(´・` )Nº290 Time to be bold, Minutes tick by, Stories untold. ⏳💪

Nº290: Velo-city in Ghent, a 2007 Grant Peterson interview & VanMoof tells all in Taipei. Escape Collective's industry investigation, IP Moat helps Ass Savers & Lee Craigie's other ways to win. Dani Fejer open for work, Seb on All Bodies on Bikes & Wheelrunner Tubeless Workshop + VIA's 4000km race!
(´・` )Nº290 Time to be bold, Minutes tick by, Stories untold. ⏳💪
Some clips from our ride Saturday with Allan Shaw from Wheelrunner to our office to screen Silk Road Cargo Race.
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I'm in back in Amsterdam since Friday evening after an awesome week of riding in Spain. I managed to get a recap of the 1st three days up & will post another soon. Thank you to Felix for organizing once again & everyone for making the week so amazing! (Ass Savers shared this initial edit & this video too.)

Saturday was our ride & film screening with Allan Shaw. We miraculously dodged the rain & had a great turnout for the ride and the film. Allan is already on his way back to Copenhagen, and I'll share a quick edit on Instagram in the next day or two as well. Thank you, Omnium, for making it happen, Allan for visiting & everyone for coming!

I'm heading to the office shortly for our Monday morning standup and was determined to ship this week's issue more or less on time. 😉

Speaking of time, this week's subject line was penned by an AI rhyming clock that tells the time with a poem. There are 1,440 minutes in a day, so Poem/1 needs to display 1,440 unique poems to work! 😅 With 3 days left to back the Kickstarter, read more about the clock here.

wishing you a nice week ahead,



if you're near Bend, Oregon: Old Man Mountain is hiring!

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Velo-city Comes to Ghent this Summer

I didn't know Velo-city has been around longer than Eurobike! This summer might a great first year to finally attend this influential show.

Gary Boulanger's 2007 Bike Radar Interview with Grant Peterson

This article originally appeared on BikeRadar.com in July 2007. There’s no stopping the technological advancement of the bicycle. Yet no one seems to have reminded Rivendell Bicycle Works founder and president Grant Petersen of this fact, and apparently that suits him just fine. Petersen c

I saw Gary's post about first meeting Grant back in '94 and, of course, my curiosity was piqued by the image that still resembles the modern pro-hobo bikepacking aesthetic you'll encounter on Instagram or at your local retro-grouch overnighter. Worth the read!

VanMoof co-founder Ties Carlier to confront critics and fans at Taipei Cycle

VanMoof co-founder Ties Carlier to confront critics and fans at Taipei Cycle
TAIPEI, Taiwan - It was probably the most discussed topic in the bicycle industry last year: the bankruptcy of VanMoof. During Taipei Cycle Show, co-founder Ties Carlier will take the stage at the Bike Venture Summit to give his view on the lessons learned from VanMoof’s entrepreneurial rollercoaster. What will the reception be for someone at the helm at the time of the company’s demise?

Another show I've personally yet to attend, Taipei Cycle is coming up March 6-9. Already a highlight of the show will be Ties Carlier telling his VanMoof story. Who's going?


How Did The Bike Industry Get Into Such Deep Trouble?

How did the bike industry get into such deep trouble? - Escape Collective
Episode 3 just dropped of our four-part special series that looks into the contributing factors that led the bike industry into disarray.

Its no secret that it has been a bumpy road for the bike industry since the pandemic but why exactly is that? Wade and the Escape Collective team have a 4 part series exploring the reasons why and what's next. Personally, I already feel the rebound but we're not out of the woods yet!

IP Moat Helps You Defend Against Counterfeit Listings

Ass Savers: Trademark Infringement Overload Solved with IP Moat
Find out how Ass Savers removed over 100 counterfeit listings in a month with IP Moat. Ass Savers is well known for its innovative mudguards, designed to keep cyclists dry and comfortable in wet and muddy conditions. Brand and market dilution was a big problem for Ass Savers. With prolific counterfeit products on eBay

I was with Staffan in Spain last week and he mentioned IP Moat. Ass Savers uses the tool identify and remove listings of rip-off copies off their products that are online for sale. Depending on the kind of product you sell, this could be a valuable tool for you!

Lee Craigie, Other Ways To Win

Episode 170 of The Adventure Podcast features a legend of the mountain biking world, Lee Craigie. Lee is a bike adventurer, director of The Adventure Syndicate, outdoor therapist and storyteller. In this episode, Lee talks to Matt about her champion-winning mountain biking career, competing in the Commonwealth Games, and the pro's and con's of winning. She goes into detail on her role as Scotland's Active Nation Commissioner, and the challenges she faced in this position. She also covers what happiness means to her now, community, and finding balance by changing her motivations. It's an honest and thought-provoking conversation which gives a gentle reminder on the importance of perspective and not trying too hard.


Dani Fejer Open to Remote, Freelance, or In-Person Positions near Milan

Image preview
My friend Dani recently got made redundant and has a great skillset that could be a tremendous asset for your team. Give her a shout!

All Bodies on Bikes Podcast: Marley Blonsky Interviews Seb Sutherland

Queer Wheels with Sebastien Sutherland - Live Feisty
Sebastien Sutherland (they/them) is a cyclist, consultant, community activist and […]

Marley Blonsky spoke to my friend Sebastien Sutherland (they/them) a cyclist, consultant, community activist and drag king originally from Scotland based here in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Seb founded one of the first LGBTQIA+ cycling clubs in the Netherlands (Queer Wheels) & runs one of the largest Pride Ride’s in Europe. Listen here.

Wheelrunner Tubeless Workshop (Racing Edition)

Wheelrunner Workshop - Tubeless (Race Edition)
We teach you how to set up your wheels tubeless, and what to do when you puncture in a race or event (Traka, ultra racing, bikepacking etc.)

Losing your tubeless on an ultra or even a gravel weekend can be demoralizing and definitely avoidable if you're prepared. The team at Wheelrunner are doing a workshop on March 13th to equip you with the skills to stay inflated in those circumstances. Sign up.


VIA - The Road To Greatness | A 4000km race across Europe

Map of the route
Last week, I was in Calabardina, not far from the start of VIA in July. I had heard of the race but realized that I hadn't mentioned it here in the newsletter. Friends of mine Allan Shaw & Max Riese will be competing, and it looks like this event is shaping up to be a big one!
Thank you very much for reading!
Here's to being bold this week!

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