Nº72 🏋 Do More in 2017 🏋


I've never been one for New Year resolutions.

I have, however, always been one for constantly iterating on approaches to getting more done each day. That's why David Hieatt's article below in the Startups section caught my eye.

Some of the highlights:

  • Avoid easy deadlines. Deadlines serve you best when they are short, hard and, at first glance, impossible. Urgency gets things done.
  • Follow through. On the big things. On the small things. Create a habit of always following through. As habits go, it’s a good one to have.
  • Sprint. Rest. Sprint. Rest. Human’s get more done in bursts followed by rest. Getting things done isn’t about who does the longest hours, but who does the smartest hours.

Perhaps David's most appropriate aphorism as 2017 gets underway?

Keep your energy for pushing forward. The past is done. Things out of your control cannot be changed. Energy spent being angry, jealous, or cynical is negative energy. Stay positive.

As you push into the new year, consider planning for 2018 too! ; )

As always, thanks for reading!


Follow à BLOC (@aBLOCBikeBeer)

Follow à BLOC (@aBLOCBikeBeer)

Follow our client à BLOC Bicycle Beer (@aBLOCBikeBeer) on twitter for some big news later this week!
They make a craft 🍺  for cyclists that is an unfiltered blonde, rich in proteins, vitamin B and alpine minerals.

Cycling's biggest surprises of 2016

Cycling's biggest surprises of 2016

From Mat Hayman at Roubaix to Amalie Dideriksen's rainbow jersey, Rouleur looks at the most unexpected performances from the 2016 professional cycling season.

A Season in Sobriety, 2016 year review

A Season in Sobriety, 2016 year review

In Thomas Dekker’s new book, Mijn Gevecht, or My Fight, there is a line that I would translate as, “if the truth doesn’t come out then the sewage will never come out and the sport will stay the same.”


Do Lectures Wales. Photo by Jim Marsden.

23 reminders on how to do more in 2017.

I've reference to ideas from David Hieatt, Co-founder of Hiut Denim Co and The Do Lectures before. This is a manifest of a doer. I'm into it.

Turns out, he's into newsletters too!

80 hours now, 40 hours later?

80 hours now, 40 hours later?

When Jason Fried talks about 40 hours being plenty of time to get great work done, He often gets pushback from people starting new businesses...


There are 168 hours each week. Issue 52 dove into how to find more time each week.

The 10 Best Apps Of 2016

The 10 Best Apps Of 2016

FastCo's favorite brand-new apps of the year.

Revue made the list!


📷:: Jihane Biotteau Global Talent Acquisition Manager at Double Dutch
Jan 26th, 2017's 1st #saleshackerams

Jan 26th, 2017's 1st #saleshackerams

Speakers are already confirmed! See you there!

These Sales Tips Will Help You Exceed Your Goals in 2017

These Sales Tips Will Help You Exceed Your Goals in 2017

Heather Morgan gathered 12 of her most valuable sales lessons and tips from more than 50 different articles she wrote.

Best Sales Hacker Blog Entries of 2016

Best Sales Hacker Blog Entries of 2016

Ten of Sales Hacker's best blog entries from 2016.


Niki Terpstra, Tim Krabbé & Paul Santen | Photo by Keir Plaice
Monster Jam'n around the IJsselmeer

Monster Jam'n around the IJsselmeer

Thursday I joined The Windjammers for my 3rd Rondje IJsselmeer. The IJsselmeer is the largest lake in Western Europe and getting around it is ~280km (~175 miles).

This ride was also Tim Krabbé's last big ride with the group & featured special guest Niki Terpstra! If you don't know them, Tim, now 73 years old, is a legendary Dutch writer, renowned chess player and accomplished cyclist. If you haven't read, De Renner (The Rider)... You should.  The Guardian's Matt Seaton wrote:

"Nothing better is ever likely to be written on the subjective experience of cycle-racing"

And Niki is a local pro racing for Quickstep. He has over a decade of success on the bike including recent highlights like winning Paris–Roubaix in 2014,  the 2015 Dutch National Road Race Championships & 9th at last year's 2016 UCI Road World Championships.

In addition to these two legends, we had a solid peloton of about 18 people. We kept a 30km/h average throughout the 9.5 hours we spent in the saddle ending the day to eat pasta together and celebrate Tim's last bit Windjammer ride. He's not slowing down. You'll still see him out on Thursday and Saturdays with the group! What a rad day on the bike and wonderful way to put a dent in my Festive 500 effort this year!

Near Lelystad and a rare moment that @nikiterpstra wasn't on the front.

Here's to doing more this year!

Written by
Jon Woodroof
♥️ @Kristyspark✨, Otto, Mira, Errol, Simone, Brayden & Rowan 💡 living the dream @Workspacesix & @Twotoneams 💌 I love to send special stuff to special people weekly.
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