\( ゚ヮ゚)/ Nº285 A Goal Towards Which We All Can Roll! 🥅 🛞

Nº285: Is marketing in the cycling industry broken? Further Le Chemin & solo bikepacking confidence. Electric cars aren't the future, JOIN raises €2.5m & editor access for a long-form piece? Matt Coplon's Spoke&Word, James LaLonde Joins BuyCycle & Cory Benson Tests the Axle Pack + Dive Deep BMX edit
\( ゚ヮ゚)/ Nº285 A Goal Towards Which We All Can Roll! 🥅 🛞
Before Velofollies in Kortrijk, Belgium last week, I had the chance to visit VERA Cycling in Roubaix, France. Just 30km down the road! 📷: @wouterfietst
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When Wyatt of Velo Media asked: "Is Cycling Marketing Broken?" I replied with a wordy repost that it's not broken; it just looks like it. 🥴

Just like your old whip on the wall that isn’t broken. Sure, it doesn’t boast the vanity metrics, hashtags & sparkly accolades like your most recently launched addition to the stable, but it’s more than able!

Stop buying social media ads, organize a group ride & buy pizza instead.

Stop lurking the same accounts on your phone & follow those that aren’t just a clone. Invite outliers, outsiders & newcomers. Hell, go somewhere & see something new yourself… on your bike! (Shoutout wander.earth)

Jealous of a competitor’s campaign? Complement them, join their events, and they’ll join yours. Or not, then THEY’RE missing out. Ever heard of the rising tide lifting all boats? That works for bikes too!

Critical of what you see? Don’t tell me, show me: share your strategies, successes & insights. Imagine being the only person who could change a flat on the group ride but didn’t tell anyone cuz they wanted the KOM. Don’t be that guy.

In many ways, bikes & the cycling scene are cooler, more inclusive & exciting than ever. It’s just male, pale & stale bland branding sucking our wheels.

People want to ride. People need to ride. Bikes will save the world.

Now that’s a goal towards which we all can roll! ♥️

2024 will be the best year yet for commuting, racing, exploring & just riding around with your (new) friends.

Lead from the front! : )

As always, thank you for reading,


p.s. if you haven’t checked out Wyatt’s podcast, The Business of Cycling, you should!

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Is Cycling Marketing Broken?

Wyatt Wees on LinkedIn: Is Cycling Marketing Broken? | 62 comments
Please, not another slow-motion drone shot up the Stelvio! 🙄 If you feel like the marketing in cycling all looks the same, you’re not alone. With… | 62 comments on LinkedIn

The post that inspired this issue's title & intro. Kudos to Wyatt for getting people to not only chime in but hopefully flout cycling's played-out approach to marketing.


"From the west coast to the refuge at Rulhe is stage one. Rulhe to the east coast is stage two. The clock will not stop from the start to the finish, the riders will have to stop for 6 hours at the Refuge. Stage one will be a pure road stage of around 600 km. ( Apart from the short hike to the refuge ) Stage two will be the standard FURTHER Pyrenees blend of Hike-a-Bike and road of approx 400 km." This would be my 3rd Further. You know what they say about the 3rd time! ; ) Learn more here.
‘One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things’ – Henry Miller

Gain Confidence as a Solo Bikepacker

Looking to Gain Confidence as a Solo Bikepacker? Start With The C&O Canal and GAP Trail.
Being a newer cyclist doesn’t mean you can’t try out bike touring. Claire’s advice for women and female-presenting cyclists is to start with a beginner-friendly route like the C&O Canal and GAP Trail. 

A very informative & inspiring write-up with great advice, examples and stories. Read here.


Electric cars are not the future 

Spoiler alert: "electric cars were made for American suburbia and for almost nowhere else." (yes it's got a paywall but you can register & read for free nice & easy.)

Amsterdam-Based Cycling App JOIN Gets €1.5 Million to Further Product Development and UK/US Expansion

Amsterdam-based cycling app JOIN gets €1.5 million to further product development and UK/US expansion | EU-Startups
After its success in particularly the Netherlands and Belgium, JOIN, an adaptive app for custom-made training plans for recreational cyclists, announced

Love to see cycling startups in the news. Especially local ones! JOIN is available in five languages for Android and iOS. Since its launch in 2020, the app has been downloaded and used by more than 100,000 cyclists worldwide. Read the article here.

Should You Advise Your Client to Allow a Journalist Unfettered Access for a Long-Form Profile Piece?

Barbarians at the garden gate
Should you advise your client to allow a journalist unfettered access for a long-form profile piece? (This is the first of a series of pieces looking at the relationship between PR, their clients, and journalists, based on my 30+ years as a journalist and more recent work consulting for companies an

We got a little burned by this recently by a title that was allowed in only to pen a corny clickbait article thereafter. This one is long, but I recommend you read it if you're in the industry. : )


Spoke and Word With Matt Coplon – Episode One

This initial episode of a new series from Matt Coplon at Profile BMX is very cool. I'm looking forward to the episode with Dr. Luis Pinzon, who has a rad backyard ramp that I've skated with my kids in Tampa.

James LaLonde Joins BuyCycle (and they're hiring!)

Image preview
Congrats to James for making the move to Munich & joining the Buycycle team! This welcome interview with him is a great one. They're hiring, too, so click thru & see if there is a role for you!

Cory Benson Tests The Old Man Mountain Axle Pack

First Look: Old Man Mountain Axle Pack puts Bikepacking Anything Cages on Any Fork
Review: Old Man Mountain has got us loaded up for adventure with new carry-anything Axle Pack mount, bolting Anything Cages to Any Fork…

The Old Man Mountain Axle Pack makes any bike a bikepacking bike. Whether it has a carbon, aluminum, steel, or suspension fork. This review, like all of Cory's, is funny, and thorough and the fact he used a fat bike to ride in the snow is awesome!



Two BMX links this week! Amsterdam's local squad of Emile Bouwman, Kimo van Hulst, Oran Farag, Denz van Lare, Rodrigue Timellini, and Rinke Diependaal show what BMX is all about in this just released edit. To them diving deep means: chasing a unique style of riding, helping your friends to land that single trick and at the end of the day, just having a good time enjoying a broodje kroket together!

Thank you for reading!
Here's to sharing a goal towards which we all can roll!

Written by
Jon Woodroof
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