(❁ ˵-‿-˵)? Nº289 Wake Up The Sleepers and Prioritise The Keepers 😴 🥅

Nº289: Our OMNIUM ride & film screening is Saturday! Kelly Jayne-Collinge: pro MTB'er & mom, no-fly policies & vote for Old Man Mountain. Manufacturing influence, the case for chilling & what doomscrolling does to your brain. A Mogast film, Repack garage sale & BAM! + Dovetail features Lisa Congdon.
(❁ ˵-‿-˵)? Nº289 Wake Up The Sleepers and Prioritise The Keepers 😴 🥅
Some riding clips from the past two days here in Spain. 😍
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This week's rhyme comes from a Journalism.co.uk article that referenced a survey of 200 news publishers indicated that most were anticipating newsletter subscription growth between 10 and 20 per cent this year. Something I also certainly aspire for with the Twotone newsletter! ; )

"Newsletters are instrumental in bridging and building those early habits by connecting new subscribers with valuable content. In other words, prioritise valuable users, let go of those who do not want to stay and make it simple to leave."

Ultimately, their advice wasn't just about premium content but the notion that people who hit the paywall multiple times eventually decide to pay. I don't plan on paywalled content any time soon but as a paid supporter of several newsletters, I'm living proof of the phenomenon. ; )

In the meantime, thank you all for not only reading but also sharing this newsletter each week!

have a great week ahead,


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Kelly Jayne-Collinge; A Pro MTB'er Entering Motherhood

I love this notion & film project supported by Velocio, komoot & Cotic about Kelly continuing to shred even once her son Atlas was born. : )

The privilege of race: No-fly policies only act to make cycling events even more exclusionary

The privilege of race: No-fly policies only act to make cycling events even more exclusionary
Should race organisers be dictating how you travel to their events? With the time and finances needed to participate in multi-day events already huge, it’s arguably putting principles over practicality, says VecchioJo

This topic continues to gain traction and I'm with Jo Vecchiio on this one: 1. dictating modes of travel makes these events even more elitist & 2. the opportunity to ride in a new environment is worth the trip. Sure, opt for train if you can but the plane is gonna fly whether you're in it or not. Either way, its a topic worth some thought.

Vote for Old Man Mountain in Cycling World's Parts, Components & Technology Award 2024

Vote for Old Man Mountain in Cycling World's Parts, Components & Technology Award. They're up against quite a few cool brands & products, and every vote counts! Read the Axle Pack review on Bikepacking.com


Manufacturing Influence, with Emily Hund

‎Capitalisn’t: Manufacturing Influence, with Emily Hund on Apple Podcasts
‎Show Capitalisn’t, Ep Manufacturing Influence, with Emily Hund - Feb 1, 2024

According to the latest industry statistics, the global influencer economy grew from $1.7 billion in 2016 to $21.1 billion in 2023 — and it's only expected to grow exponentially from here with advances in artificial intelligence. In 1988, Noam Chomsky and Edward S. Herman investigated how mass media sways audiences to conform to social norms without coercion, or what they called “manufacturing consent.” In her new book, “The Influencer Industry: The Quest for Authenticity on Social Media,” Dr. Emily Hund investigates how social media influencers have manufactured a new media economy to which we’ve unwittingly consented.

The Case for Chilling

Sheila Liming, in a cobalt blue sweater and orange scarf, sits at a wooden table in a wooden booth in an extensively wood-paneled coffee shop. A framed portrait of a woman in what looks to be a 18th-century style hangs on the wall.
Sheila Liming is a firm believer in the importance of hanging out — a simple act that becomes much simpler when you take scheduling out of the equation. “There’s a great freedom that comes from low expectations.”

What doomscrolling does to your brain, and how to stop it

Doomscrolling isn’t really novel. It is actually just a modern variant of a common psychological response to anxiety called rumination. In fact, rumination, and doomscrolling, can actually make the problem worse. Click through for some tips.


Mogast 2024 Unveiling + Film Screening: Berlin Feb 24, 18:00

In Berlin on Saturday the 24th of February, Cicli Bonanno & friends will be present with the entire Mogast team at Acres Studio (Skalitzer Strasse 54b) in Berlin to present the 2024 edition of the event and premiere the short film produced by Marco Artusi last year.

Repack Garage Sale This Saturday!

This Saturday, the 24th, Chase at Repack Bike Shop in Utrecht is doing a sale. We're also doing a ride that day & later that evening our film screening and Q&A with Allan & OMNIUM at Workspace Six!

The European Bicycle Adventure Meeting, BAM!, June 7-9

My friend Andrea Benesso of 3 Parentesi helps organize BAM! and it looks like a blast!



Last week, I learned about Dovetail Workwear. Founded in 2018, they make top-to-toe, all-season, all-reason utility workwear for women. By women, for women, and with women, Dovetail Workwear is the largest exclusively women’s workwear brand in the northern hemisphere. Pretty badass! Last month, they featured artist & illustrator Lisa Congdon. See more of Lisa's work on her Instagram. : )
Thank you very much for reading!
Here's to waking up the sleepers and prioritising the keepers this week!

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Jon Woodroof
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