<m(__)m> Nº274 It's Not What's In Your Pocket, It's How You Rock It 🍘 🙇‍

Our 274th newsletter: Recumbentpacking, Ampler's WS6 move & Escape Collective Transparency Report. As well as nice robots, LinkedIn is weird & beware of busy culture. And it's OK not to focus on outcomes, Jools' VeloMail & Carrier Magazine. The finale: Nils Westergaard's Amsterdam cycling portraits!
<m(__)m> Nº274 It's Not What's In Your Pocket, It's How You Rock It 🍘 🙇‍
A favorite from recent 35mm images taken in the Czech Republic, Germany & the Netherlands.
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Good Morning!

I stayed up way too late trying to send this yesterday and ultimately threw in the towel to pen the intro in the AM.

This week's rhyme is the fashion-forward equivalent of Eddy Merckx's age-old training truism: "Don't buy upgrades, ride up grades”. Both repudiate the notion that deep pockets are what you need for style & speed, and, of course, I agreed! : )

Rather than bore you with budget bike improvements or (worse?) free fashion advice, I'll let you choose your destiny if you're inclined to click a link this early in the game:

  1. Ralph Hammer's advice on how to see beauty. Cost: pen, paper, your time
  2. A long read on emoji & some unintended polysemy; the capacity for a symbol to have multiple related meanings. Cost: your time (Unless you decide to travel to Japan... that'd be more expensive.)

Keep Ralph's advice & a quiver of uncommon emoji in your pocket for penning your next group ride recap caption about rolling on your old bike rocking unorthodox kit decisions. ; )

as always, thank you so much for reading & sharing this newsletter!


p.s. if you missed the last Mechanics of Joy with @nashpleasurella of @social_ride_maluku and @stevenbarrow of @infmscc, you can listen here. Looking forward to seeing everyone this weekend at the Fam is Fam ride on 07/10/23 (Ede) & @pathfinder_giro on 08/10/23 (Eindhoven)!

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Heaven For Cyclists, Hell For Bikepackers: Recumbentpacking The Netherlands

What an awesome write-up from Evan & I'm honored to have made a cameo in the post!
Following a surgery that left him unable to sit comfortably on a standard bicycle saddle, Evan Christenson’s restlessness led him to buy a second-hand recumbent on a whim. Find his story of loading it up, learning to ride again as he went, and seeing things from a fresh perspective on a laid-back journey across The Netherlands here…

Ampler Moves Amsterdam Showroom to Workspace 6

Test rides are open, and more service points will be announced soon. Read more here.

We're excited to welcome one of Twotone's oldest customers into our building!

"We have moved our test bikes and service to our long-term partner and PR agency Twotone at Workspace6, Tussen de Bogen 6, 1013 JB Amsterdam, Netherlands, a mere 650 meters from the old location. Our familiar staff will be there to guide you through the Ampler experience and help you with any questions that might arise with your already existing bike." – Ampler Bikes

The Escape Collective 2023 Transparency Report

2023 Transparency Report - Escape Collective
It’s your money that’s built this, after all…
Barely 6 months old & continuing to lead by example & stay true to their word. Inspiring!


What If the Robots Were Very Nice While They Took Over the World?

What If the Robots Were Very Nice While They Took Over the World?
First it was chess and Go. Now AI can beat us at Diplomacy, the most human of board games. The way it wins offers hope that maybe AI will be a delight.
"You don't teach an AI to play a particular game to improve that game; you teach an AI to play a game to improve artificial intelligence." I try to avoid the AI hype but this one is good!

It's not just you. LinkedIn has gotten really weird.

It’s not just you. LinkedIn has gotten really weird.
Divorce, trouble peeing, and stealing hotel food: Why did a job network become everyone’s favorite place for oversharing?
I'm guilty here a bit & see myself posting on LinkedIn less in general. Definitely gotten weird! 

Examine Your Team’s Culture of Busyness

Beware a Culture of Busyness
Once upon a time, leisure was a sign of prestige. Today that idea has been turned on its head, and busyness is the new status symbol. Busy people are considered important and impressive, and employees are rewarded for showing how “hard” they’re working. Such thinking is misguided. It can cause organ…
Some great artwork & business lessons here: reward output, not just activity, eliminate low-value work and foster deep work, nudge people off the clock, model the right behavior. 


When It’s OK Not to Focus on the Outcomes

When Its OK Not to Focus on the Outcomes
Defining goals for performance or processes can sometimes lead to better results than focusing on the outcomes alone.
Peter is back with his Fwends newsletters, and the wisdom is real! Check the quote below:
"While defining goals that are not directly linked to a wanted outcome is often seen as a bad way to measure things, defining goals that focus on what you do (process goals) can be beneficial when you are just starting out to use goal setting to drive change or when you want to create a new habit or modify an existing one." – Peter Riegersperger, fwends.net

Subscribe to Jools Walker's Newsletter, VeloMail, on Substack!

VeloMail | Jools Walker | Substack
A newsletter filled with honest thoughts, essays and storytelling, delivered straight to your mailbox. Contains subjects beyond my life in cycling. Click to read VeloMail, by Jools Walker, a Substack publication. Launched a year ago.
I've admired Jools' positivity & contribution to the bike scene & beyond for ages. Keep it up!

Carrier is a new magazine brought to you by the International Cargo Bike Festival

Carrier - International Cargo Bike Festival
Meet Carrier: the magazine the cargo bike deserves Carrier is a new magazine brought to you by the International Cargo Bike Festival We’re publishing the first edition of Carrier to coincide with the 2023 International Cargo Bike Festival (ICBF) in Amsterdam (24-26 November). Picking up where the IC…
My friend Tom along with his co-organizer Jos from the ICBF with other friends of mine Cyril Chermin & Aaron Griffiths are producing an awesome magazine for the show. I'm stoked!


This gif shows a few of Nils' stencils before they get painted. More of the process here.

This American artist portrays cycling Amsterdammers: 'Here a bicycle is not a fancy thing'

Deze Amerikaanse kunstenaar portretteert fietsende Amsterdammers: ‘Hier is een fiets geen fancy ding’
De Amerikaanse Nils Westergard (31) maakt grote muurschilderingen over de hele wereld. In zijn nieuwe project focust hij zich op wat kleiners: de A…
Nils isn't my friend yet, but I felt his artwork fit this section perfectly! Peek the process. Wow!
Thank you for reading!
Here's to it not being about what's in your pocket but rather about how you rock it this week!

Written by
Jon Woodroof
♥️ @Kristyspark✨, Otto, Mira, Errol, Simone, Brayden & Rowan 💡 living the dream @Workspacesix & @Twotoneams 💌 I love to send special stuff to special people weekly.
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