🎉ONE YEAR ANNIVERSAY!🎉 Nº50– Cycling, Startups & Sales✌🏻️


One year ago I started shipping weekly newsletters. I was inspired to do so by my friend Joachim Baan and local startup hero Nalden.

Back then, I was also writing about The Importance of Being Dropped and 6 months into working for myself again for the first time since 2009.

Now a year older & wiser I really see the return in spending time each week to share experiences, ideas and interesting content. Proud to say we're now featured on Revue's explore page: getrevue.co/explore

We're now up to nearly 1k subscribers!  Please help us celebrate by tweeting this or hitting the FB share at the bottom! : )

Now more than ever, thank you for reading!


This isn’t the first Breaking Away replica. BUT ITS DAMN NICE.

BREAKING AWAY with Masi Campagnolo Record | FYXO

Breaking Away is for bikes what MAD MAX is for cars. Or maybe Vanishing Point, Cannonball Run, Smokey and Bandit, Dukes of Hazzard, or The Fall Guy. Andy shoots bikes like no one else!



We're exploring how to bring @techbikers to AMS & raise € for @RoomToRead Interested? Fill out this 1 min survey: twotoneams.link/techbikers-ams-survey

A Bicycle Camper Out of Campaign Signs

A Bicycle Camper Out of Campaign Signs

Paul Elkins is tinkerer/inventor who has built a number of micro-campers, peddle-powered vehicles, boats, and more.

This bike trailer micro-camper/micro-home made almost entirely of plastic campaign signs and zip-ties. So good!

Related: how to: not starve while bikepacking.


"30+ interview later we discovered the best about the human spirit."

#StartupsUnedited Season One Trailer |  #TheRealSiliconValley

9 months ago, Jorge Soto was in town for Sales Hacker Amsterdam. He interviewed me before he headed back to SF.

Now, he and Tomás De Matteis set out to verify what it's like to be a startup founder in Silicon Valley in 2016. Check out the trailer for what they found 30+ interviews later.

Daniel Döbner || Mixed Visuals

Daniel Döbner || Mixed Visuals

Does your team need help with Visuals, storyboards, product sketches, character design or animation. Reach out to my friend Daniel Döbner.

If You’re Not Helping Employees Learn, You’re Not Doing Your Job

If You’re Not Helping Employees Learn, You’re Not Doing Your Job

"For starters, workplace learnability is far less structured and formulaic than college learnability, and employees must juggle the tension between the demand for the short-term efficiencies of productivity with the long-term quest for intellectual growth." A topic this week in the office. A task I'm taking seriously for our team.


"A crucial part of being more attentive is to know when to ask questions."
Not Good at Sales? Here Are 5 Easy Ways to Get More Clients.

Not Good at Sales? Here Are 5 Easy Ways to Get More Clients.

ignore the super weird video. the list is actually really good. My favorite? #1. Practice being more enthusiastic. #staystoked

#SalesforStartups Crash Course from Thrive.Email

#SalesforStartups Crash Course from Thrive.Email

On Thursday, August 4, Vincent from Thrive is doing a course here in Amsterdam aimed at companies that are still developing their process. If extensive template sequences & marketing automation tools are not yet in your toolbox, start here.

Sellscope | data-qualified B2B leads

Sellscope | data-qualified B2B leads

We'll be using Sellscope's artificial intelligence to find highly-qualified prospects for clients' outbound B2B-sales teams. Interested to learn more? Email sales at twotoneams do nl


Amsterdam's answer to Pókemon Go doesn't require a phone and is fun to play on your commute.

Parts of the world are going crazy trying to catch Pokémon through their phone with augmented reality game Pokémon Go. But that doesn’t mean you need to run around town staring at your phone chasing digital creatures to see some much-needed magic in the world.

Daniel Disselkoen, a digital artist with Rotterdam-based creative agency Headmade, used Gemeentelijk Vervoers Bedrijf (GVB), the municipal transportation company of Amsterdam, to bring a low-tech, analog augmented reality game to commuters on their way to work called GVBeestje

Here's to new routines & keeping 'em going this week!

Written by
Jon Woodroof
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