Nº73 🕴️ Inhumanly Efficient 🕴️

Time management gurus rarely stop to ask whether the task of merely staying afloat in the modern economy – holding down a job, paying the mortgage, being a good-enough parent – really ought to require rendering ourselves inhumanly efficient in the first place.

After last week's productivity focused issue, a friend of mine (hi Jambi!) shared a recent read on how time management is ruining our lives. (Jambi also inspired Nº55's Maker's Schedule, Manager's Schedule theme.)

It reminded me that the "ethos of efficiency and productivity risks prioritising the health of the economy over the happiness of humans". That's not cool. If you're so busy trying to be über efficient, you might overlook what really matters. If you're not happy, then what's the point?

Personal productivity presents itself as an antidote to busyness when it might better be understood as yet another form of busyness.

The article is a long read but I recommend you carve out some time to soak it in. Besides, one notebook could replace all the productivity apps that have failed you. ; )

As always, thanks for reading!

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“I want our bikes to be passed down through generations” - Donny Donhou
Donhou Bicycles & Why Bikes Should be for Life

Donhou Bicycles & Why Bikes Should be for Life

“Everyone’s used to everything being so quick and accessible”, Donny explains, “I want our bikes to be passed down through generations”.

Donhou frames aren't just for wealthy cyclists with a penchant for personalised products, they are for riders who want something that is so right for them, and so well loved, that it will never become out of date or out of fashion. Word.

Next Up for Amsterdam's Bike Mayor: Manhattan - CityLab

Next Up for Amsterdam's Bike Mayor: Manhattan - CityLab

Last year, we had the opportunity to work with CycleSpace as they announced the election of Amsterdam's first Bicycle Mayor, Anna Luten. A bridge between cyclists and city hall, Amsterdam’s chief bike advocate plans to take her talents abroad in 2017.

It's Rude To Stare interviews Johnny of people's poncho

It's Rude To Stare  interviews Johnny of people's poncho

It's Rude to Stare chatted with our client Johnny Ratcliffe of the people's poncho on his inspirations, aspirations and thoughts on fashion for cyclists.


Own Part of a Bicycle Beer Company

Own Part of a Bicycle Beer Company

Dutch cyclists Daan van Well and Martijn Snelder wanted to create the perfect beer to drink after a hard bike ride with friends. The result? à BLOC Bicycle Beer. It’s a refreshing, full flavored, and easy to drink unfiltered blond beer with added Alpine Minerals to aid in your recovery. Now, you have to chance to own part of this cycling-focused beer company. – Amy Jurries, thegearcaster.com

Its been a wild few weeks working with the team at à BLOC. Currently, we're ramping up for their launch in Australia next week at the Tour Down Under with cool events like the Car Park Climb with CyclingTips.

In February, à BLOC is teaming up with Fara Cycling from Norway for a campaign supporter raffle at the at London Bike Show. We have several other invite only events at the show. Reply if you're keen.

Recent mentions in international press last week:

Learn more about the campaign here: abloc.beer/were-crowdfunding

[Media Info & Images here]

Digital Sense

Digital Sense

I met Travis Wright, one of the co-authors of this book, when I spoke in Moldova last year. He just published a book! Digital Sense provides two pragmatic frameworks for implementing and customizing a new marketing operating system at any size organization, with step-by-step roadmaps for optimizing your customer experience to gain a competitive advantage. Read the first 40 pages for free.

The Angel VC: SaaS Funding Napkin

The Angel VC: SaaS Funding Napkin

"The ability to gather large amounts of data from the entire user base, and use that data along with AI/ML to make your software smarter, is one of the big themes at the moment."


Don’t second-guess what to send. Stick with what’s been proven to work
Email Outreach Playbook - Sujan Patel

Email Outreach Playbook - Sujan Patel

Email is a priceless cold sales tool. It’s less intrusive, more efficient, and, according to data from MarketingSherpa, more effective than a phone call.

How AI is Taking the Guesswork Out of Sales Call Effectiveness

How AI is Taking the Guesswork Out of Sales Call Effectiveness

They analyzed 25,537 B2B sales conversations from 17 customer organizations

A 2017 Roadmap for Successful Sales Teams

A 2017 Roadmap for Successful Sales Teams

People usually struggle to learn while they’re winning, and this could be the most valuable challenge to tackle as the new year begins.


Svertigotempot  is the world's longest brevet: 2100 kilometers in less than seven days traveling the length of Sweden.

Ertzui followed Erik Nohlin, Rita Jett and Kristian Hallberg on their physical and mental journey last year and made a film. It is premiering in LA next week.

If you can't make it and are waiting for the film to screen in a city near you, check out these Radavist posts about the trip here:

Here's to forsaking some productivity for happiness this week!

Written by
Jon Woodroof
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