٩(^‿^)۶ Nº281 The More You Have Fun, The More You Have Won! 🤙 🎯

Nº281 – The More You Have Fun, The More You Have Won! Twotone Turned 9, Chris McClean's SRMR Zine & VERA's Chapkapette! Don't say ‘I hope you are well’ in emails, Euro bike factories & secrets of charisma. Bonanno jersey order, Sour News & Unshackled Kickstarter + Bikepacking's Overnighter Contest!
٩(^‿^)۶ Nº281 The More You Have Fun, The More You Have Won! 🤙 🎯
Friday's pre-party team tandem time on a bike built for seven! 📸: William Lounsbury.
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Pictured above is the entire Twotone crew hours before our 9-Year Birthday Party kicked off. If it's not obvious, even after a bent chainring that put the success of the shoot in peril, we still managed to have a blast doing, what I would describe as, a very difficult endeavor: piloting a two-wheeled behemoth with 6 adults on it!

“People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.” – Dale Carnegie

Twotone, with our modest team of 6, is by no means a behemoth but big enough to face a myriad of challenges, speed bumps, and facepalms each week. Holding our line as we did on that big bike has helped us avoid some big barriers, dodge potholes, and certainly not run off the road.

As the end of this year grows near, moments like the one above really remind me to savor the aspects of our work that make us smile, joke, and laugh. Sure, they may not be productive, entirely strategic, and maybe even dangerous, lol! But it takes a lot to have fun with your work, and in the end: the more you have fun, the more you have won!

If you'd like to dive more into the quote that inspired with week's theme, this Medium article by Thomas Oppong is a good place to start.

Unrelated but maybe also up your alley: Sara Taskers Manifesto for Posting Online (hat tip, Peter) & 52 things Tom Whitwell Learned in 2023.

Thank you, as always, for reading & wishing you an awesome week ahead!


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Twotone Turned Nine Party Photos By Kike Molares

Thank you, everyone, for making it so fun! Peek the rest of the photos here.

🎷Thank you, @amagukmusic for another incredible performance! Holy shit! Wow!

🔊 DJ King Koen of @soulcyclebmx knocked it outta the park again as well with a slew of crowd-pleasing tracks from his sizeable vinyl arsenal. You’re a Twotone party staple now!

🎸@fish_the_wild_bunch_cc put in mega effort to make the sound, light, and layout just right! Not to mention big help on clean-up crew; thank you!

🥙 The food from @lesudnl was vegetarian and sublime. Everyone was nourished & stoked!

🍻 @nomoq.can’d @stadshavenbrouwerij brews were a hit & for those that preferred it 🍷@nativewines.Eu had delightful wine available until nearly the bitter end! Thank you, Ashton!

🖌️Hard to know how many tattoos @paulsmoothsailingtattoo & @frankvandersman did during the night? Both tattooed nonstop for hours & some people even getting more than one! @lestercycles got three!

We look forward to seeing you all in a year again when TWOTONE TURNS TEN!

Chris McClean's SRMR 2023 Zine Pre-Order Ends Tomorrow

ZINE - Silk Road Mountain Race 2023 - Pre-order — Chris McClean - Photographer + Director
*** Special Pre-order Price until 5th December*** 60 Pages filled with my favourite shots taken whilst on assignment shooting the Silk Road Mountian Race in Kyrgyzstan. Captured in August 2023, these photos document riders navigating the challenging 1800-kilometre route through breathtaking landsc

60 Pages filled with his favourite shots taken whilst on assignment shooting the Silk Road Mountian Race in Kyrgyzstan. Looks great!

The VERA Cycling Chapka Winter Cycling Cap

We recently updated the 2023 Twotone Gift Guide with a really cute gapette for winter! In Celiné's words: "This chapkapette (contraction of chapka and gapette) is an absolutely sublime forest green, both very natural and very urban. So as soon as temperatures drop below 5°C it will be your perfect ally for all your winter explorations on frozen paths, your icy cycling and your frosty hikes."


What’s wrong with saying ‘I hope you are well’ in work emails

1. It’s a cliché 2. It sounds unprofessional 3. It creates confusion 4. It can lead to a digression 5. It may sound heartless. My .02? Ask a real question or share a real anecdote. : )

Are Europe's Bike Factories Efficient Enough To Be Competitive?

Are Europe’s bike factories efficient enough to be competitive ?
Today I was reading this article at #CNN business: https://edition.cnn.

A relatively complex issue tackled with a simple article + some comment section discussion. My .02? As time progresses, we'll see more interest and motivation for more locally produced bikes, components, and accessories. Does this mean efficiencies or more competitive? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (Looking for more ideas? Check Shift's COP Industry Summit Dec 6!)

The Secret History And Strange Future Of Charisma

The Secret History And Strange Future Of Charisma | NOEMA
How our culture, politics and technology became infused with a mysterious social phenomenon that everyone can feel but nobody can explain.

Quite a compelling long read on #rizz. Like a really long read, but I bet you'll get sucked in!



On pre-order until December 20. Delivery is scheduled for Late February. Send Nico a mail for details: info [at] cicli-bonanno dot com!

Sour News #001! New Website, '24 Plans, Bike Shows & More

So Sour kicked off a newsletter last week; not only is it funny AND informative, but Twotone also got a shoutout! Grateful for that! Click thru & sign up too!

Unshackled Limitless Heated Glove Kicks Off Crowdfunding

I recently was introduced to Sebastian Nyrup, Dane living here in the Netherlands & he's aspiring to get a very cool heated gloves startup off the ground. Click through & take a look around!


Bikepacking Journal's Good Night 2023 Overnighter is Back

The team at Bikepacking dot com are inspiring you to seize the festive spirit and savor a night outdoors, peacefully bidding farewell to the year between December 22nd and 31st. Not only that, there are some great prizes up for grabs from Old Man Mountain and more!


Camp out with your bike between December 22nd and 31st.
No restrictions apply. Unlike the following years, we’ve opened up the event a little early, from Friday, December 22nd, until the 31st (make it a New Year’s celebration, if you’d like!). We also welcome you to camp in your backyard, your porch, or wherever possible. Just make sure to follow rule number three below.


Keep it small and self-sufficient.
To keep impacts to a minimum, you may want to go solo or camp out in a small group. Carry everything you need, and keep it local. It’s all about maintaining our connection to the outdoors and reflecting on what comes next. Another idea is to meet a friend or friends from a nearby community at a rendezvous campsite.


Have a good night outside, and do it up!
Enjoy your night, preferably outdoors, but we understand if that’s not an option. Eat some good camp grub. Drink something tasty. Wear funny hats. Bring twinkly lights. Stare at a fire. Look at the stars. Reflect on the changes you made in 2023 and the lessons you’ve learned. Toast something or someone. Leave No Trace. And peace out, 2023!
Thank you for reading!
Here's to having fun this week!

Written by
Jon Woodroof
♥️ @Kristyspark✨, Otto, Mira, Errol, Simone, Brayden & Rowan 💡 living the dream @Workspacesix & @Twotoneams 💌 I love to send special stuff to special people weekly.
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