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Hi there! Thanks for tuning in again! Up this week is a new standard format across these categories: cycling, startups, sales & radness. Tweet me feedback on how you think this newsletter can be most interesting for you: twitter.com/twotoneams


ALL the NOS.nl coverage! Both Zwift (with whom I do European PR for with http://www.trueoverdrive.com/) and my good friends at Meesterknecht were featured on NOS (Dutch Public TV) and I wrote my last few posts for the #Diaryofadomestique series.

Zwift: Irizar traint virtueel met honderden fans - Tour de France

Most riders go on a rest day 'just' a moment on the road bikes. Markel Irizar does otherwise, he drives - using the online computer Zwift - against hundreds of fans from all over the world.

Meesterknecht: Wielercafé voor hippe fietsers

In the heart of Amsterdam is bicycle café Meesterknecht. A community for hip cyclists and stylish cycling. "In a headwind, you just have to pedal harder" My project with 72&Sunny working with Samsung's #ridefor campaign along with the #wearegreaterthani theme Trek promoted wrapped up. Two posts I wrote aided with Grégory input from the Tour:

Diary of a domestique - July 19 | Trek Factory Racing

“It was amazingly hot. This was really quite a problem, like 40 degrees, so you need to drink so much. All of us guys were going back & forth with bottles. A lot of bottles, bringing ‘em to the front & going back again. And then in the end, you always need of take care of Bauke. And, again, we did good.” - Grégory Rast

Diary of a domestique - July 25 | Trek Factory Racing

“But then, we hit the Alps. And yeah, this is another story again: it is also really hard and it is the third week. On top of the first three stages being really hard. Its not easy. We’re going crazy at the moment. Most of the days, from start to finish, we’re going full gas.” - Grégory Rast


This month I'm wrapping up my contract with http://www.buildproto.com/ after earning them some new business and leads over the past few months.  I'm on the lookout for new sales consulting clients for September kickoffs. Here are some helpful links for my friends in the startup scene:

Humans in #Turin with pro cyclists at Tour de France 2015!

The team at human.co shared insights into their data sets compared to Tour de France stages.  Pretty cool!

The top 5 time management mistakes you're making

We keep to-do lists and try to stay on top of our schedules, yet no matter how hard we try, tasks continue to evade us.

PR driven by purpose - a manifesto - Deliberate PR Manifesto (press release)

The world we live in is growing louder every day. There are more people, media outlets and marketing messages than ever before and the sheer speed of community. Check out this inspiring manifesto from my friends at pr.co. Consider joining their slack community: https://hashtag-pr.slack.com


The Best PR Advice You’ve Never Heard - from Facebook’s Head of Tech Communications - First Round Review

Caryn Marooney, Head of Technology Communications for Facebook, shares the PR secrets that help companies get great press. I feel like these hold true for sales too!

How To Write A Follow Up Email in Five Simple Steps

Need a unique and relevant way to follow up with your contacts? This SlideShare deconstructs the generic, selfish email most people send and provides three unique templates for building valuable emails.

Calendly's latest update is a game changer

Your full team’s availability, one elegant page. Pretty excited about the possibilities with this new feature on Atlanta startup Calendly's web app.


Most rad thing this week? My friend Leo Tong along with 199 other cyclists kicked off the single-stage 4,300km solo, self-supported Transcontinental race from flanders in belgium → istanbul in turkey, which he is aiming to finish in around 11 or 12 days!

Follow @LeoTong's  #tcr2015 or Progress on Instagram

Witness Leo navigate belgium → france → italy → slovenia → croatia → bosnia & herzegovina → montenegro → albania → macedonia → greece → turkey via #13tcr2015 on instagram. Read more about the race on Cycling Tips: http://cyclingtips.com.au/2015/07/the-transcontinental-race-rediscovering-the-roots-of-cycling

f.lux: software to make your life better

Is your computer keeping you up late? f.lux is free software that warms up your computer display at night, to match your indoor lighting. THIS is a game changer for early birds & night owls.  Old news to some but I've been benefiting from this only for a week now!

Semenuk's One Shot Segment = unReal - NSMB.com

This uninterrupted shot was filmed by the most advanced gyro-stabilized camera system, the GSS C520, mounted to a truck on a custom road built next to a custom trail that took three weeks to build. This true cinematic achievement required perfection. Spare 4 mins to get stoked & click that link.

Hearts Racing - by Jim Hodgson

"Probably the best cycling/CrossFit romance novel that takes place in a near future dystopia" Watch the trailer for my bud Jim's latest literary work of art: http://t.co/xJizIKmxsB

Most important post of the week for me:

The Importance of Getting Dropped

"The Importance of Getting Dropped Consider some wise words from Vulpine model and friend Jon Woodruff. Since moving his life from Atlanta to Amsterdam he’s learnt to avoid wheel sucking and spin through from the back of the pack to succeed and be happy. Life lessons learnt the hard way, his cycling is improving too."

In the States for a few weeks

I'll  be back in the States (New Jersey, Florida & Georgia) with my family from Tuesday the 28th to August the 12th.  I'll post to social media about impromptu rides, coffee catch ups & beers.  Looking forward to seeing my 'Merica friends & family!

Thanks for reading! Here's to a bright week ahead!

Written by
Jon Woodroof
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