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The quarantine continues in Amsterdam & likely where you are too.

But things are relaxing here. Schools & businesses are slowly re-opening. The eeriness, awkwardness and tension in public spaces is dissolving. At least here in The Netherlands, a daily life not under the corona cloud is visible on the horizon. Personally, of course I've been riding to help stay sane. Avoiding people but exploring new places has been my big ride M O.

On my rides, I think about how for many people around the world, the stress is more serious than ever and the future remains uncertain. Regardless of local lockdown laws or exacerbated stress levels, the times are turbulent for every one. But weren't they already? The rat race wasn't working.

So what s/were/are we doing about it?

Considering that I try to keep this newsletter aimed at helping, I stalled for a week with this issue. I was looking for a message to share that could help make things better.

I found my spark when I finally made the time to listen to this only month old Seth Godin interview by Magali De Reu about marketing in the time of corona.

"People often have what they need, but seldom what they actually want. [...] When society is hit by a crisis, you can do three things: react, respond or initiate." – Seth Godin
  • Reacting means a negative reaction to external input, such as news or medication, for example
  • Responding means that you respond to an external signal to make it better
  • Initiating means helping even if nobody asked you to.

This newsletter's last issue included a number of initiatives to help others so it was heartening to read those words. Two weeks later, the instinct remained to not simply react to the crisis or even rationally respond. But rather what will define my company's effort contribute? All of our contributions, no matter how small, are what will save us all.

So, Seth's ending note when Magali asked him about his contribution? He referenced his daily blog and said sharing wisdom with other people is what matters. Being able to contribute makes us all better.

By aspiring for that singular maxim, I'd say we're all well on our way to avoid going bust by building reputation & trust. Sure, some things may not pan out for you or others but resolving yourself to "life isn't fair" can sound a lot like "I don't care".  So:

"Make things better by making better things."

Stay safe and stay true,


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Pelago’s Rasket is a Basket and a Rack in One Sturdy Package

Pelago’s Rasket is a Basket and a Rack in One Sturdy Package

I'm not alone when I say how much I love a good basket bike. Typically, you either run a Wald basket with the stock struts and that's enough. Many people run a Wald, sans hardware, zip-tied to a rack. Pelago has taken the latter and made a rack and basket in one. It's called the Rasket and it's a sturdy resolution to create the ultimate basket bike.

Racks are rad. Raskets do it better.

So glad that John digs the Pelago Rasket on his Crust!

Cycling Industries Europe 2020 Summit Registration

If you're in the cycling industry & doing business in Europe, this might be worthwhile to check this out!

Flanders Alternative — LSRF

Flanders Alternative — LSRF

Laurens, Paul & Stefan did an unorthodox loop through the former battle fields of Belgium for a bike-packing trip Flanders-style. Oudenaarde-Ieper-Oudenaarde. A gravel adventure following some of the greatest highlights of Flemish (cycling) history.

SILCA's new Chain Lube

SILCA's new Chain Lube

Originally planned for a major launch during the spring classics,  SILCA decided to launch a limited edition chain lube bottled at home during these crazy times.


Thin Air Gear Show

Thin Air Gear Show

If you're like me, you've seen more & more interactive tradeshows & media days popping up.

It feels like an uphill battle to make them viable.

Well, at least to be monetized, attended and as valuable for attendees as past conferences, meetups and similar events were before. Will big shows ever come back?

What do you think?

yours truly talking about bikes at a bike event at Rapha here in Amsterdam
How to integrate events into your PR strategy - even in times of self-isolation

How to integrate events into your PR strategy - even in times of self-isolation

What does it take to strategically plan, execute and evaluate an event that will your target audience won't easily forget? Here are some insider tips from:
  1. Max Pater: "In order to be remarkable, be bold, relevant and accessible"
  2. Fiola Foley: "Not setting clear objectives will be your biggest mistake"
  3. Jon Woodroof: "The key is being consistent and giving people something to remember."

Thank you so much for including me Ana, Sjors & pr.co!

Twenty 6 turns 2 & Renate shares her lessons with you

Twenty 6 turns 2 & Renate shares her lessons with you

Renate has been a colleague of mine at Twotone for going on 3 years and she just facilitated her first online workshop. Entrepreneurs from Curacao, The Netherlands and even South Africa participated. Check it out.

Her own company, Twenty 6 Consultancy, recently celebrated its 2nd anniversary.  So, she decided to do a 4 part video series, where she's opening up and sharing a honest reflection of her key lessons, fears, insecurities and more.

Cars Not Welcome In Europe’s Cities When Lockdowns End

Cars Not Welcome In Europe’s Cities When Lockdowns End

Brussels plans to clear the city center of traffic in order to give more space for pedestrians and cyclists when the lockdown ends.

And in the States, the LA Times says: "Coronavirus shutdowns are making it undeniably clear how toxic our car culture is"

There is no herd immunity from the damage caused by millions of personal automobiles roaming city streets at all hours.
The Importance of Uncertainty

The Importance of Uncertainty

What happens when you’re all cooped up and can’t be your productive self?

Ashley Usiskin offering workshops during Corona lockdown

Ashley Usiskin offering workshops during Corona lockdown

Twotone worked with Ashley years ago when we were dialing our value proposition but also better understanding not only what we do well but why.

During all this corona madness, Ashley is offering pro bono 1hr calls during the corona crisis help people brainstorm, connect new dots and bring people together. Read more & contact him here.


Happy Birthday Quirk Cycles
Telecast - #021 - Special Edition by Space Kadett

Telecast - #021 - Special Edition by Space Kadett

I've been linking each edition of Guy's Telecast mixes since the beginning. This one is special:

As we sit at home, we find ourselves anew and see things in a new light. So did I. Inspired by numerous sets out there, I’ve been going into my own musical history to find forgotten gems of my youth (Mark Knopfler & Pete Philly & Perquisite), new artists I fell in love with (J.J. Cale & Kevin Morby), timeless classics (Nina Simone & George Harrison), and music with Dutch lyrics (Spinvis & Wim de Craene). - Guy, aka Space Kadett

I really loved this idea. Especially after considering why Do We Even Listen to New Music?

Our brains reward us for seeking out what we already know. So why should we reach to listen to something we don’t - Jeremy D. Larson for Pitchfork

If you're on the lookout for some new tunes but want some familiar rhythms and sounds to get you through the end of the week and into the weekend, check out this Telecast!

Five Years of Quirk Cycles

Five Years of Quirk Cycles

Last month, Quirk Cycles hit the five year milestone and, today, to celebrate the occasion, Rob announced a few changes:

  • a new logo
  • a new bike model, the Overland (that he road in February in Morocco)
  • a new T-shirt (I'm a sucker for black long sleeve T's)
  • and more new updates on his website!

Tell Rob happy bday to his frame-buidling business here!

BOLT GRAPHICS has a new website!

BOLT GRAPHICS has a new website!

My bud Martijn just launched a revamp of his professional website.

You can also follow him on insta!

Jake Tong T's from Portland!

Jake Tong T's from Portland!

The last time Jake was in Amsterdam, he stayed at my house and, at the Amsterdam Tattoo Convention, he tattooed my knee. OUCH!

Well, the Covid-19 pandemic has left him out of work until who knows when. Consider helping him keep his head above water by purchasing a t-shirt.

$10 of every sale goes directly to Jake


Peak Content Summit - Speaker Session Videos

Peak Content Summit - Speaker Session Videos

Tyler from Bike Rumor recently organised The Peak Content Summit but many people had to cancel as it was right before the Corona Outbreak in the USA. Now, since many are working and learning remotely, he thought readers here may been keen.

He’ll ship the same schwag that he gave away to their attendees: the Content Fuel book and custom DeFeet Wool-e-ator socks!

The course is $299 and includes:

Enter “twotone” for an additional $100 off.

Unlimited uses, expires May 15, 2020

Here's to avoiding going bust by building reputation & trust this week!

Written by
Jon Woodroof
♥️ @Kristyspark✨, Otto, Mira, Errol, Simone, Brayden & Rowan 💡 living the dream @Workspacesix & @Twotoneams 💌 I love to send special stuff to special people weekly.
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