~(˘▾˘~) Nº133 Evoke the Stoke! 🏄 🤙


For starters: Most Psychology Research Is BS. Jason Hreha, Head of Product, Behavioral Sciences @ Walmart has a great post to help you figure out which psychology headlines you can ignore and which you should integrate into your life. Plus, he shares some guiding principles:

  1. ✨ If It Sounds Like Magic, It Probably Is
  2. 📴 Small Changes Generally Do Not Lead to Large Results
  3. 🕒 Change Takes Time
  4. 🍴Take Care of the Basics

Bearing that in mind, maybe it is no surprise to read that:

For many years, psychologists, following Freud, thought that people simply needed to express their anger and anxiety—blow off some steam— to be happier. But this is wrong.

Author of Power of Meaning: Crafting a Life That Matters,  Emily Esfahani Smith says that having a positive outlook is the most important predictor of resilience.

To me: resilience is the art of staying stoked. 🤙

People who stay stoked are more likely to be positive and optimistic, regulate their emotions more evenly and even maintain that optimism through the most trying circumstances.

I know this is easier for some people but do try to evoke your stoke week!

As always thank you for reading,


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p.s. even if you're resilient, stoked, optimistic and all that but things still don't go your way? You might as well make a stink. Anything less, and you’re destined to be forgettable. But I'd (still) rather be forgotten than remembered for giving in! 😉🤘


Maats x Endless Ride

Maats x Endless Ride

This Sunday some of the Endless team will be in Amsterdam from Spain. Let's ride! Lester Cycles is hosting an Open House with Endless Friday too!



New stuff from the fine folks at Silca!

Hire Rich Mitch

Hire Rich Mitch

He is on the hunt for a full-time position to focus on one brand, studio or company. He has 15 years of experience, working in all sorts of creative roles, from art direction to animation, illustration, design, brand identity and more.  There's a link to his portfolio here: www.richmitch.co.uk


Email—yes, email—is the next great media platform

Email—yes, email—is the next great media platform

Editorial-focused newsletters are gaining momentum—and a small Dutch company is putting inbox-based publishing within everyone’s reach. Holla! Proud to use Revue & suggest it to our clients too!

Say Goodbye To The Information Age: It’s All About Reputation Now

Say Goodbye To The Information Age: It’s All About Reputation Now

In a world of fake news, the only antidote is our ability to judge the reputation of the people supplying us with information.

GDPR Hysteria

Unlike any other law to date this particular one has the interesting side effect of causing mass hysteria in the otherwise rational tech sector.

OK, so now what? Let’s take a long look at the real life impact of the GDPR.

Sales & PR

Why The Agency Model is Broken - YouTube
Why The Agency Model is Broken

Why The Agency Model is Broken

albeit a more American description but still points out shortcomings that I see in our work.

A creative person’s guide to thoughtful promotion

A creative person’s guide to thoughtful promotion

A guide by artist and creative strategist Kathryn Jaller with illustrations by Molly Fairhurst

Applying product development principles to business introductions

Applying product development principles to business introductions

The introductions should provide value on both sides. Thank you Luke for this oldie bit goodie!


Keen to ride silly bikes, with lot's of stuff, on roads of varying quality?
Bikepacking Driedaagse

Bikepacking Driedaagse

How far?

- The Driedaagse is a simple ride from Rotterdam - Eindhoven - Antwerp and back to Rotterdam. Depending on how good you are with your navigation, you should wrap up the weekend with 320 to 350km over a three day period.

What about sleeping?

- It's up to to you how comfortable your sleeping will be. Each night there will be camping arranged, whether you sleep on the bare ground, or in a tent big enough for a wedding party is your own choice.

Group Ride? Pace?

- This ride will have a competitive element for those interested, based on cumulative time (more info to follow), but for the rest of us, there will .GPX files available so the everyone can ride as a group or at their own pace, on route or off, on road or off.

Gravel Bike? Road bike?

- Between Rotterdam and Eindhoven, as well as Antwerp and Rotterdam, you will be fine with your average road bike and some solid 28mm tires. Between Eindhoven and Antwerp the roads will get a little wild and 32-35mm+ tires are recommended. There will be an alternative route for those not interested in riding offroad.


  • What - Bikepacking psuedo-gravel-exploration-extravaganza. Or "How I rode my bike all weekend my tons of stuff on it with my best friends".
  • Where - From Rotterdam Centraal to Eindhoven, Eindhoven to Antwerp, and Antwerp back to Rotterdam.
  • When - Friday 15 June @ 17h through 17 June
  • How - A bike, some bags and a couple straps, a tent (or not), a sleeping bag, and so many snacks.

Here's to evoking the stoke this week!

Written by
Jon Woodroof
♥️ @Kristyspark✨, Otto, Mira, Errol, Simone, Brayden & Rowan 💡 living the dream @Workspacesix & @Twotoneams 💌 I love to send special stuff to special people weekly.
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