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Hi there!  Thanks for tuning in!  Up this week are hot off the press updates about @WahooFitness & @GoZwift + some highlights from last week. Tweet me feedback on how you think this newsletter can be most interesting for you: @twotoneams

Top News!

Ride on Watopia with Trek Factory Racing & Jens Voigt!

Jens Voigt will be broadcasting live from Gap, France as he rides Watopia with the Trek Factory team on their second rest day tomorrow.


For more details on the ride & to join

More Info & Assets for Media

More info about the ride + images & the video from the FB page.

Wahoo Fitness RunFit App Launches!

Focus Your Preseason CX Cross-Training With Wahoo’s RunFit App.

"For those who want to run Belgian gazelle style like Niels Albert..." Chris at Cycleboredom knows #crossiscoming & is getting is stride with Wahoo's new app & his #Tickrx

More Info for Editors and Media here.

Here is the Press Release re Combining Running, Heart Rate, and Cross-Training to helps runners use heart rate data intelligently and integrates cross-training like never before.

Highlights from Last Week!

Check out the Diary of a Domestique series by Gregory Rast on the Trek Blog: http://www.trekfactoryracing.com/blog/diary-domestique-july-13

Speaking of Trek & the Tour have you seen (and shared) the video the team did with Samsung? All about the idea that you can make yourself better by contributing to something greater than yourself.

Check out the video here

The domestiques. Those who #ridefor their team and who are evidence that together, we are greater than I.

How to challenge people in Fiji to a cycle race from your garage | TechRadar

Great post by Gareth at Tech Radar on how to challenge people in Fiji to a cycle race from your garage.

I’ll back by the Bodensee for Europe’s biggest bike show in just under a month. I’m keen to meet media (re: @Recon, @WahooFitness, @Pfcycles & @GoZwift) but also exhibitors looking to up their brand environment game with help from Ignition DG. When works best for you for us to grab a coffee or beer at Eurobike? Click & pick here: https://calendly.com/twotoneams/eurobike-2015/08-26-2015

Saddleback House Show - IgnitionDG

More about Ignition DG and what they did for Saddleback:

How To Write The Perfect Sales Email- Sales Hacker

Always on point, the guys at @SalesLoft shared some Sales Email Wisdom on the Sales Hacker Blog: http://t.co/zbp3hYhkss Lookout for the next Sales Hacker Amsterdam event in September with some Special guests!

Lastly, on Saturday I did Meesterknecht's l'Étape du Super Domestique & was interviewed by NOS Studio Sport before we departed. Tune tonight, Monday July 20th at 19.00u on NPO1 to check it out!

Thank you for reading & here's to soaring into the next week with style!


Written by
Jon Woodroof
♥️ @Kristyspark✨, Otto, Mira, Errol, Simone, Brayden & Rowan 💡 living the dream @Workspacesix & @Twotoneams 💌 I love to send special stuff to special people weekly.
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