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Relax, you have 168 hours this week.

ok, maybe not this week but every week does have 168 hours.

  • wait, actually zap 49 just for sleep. (Don’t try to cheat on this)
  • ok, so 119 hours
  • but you’re an ambitious professional so subtract 56 for work. (8hrs/day @ 7days/wk)
  • your weekends are off-limits? Ok, 11+ hours a day on weekdays only. FYI: productivity craters after 6 hours a day. If you work more than 56 hours a week, you may need to examine your time use. ; )
  • Ok, but let's assume 56 then & you still have 63 hours.
  • take out two more chunks of non-fun activity – 7 hours per week of commuting, and 13 hours per week of errands and routine housework – and you’re down to 43 hours.
  • This is the amount of time you have for family and other aspects of life: childcare, cooking, and other responsibilities on the home front
  • Let’s put you down for 20 hours of that.

Guess what: that leaves you with a full 23 hours.

  • You’ve been saying you don’t have time for exercise, but it seems you do (and exercise makes you more effective the rest of your week at work and at home). Let’s devote 3 hours to that
  • Still give you 20 hours of free time to do whatever else makes you happy and healthy. Maybe that means doing nothing.

It’s surprising, isn’t it? With a little prioritizing and planning, work and life aren’t so impossible to balance. So here’s the real question:  Why are we always so stretched? Why doesn’t 168 hours actually feel like enough time?

time sucks: social media, TV, gaming etc.

time confetti: 1hr of play with your kids >distracted 15min interactions

and technology: unplugging actually leads to higher productivity. (for me that means bike rides!)

p.s. thanks FB 'memories' of me posting this article 2 years ago! ; )

As always, thanks for reading!


No cars and a lot of gravel.


“it’s not a race but it’s a race pace”

Dalsland Runt is an independent three-day-event, originally hosted by Vänersborgs racer club and located in the middle of the Swedish woods.  

Words by Lea Rovinski @kidister

Photos by Johan Björklund @dvnder

Read the report at farridemag.com/journal

Tag your own Far Ride with #farridefriday

Instagram Symposium - Yonder Journal

Instagram Symposium - Yonder Journal

Do you ever wonder: “What does it take to become the world’s most beloved, respected, seductive, charismatic, and sought-after __________ on Instagram?” Of course you do, who hasn’t?

Podia: from cycling blog to apparel brand

Podia: from cycling blog to apparel brand

Podia began as a humble blog in 2014 when Max Burgess moved with his wife, Magda, to her hometown of Kraków in Poland. Max previously worked in the television industry in London for over 10 years. After making a attempted career switch to architecture, Max constantly found himself returning to the bike for answers. Eventually realising the bike was the answer.


"continuously communicate your vision, for your own sanity and for your team’s"

First-Time Tech Founder On Starting a Company: ‘You Will Feel Incompetent’

Feeling this! "Your customer is the only person that can help you overcome your fear of failure. Talk to them constantly, listen when they tell you who they are and what’s hurting them. Be patient with yourself, and build the thing they need. Success is an inevitability if you’re willing to do this for a long enough period of time.”

If You’re Not Outside Your Comfort Zone, You Won’t Learn Anything

If You’re Not Outside Your Comfort Zone, You Won’t Learn Anything

"But the problem, of course, is that these tasks aren’t just unpleasant; they’re also necessary. As we grow and learn in our jobs and in our careers, we’re constantly faced with situations where we need to adapt our behavior."

Soigneur – Internship Allround Media Design

Soigneur Magazine is looking for an intern that can support them with the development of digital components for campaigns, identities and publications of our publishing and agency branches.


Treating people the right way is a basic social skill that is often underrated

Authority is ignorance. Freedom is success.

"They do not hire people. They build teams of players embracing similar visions, life philosophies and goals." Nice one Martijn!

Sales Development Rep @ Patient Journey App

Sales Development Rep @ Patient Journey App

I made it over to Amsterdam's newest startup coworking hotspot TQ today & met the team at Patient Journey App. Their service allows health care professionals to inform their patients with the right information at the right time. They're hiring!

Googler turned CEO asks employees to email idols

Googler turned CEO asks employees to email idols

"If you have someone in your field who inspires you to learn and understand how they got to where they are today," Wessel says, "it helps you create that mountaintop of your own."


#RideFurther Be #Strongher

It’s a challenge! #RideFurther Be #Strongher

My friend Lian Van Leeuwen has teamed up with strongher.cc for a challenge this month!

The Challenge:

Ride at least 150 km - 300 km (or more!) on one day in the weekend of August 20/21. Choose a distance, ride it, and tag your ride #RideFurther Be #Strongher. With whom you ride (guys or girls), where you ride and how far you want to push your limits is up to you!

Date: August 20 or August 21, 2016

Location: Anywhere!

Distance: 150 / 200 / 300 km (or anything above/in between - but with a minimum of 150 km: it's called #RideFurther for a reason ;-)

Prep: "For anyone who has questions on what to bring, what to eat or how to prepare: I definitely don't have all the answers but I most likely will know someone who does! So bring it on: saltlake.lian at gmail dot com"

Here's to finding the time to #ridefurther this week!

Written by
Jon Woodroof
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