ʕᴥ· ʔ Nº263 Taking a Spin to Berlin 🏴🐻

ʕᴥ· ʔ Nº263 Taking a Spin to Berlin 🏴🐻
📷 Featured image: Dan Zoubek as featured in the Gravel Collective newsletter
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Phew! Been some time coming to get this issue out!  I was aiming for the weekend after Werewolf & Run Wild & then days ago during/after my most recent trip to the States, and now find myself in a Deutsche Bahn IC train taking a spin to Berlin with my 11-year-old stepson, Errol, to learn about former East Germany & specifically; the Berlin Wall for a school project. We're both very excited. I remember first visiting the Stasi Museum as a teenager, and that really made an impression on me. Reply with tips if you have any on what we should be sure to see!

The past weeks have been packed but the horizon is looking, even more, brimming with bike (and beer & music) adventures:

Whew! And that doesn't include kickoffs, photoshoots, campaigns or my next Florida trips...

Wishing you a great weekend ahead and, as always, thank you for reading & sharing this newsletter,



Leanne Bentley's Atlas Mountain Recap

"I'm really proud that I stuck it out – going into this race my only goal was to finish it and that's what I did, with 15.5 hours to spare." – Leanne Bentley

Local bagmaker, designer & all-around badass Leanne Bentley of Carrie Gere & Studio Dad joined us yesterday LIVE on The Mechanics of Joy to talk about her experience racing this year's Atlas Mountain Race. If you missed the show, you can still listen, but it's 10 days till it goes online. In the meantime, read her awesome race report here.

Ampler joins Kõu Mobility Group + New Colours!

New frame colours & new colleagues for Ampler these past weeks!

Ampler has been making a splash in February & March, both joining Kõu Mobility Group & announcing a new range of colours. Fun fact is Ampler builds AND paints their frames in-house in Talinn, Estonia!

Ten:07's Order Form is Online

Have you ever wanted a cargo bike, but never had the space for it? Check ten:07!

My friend Daniel has introduced his very first cargo bike model, the Unicorn Cargo Bike. With their signature quick-release mechanism on our platform, you can transform the bike from a load-bearing machine to a bike so narrow you can practically store it in your hallway.  Check it out here. And catch Daniel also at Kolektif Bike Fair in Berlin later this month!


Throughout the rich world, the young are falling out of love with cars

“If I choose to comply and get my driver’s license it would be like giving in.”
"For Adah Crandall, a high-school student in Portland, Oregon, a daily annoyance is family members asking when she is going to learn to drive. Ms Crandall, who is 16, has spent a quarter of her life arguing against the car-centric planning of her city."

Unexpected editorial from The Economist; you know I love stories like this one!

Alex Howes: What's Next

Alex Howes is a National Champion, a Grand Tour veteran, and in recent years a regular podium contender at the largest gravel races across the country. As he sets his sights on the year ahead, it's not the race results that drive him forward but the challenge and the competition.

Welcome to Velocio, Alex!

LA Doesn't Need Mountain Biking

Old Man Mountain joined Lowelifes for one of their monthly work party campouts to gain a little insight into what makes their trail organization different from other groups in California. They do grueling work; from long hours breaking up granite with 60V demolition hammers, to cutting out forests of Poodle-Dog Bush. They also know how to have fun, hand-pressing tacos for their volunteers in the backcountry.

Learn more about Lowelifes Respectable Citizens’ Club here.


Shift Cycling Culture Presents: Cracked Earth's Premiere Tour

Cracked Earth is touring the globe in the spring of 2023.

My friend Lian &  the team at Shift Cycling Culture are arranging a series of screenings globally. Try to attend or even potentially help organize one near you!

Martijn Rijven's Animation Showreel

Click the image to watch Martijn's reel in real size! ; )

My friend Martijn Rijven, aka Bolt Graphics, recently share the above reel of his recent work. Check it out. Looks great, Martijn!

Introducing Overthrow

"Scale your organic traffic, leads, and revenue with best-in-class SEO and quality content."

If you're in need of some SEO-led growth, my friend Paul Carroll (yes, the paul that used to run WS6) over at overthrow.co are expanding and available for new clients. Paul and Jacob have scaled software companies into millions of monthly visitors and grown revenue from thousands into the multi-millions. They also deeply know the bike industry. If you're growing your inbound with search, hit them up!


Dox Under The Tracks Nº2, April 14, 2023

Back at it! A 2nd edition of Dox Under The Tracks, April 14, 18:00 at @workspacesix

The first edition of Dox Under the Tracks was a hit.  
The Dox Records' recap is here.
The next one is April 14, featuring @movanderdoes & @kingtritone96.! : )


Here's to taking a spin this weekend!

Written by
Jon Woodroof
♥️ @Kristyspark✨, Otto, Mira, Errol, Simone, Brayden & Rowan 💡 living the dream @Workspacesix & @Twotoneams 💌 I love to send special stuff to special people weekly.
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