Nº9 – Cycling, Startups & Sales


This past week went quick! It kicked of with a @SaleshackerAMS workshop with Tobias & Jorge at Rockstart & quickly flew by with the launch of Wahoo's ELEMNT during Interbike. This week I'm doing two workshops at Uprise then heading to Birmingham (26th,27th), Bristol (28th,29th) & Berlin (29th,30th). If you'll be at one of those spots, let's ride! Here is what was on my radar this week:


10 years MASH SF // Berlin Premiere at Keirin Berlin Sept. 29

I'm excited to be in Berlin for the the MASH premiere next week. Back in December 2007, I helped premiere their first film with my old shop & we threw a an alleycat. It is amazing to see what MASH has done in 10 years & to feel, like so many do, like a part of it.

See you at the Cycle Show 2015 in Birmingham?

See you at the Cycle Show 2015 in Birmingham?

I'm attending the UK's #1 cycling show at the NEC Birmingham on the 26 & 27th. I'm looking to meet brands for Ignition & media for Zwift. If you'd like to catch up, click & pick a time here. I'll have my bike too! Let's ride! 🚴

This Cycling App Auto-Spray-Paints Potholes So Cities Know Where Repairs Are Needed

This Cycling App Auto-Spray-Paints Potholes So Cities Know Where Repairs Are Needed

Florian Born isn't the type of person who likes complaining. So he started bumping into potholes around Berlin, he wasn't going to call up the city to tell it where to send the repair truck.


I'm speaking at Hackers&Founders in Amsterdam on Oct. 1

I'll be sharing my story of surviving and thriving in the Amsterdam startup scene along with some sales hacking tips to help attendees' companies. I would love to see everyone there!

"The time of doing whatever is over. There is too much whatever.“

"The time of doing whatever is over. There is too much whatever.“

Joachim Baan inspired me to start this newsletter & his issues still set the bar. He is the creative partner behind Tenue de Nîmes and the Red Wing Shoes store here Amsterdam. He is also the driving force behind the online publication Another Something & Co and a local inspiration for me. Keep it up Joachim!

Bike shop shuts down as owner shifts to startup

Bike shop shuts down as owner shifts to startup

Scott Taylor is closing his Salvagetti bike shop after 11 years to work on a software suite developed to help retailers streamline business and sales.


Hire An Artist As Your Next  Business Consultant

When I read that more companies are turning to artists when they need fresh perspectives, I couldn't help but chuckle. I was always the weird guy in all my business classes. ; ) Look at me now. More artistic than ever & working as a business consultant. Some of the tips from the article that all sales people could benefit from:

  • Work with the unexpected and experiment
  • Take risks
  • Deal with critique
  • Develop a practice of creativity
  • Shape a mindset of tolerance for imperfection
  • Develop a space to create in (physical, mental, time)

In the Age of Loneliness, Connections at Work Matter

Cheesy at first glance but real shit here. As a freelancer & even at companies at which I've been employed, it is easy to let this creep up on you. You might think that technological connectivity has or will soon save us from the blight of loneliness. But it seems that we feel more isolated today than ever. I think the advice in this article applies for sales people to leads as much as members within teams. I especially love the walking meeting. (Maybe the cycling meeting even more ; ))

5 Things to Know Before Becoming a VP of Sales in a Startup

Seems like a lofty role to me from where I type now but coming from an early hire at Linkedin, it is interesting to read. Spoiler alert: it really comes down to how fired up to sell the product you are. You can't fake this. You have to be all in. 100%. Or you're gonna fail.


Why did you choose Amsterdam to begin with?

"When it comes down to it, this is the best place for my work. There are a lot of advertising agencies here, brands, events. It’s easy to tap into the creative community. It’s a great place for art."

– Mick Johan, designer of the skatepark shown above, interviewed for Freunde von Freunde by Shoko Wagner. (Photo by my wife Stacey of my son Otto & me shredding)

I've had a lot of fun at this park with my kids and when I stumbled upon Mick's interview & learned the story behind it, I was stoked. Then when I read some recent writing by the author, Shoko Wagner, I was even more stoked. This may be my new mantra too: "Adventure may hurt, but monotony will kill you" Doesn't get radder than that!

Here's to choosin' adventure over monotony this week!

Written by
Jon Woodroof
♥️ @Kristyspark✨, Otto, Mira, Errol, Simone, Brayden & Rowan 💡 living the dream @Workspacesix & @Twotoneams 💌 I love to send special stuff to special people weekly.
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