week!

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Jon Woodroof
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