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Stowe Boyd recently linked back to some of his 2013 writing on social capital in his newsletter.

I really dig it. Boyd cites sociologist Ronald Burt & Burt's 2004 book Structural Holes, The Social Structure of Competition (Harvard University Press, 1992):

Social capital exists where people have an advantage because of their location in a social structure.

Personally & professionally, I'm constantly striving to fill structural holes between social networks. I take great pride in connecting otherwise disconnected subnetworks. Its kinda what Twotone is all about.

The distinction between different sorts of information brokering in the context of Burt's definition of structural social capital is quite useful when considering where you can position yourself:

  • Awareness — to make people on different sides of the structural hole aware of “interests and difficulties” of those on the other side
  • Transferring best practice — to become familiar enough with innovative practices in one group to help them become established in another group
  • Drawing analogies — to reflect on the practices in one group and to infer through analogy how those practices might be adapted in a second group
  • Synthesis — to reflect on activities in practices of disparate groups and to meld together ideas, coming up with an innovative combination

Boyd's takeaway? There is a practical advantage to being at the edge of these structural holes: It confers social capital. This led him to the observation:

In a connected world, the most important choice is who to follow.

In closing, I'll re-echo Boyd's favorite a one-liner of Burt’s:

Seek to be worth knowing.

As always thank you for reading (and following!),


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My colleague Renate has been interviewing current & former clients the past 2 weeks. Look out for this emoji next to the updates her interviews revealed: 💠


listnride Crossride

Get lost in the Grunewald with Listnride during the Fahrradschau!




HiFi Components is nearly 5 years old & this year may be the year you can't call em a “start-up” anymore : )

Speaking of HIFI, look out for me rollin' on these soon!

Komoot is hiring a Community Manager in the UK

Komoot is hiring a Community Manager in the UK

This is an amazing opportunity with an amazing company.

They have 6 other positions open too!


Sales & PR

senscommon's all-commute overcoat

senscommon's all-commute overcoat

We helped Laura with the PR on her crowdfunding last year.

Nice see her garments' progress in 2018!

The all-commute overcoat is an urban commuter’s dream - a minimal high-tech, all matte black, ultra light,  yet breathable raincoat that  compromise your dignity.
This coat becomes suit by locking a push button around each leg, protecting the wearer from head to below the knees. When unlocked, the all-commute overcoat inspires a distinctly minimal, unisex casual-street silhouette of high-end utility wear.

Follow senscommon on insta!


🔦 Blinkers' in stock across Europe 🔦

🔦 Blinkers' in stock across Europe 🔦

We helped Blinkers reach retailers & distributors last year. Very proud to see they're on the shelves in over 40 bike shops partners throughout Europe now!


Momice is Hiring: Account Manager

Momice is Hiring: Account Manager

Rutger and the team at Momice leaned on us last year to step up their outbound.

Now's your chance to join an awesome team in Amsterdam!

Already work in events?

Follow their blog!



Simon Sinek - Intensity vs Consistency

Simon Sinek - Intensity vs Consistency

👀 3min watch. Good for a giggle & consideration too!

Design Sprints by Etch

Design Sprints by Etch

My bud Ross works at Etch. They help with businesses & teach best practices through workshops and training.

stage captain at your service
25% off Zero-in Conference in Amsterdam

25% off Zero-in Conference in Amsterdam

See you Zero-in Conf on April 19th?

Use 'WOODROOF25' for 25% off!


far ride issue 8 is great!

Very proud to have been a part of the far ride story early on. Sogon, KD & Brad are doing some big things this year!

Pick up your own copy right here.


far ride goes big!

Here's to growing to be worth knowing this week!

Written by
Jon Woodroof
♥️ @Kristyspark✨, Otto, Mira, Errol, Simone, Brayden & Rowan 💡 living the dream @Workspacesix & @Twotoneams 💌 I love to send special stuff to special people weekly.
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