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Ryan Aventis The Economist's senior economics editor and Free Exchange columnist asks Why do We Work so Hard? suggesting our jobs have become prisons from which we don’t want to escape. Its a long read but I can certainly relate:

  • "Our social networks are made up not just of neighbours and friends, but also of clients and colleagues. This interlaced world of work and social life enriches us, exposing us to people who do fascinating things, keeping us informed of professional gossip and providing those who have good ideas with the connections to help turn them into reality. It also traps us..."

Ok, BUSTED. ; ) However, if mixing professional & personal networks traps you then having kids certainly does too right?

  • "your social circle often widens when you have children, whether through antenatal courses, NCT groups or meeting other parents at playgroups."

Props to James at the Phuse for catching this Guardian article suggesting parents may find that their ambitions crystallise once they have children. Their point is being an entrepreneur and a parent is good for business.

So, other words, I joined facebook solely to post photos of my son in 2010 but just used it to invite friends to like my company's page today 6 years later. That makes sense to most of you but how about me now thinking to escape the overwork trap Ryan from the Economist describes that Andrew Wilkinson's concept of lazy leadership is a good idea?

It isn’t really about being lazy. It’s about spending time on what matters and what you’re good at, then leaving everything else to your team. : )

As always, thanks for reading!


"The heat is a mountain" - Thibaut Pinot


Since its inception Le Tour has been a race of extremes, shaped and designed to sell newspapers to an eager public. Extreme distances, extreme climbs and extreme weather.

ˈaɡrɪɡət/ 1. a whole formed by combining several separate elements. The #AGG100

ˈaɡrɪɡət/ 1. a whole formed by combining several separate elements. The #AGG100

What is it? The Aggregate 100 is the first Gravel Enduro on UK soil on August 6th and 7th 2016. I'm planning on attending! Thanks for the invitation Emma! Follow them on twitter.

Standert Bicycles Pop Up Week!

Standert Bicycles Pop Up Week!

Complete bikes ready to go, daily Tour de France screenings and special events... 15th-21st of July /// 12-8pm Gitschiner Straße 20 10969 Berlin. More info on the best place to be in Berlin this week here.


as a startup founder, this was a dream scenario

Your Startup's 1st 1000 Decisions Don't Matter (But These 2 Do)

Brian Scordato's Tinder forerunner got bogged down in choices before it even launched, when we really had just two big decisions to make...

Honeypot - The Developer-Focused Job Platform

Honeypot - The Developer-Focused Job Platform

Honeypot is a Developer-Focused Job Platform. Companies apply to you with salary and tech stack upfront. They're hiring in Amsterdam & Berlin.

How to Grow From Freelancing to Founding Your Own Agency

How to Grow From Freelancing to Founding Your Own Agency

Shopify spoke with several web developers and designers on why and they made the move to found their own agency, and how they did it. Shout out to subscriber @matthewkendall & his company @retrofuzz for being featured!


more stakeholders might mean a company is serious about making an investment

5 Clear Conversational Patterns That Scream 'Hot Sales Opportunity'

Here are the indicators that you're headed toward a win.

It pays to listen ; )

Growth Tribe is hiring for a sales position!

Growth Tribe is hiring for a sales position!

Do you sell growth hacking workshops in the Netherlands and across Europe for startups, freelancers and corporates?

They're hiring!

How to create fast, impressive proposals that sell

How to create fast, impressive proposals that sell

Many proposals are too verbose. Make the proposal proportional to the brief you receive. In my experience, a one page proposal is more than enough.


Guy is sporting the 😎

DJ'ing at Feel Festival 2016

Super rad that resident PR pro & in house DJ Guy van Koolwijk aka Josh Dupree was in Berlin spinning at Feel Festival over the weekend!

Follow him on Soundcloud!

Music: Weval - Easier / Niconé & ABBY - Still Young

Here's to teamwork making the dream work this week!

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