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Inspiring solidarity and trust within our own team has been on my mind a bit recently. I tried to put my finger on what exactly it accomplished more than just gezelligheid, then I read:

"What's the connection between employee trust and financial performance?"

According to Stephen M. R. Covey & Douglas R. Conant, trust is "not a nice-to-have; it’s a must-have. Without it, every part of your organization can fall, literally, into disrepair." They go as far as to say all leaders should consider their trust-building competency as the central focus of their leadership work.

Here are the three keys to activating the virtuous circle of continuously improved performance and confidence:

  • Declaring intent. Declaring intent reduces resistance while enhancing commitment. Takeaway: always convey your fundamental motive or agenda — why we’re doing what we’re doing?
  • Demonstrating respect. It’s not enough to say you respect people’s feedback or contributions. You’ve got to show it. Repeatedly. Takeaway: make a tangible commitment to recognize efforts
  • Delivering results. Deliver the results you declare — consistently and confidently. Takeaway: delivering results in a way that builds trust is more than just accomplishing tasks—it’s doing the right thing, in the right way, for the right reasons, in the way that you said you would.

As always, thanks for reading!


"It’s short in length, but big in ouch. Averaging 10%, with a few ramps at 20%"
@Aggregate100 – Tom & James’s debrief, Part 1

@Aggregate100 – Tom & James’s debrief, Part 1

"The UK’s first gravel enduro took place this past weekend. The Kinesis Bikes UK Aggregate 100 plotted a course (straight outta?) Cropton, tucked in the North York Moors. Taking in back lanes, gravel tracks across moors full of flowering heather, forest roads and a smattering of boggy death march, the race had it all."

On Kickstarter: Vel-Oh - Bags inspired by cycling

On Kickstarter: Vel-Oh - Bags inspired by cycling

One of our favorite projects here at Twotone is supporting the Vienna Bike Show with social media and web content support. Vel-Oh is new exhbitor at the show this year. Their new collection of multi purpose bags is inspired by cycling and handmade for the style conscious commuter. Support them on Kickstarter.

European bicycle market report: Key trends, production source movement and call for reshoring

The Confederation of the European Bicycle Industry (CONEBI) has published a 82-page insight into the fortunes of a number of European markets this week.

In other news: My agenda is beginning to fill for Eurobike in a few weeks. If you'll be there, let's catch up! Confirm when works best here: twotoneams.link/eurobike


Jorge Soto interviewed me about @TechBikers!

Jorge Soto interviewed me about @TechBikers!

Join The Proactivists For a Social Good Summer  in Amsterdam

The Social Good Summer is a 60-day pan-European challenge designed to attract, support, and showcase social initiatives that address the targets of the Sustainable Development Goals. Support them on Thunderclap! Learn more: theproactivists.com To know more about the 17 Global Goals: globalgoals.org

Amsterdam - Startup in ResidenceAmsterdam

Amsterdam - Startup in ResidenceAmsterdam

Startup in Residence is an innovative collaboration between the City of Amsterdam and startups. The programme invites Dutch and international startups to devise innovative solutions to social issues. Applications are open until September 19th. To find out more, come to our information meetup on August 25th.

Nerderlands 15-21, August AMSTERDAM

Nerderlands 15-21, August AMSTERDAM

Get ready for Nerderlands. A new festival for the international tech scene, from 15-21 August in Amsterdam. Combining nerdiness and leisure, Nerderlands is the perfect getaway for engineers, developers, and designers. Why choose between your passion and your pleasure when you can have both?


How do you feel about your current B2B sales results?
We're conducting a B2B Sales Survey

We're conducting a B2B Sales Survey

How is your sales doing? Let us know. We'll share results with everyone.

Soon you will know if you are doing great or if you could do better! Take the survey here.

Things to remember when you're writing under pressure

Things to remember when you're writing under pressure

In this newsletter, unlock four secrets to power writing, stealing is okay, talking is lying & the curse of knowledge

From side-project to millions of emails — Revue

From side-project to millions of emails — Revue

"We managed to keep growing the platform and we’re now at 15,000 registered users, collectively sending roughly 2mio emails per month."

Learn more about the tool I use to make this newsletter!


The curves of Marienplatz station in Munich, Germany
The Metro Project

The Metro Project

"My objective is to show people that beautiful architecture, art, and design is accessible and present in all spaces," Forsyth told Curbed in an email. "As well, I hope to encourage others to photograph and share how they see the overlooked spaces around them."

- Montreal-based lensman Chris M. Forsyth focuses on the dramatic, colorful, and downright compelling transit stations of Stockholm, Berlin, and Munich.

Here's to being a part of a virtuous circle this week!

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Jon Woodroof
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