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more rest = more best.

I wrote about how being tired isn't a badge of honor back in issue 39 but just read that taking even 20 minutes of shut-eye is comparable to “literally plugging in your phone battery,

30 mins of downtime and you gain improved learning and memory. I don't do this enough and nearly 3 months later, I need to remind myself. ; )

Speaking of unplugging to recharge: resilience Is about how you recharge, not how you endure. Did you know that there are four types of rest?

Well, here is a motivation toolkit to get rid of the unnecessary obligations, time-wasting distractions, and useless burdens so you can get more rest!

As always, thanks for reading!


the more human and humorous moments vs. traditional sports photography

Emiliano Granado’s new zine puts a fresh spin on TdF fandom

“I wanted to capture the spectacle of the Tour de France. I'm only minimally interested in the race results – the real attraction is much more anthropological.”

Believing the Tour de France is “a window into humanity,” Emiliano captures a range of scenes within the series providing a wonderful interpretation of the month-long race. Buy the zine here.


speaking of setting trends & thinking outside of the box at Le Tour, congrats Soigneur on all the success!

New Bike Day: Amsterdam Style

New Bike Day: Amsterdam Style

Eloise from Vulpine came over to Holland to pick up her new whip from Amsterdam start-up My Wild Love at Meesterknecht.

My Wild Love is exactly what she was looking for.

  • New old stock
  • Columbus SLX steel frame
  • Built for a pro team in the 80s by San Marco
  • Realigned, respaced and reconditioned,
  • given modern components and an incredible new look.

Read about her experience here.

ZWATT – Open Source Power Meters for Cycling

ZWATT – Open Source Power Meters for Cycling

We're working with SENSITIVUS gauge, based in Copenhagen on their Team ZWATT project. Do you want a bike power meter? They want testers: sensitivus.com/zwatt

Secret tip: follow them for a big announcement Monday!

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Follow the acquisitions, CEO switches and strategy changes

Yahoo 1996 - 2016

Yahoo, once valued at over $125 billion, became an iconic brand that ruled the Internet in its early days.

It is also a cautionary tale about waiting too long to sell. The company turned down a $45 billion Microsoft offer, then sold its operational business for a mere $4.8 billion.

Counterpoint: Yahoo shareholders actually got a pretty good deal. Marissa Mayer couldn’t turn around a dying business, but in the end it was worth far more than zero.

#earlytobedearlytoshred and The Ethos to Turn Your Passion into Your Job - The Student Generation

#earlytobedearlytoshred and The Ethos to Turn Your Passion into Your Job - The Student Generation

Anyone that knows me, thinks of how far I often go on the bike and closely associate cycling with my work. Sure my legs have gotten me places but my network has gotten me further.

Read the whole article here.

Jooki - The Jukebox for Kids by MuuseLabs —Kickstarter

Jooki - The Jukebox for Kids by MuuseLabs —Kickstarter

Our client MuuseLabs is raising funds for Jooki - The Jukebox for Kids on Kickstarter! A playful figurine based music player that anyone can use, anywhere, anytime. Read more about it on Digital Trends.


in business, perception is reality

How a Lack of Emotional Intelligence Kills Your Personal Brand

Do you have the ability to understand emotions and use them to your advantage to ensure your brand represents the real you?

8 things that will increase your cold email response rates

This sentence DOESN’T help someone kick ass: “Our app uses WizzBang technology that integrates with your marketing automation platform.”

This sentence DOES help someone kick ass: “John, I noticed that your website isn’t mobile optimized which might reduce the number of people that can opt into your list. Our app can take care. Is this of interest to you?”

B2B SaaS: Evolving from founder selling to a sales team

B2B SaaS: Evolving from founder selling to a sales team

Deals in initial the years of a startup can rely heavily on the founder's personal brand and ability to close new business.

April Dunford, the CEO of Sprintly and a veteran of 6 startups, breaks the best practices in scaling from founder selling to a sales team really well here.

Bonus – when you do hire them, onboard them right!


99% of offices have no fresh food on-site

Taking A Bite Out Of The Food Industry

Last year alone, food tech startups raised $5.7 billion in 275 deals.

My friend Jeremy recently joined the team at bytefoods.co

Byte is reinventing the way employees eat at the office by offering simple, deliciously healthy and always-available fresh meals, snacks and drinks on site.

I think helping your company eat well is very rad! Congrats on the new gig Jeremy!

Here's to getting the rest you need to stay focused this week!

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Jon Woodroof
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