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Rolling resistance, sometimes called rolling friction or rolling drag, is the force resisting the motion when a body (such as a tire) rolls on a surface. The primary cause of pneumatic tire rolling resistance is hysteresis. Hysteresis is the time-based dependence of a system's output on present and past inputs. It has been identified in many other fields, even including economics and biology.

I got to thinking about rolling resistance and hysteresis recently thanks to both the recent Silca Journal entries on the subject but also recent cycling trips I'd been on. The trips had some tough terrain but ultimately make my life easier. Friends, family and even clients see the (bike) time on the road and think it may negatively impact professional output. But they're wrong.

"every time we lowered pressure, he went faster" - Josh Poetner

In Silca's blog posts, Josh introduces Impedance as a form of resistance caused directly by surface roughness. "Imagine trying to start from a stop on cobbles, trying to ride over wash-board or a cattle grate, or rolling full steam off of nice pavement onto a stretch of gravel and feeling your speed drop while your watts climb." This is the same as leaving an office job to start your own company or consistently kicking off new projects, too much PSI and your eyes will pop out. Finding the right pressure is key.

So seeing through the images of the brutal terrain in the Rapha Prestige Bohemia & Eroica Limburg rides (both at 95psi 700x25), I did over the weekend, there are business relationships, long term friendships and plain old headspace gained on the road. This directly correlates to diminishing hysteresis in my personal and professional life.

“It never gets easier, you just get faster” - Greg LeMond

Props to Josh at Silca for proving exactly what Impedance (hysteresis) can mean for rolling optimally on the road. In an economic context it helped me better understand why taking steps to relieve pressure at work enables me and the whole team to go faster!

As always, thanks for reading!


refined classic style + new products and prototypes coming soon!
@gillesberthoud is on instagram!

@gillesberthoud is on instagram!

Since 1977, quality bicycles, components and accessories made under one roof by a small team of artisans. Like them on FB as well.

RIH Super Course on Cycle EXIF

RIH Super Course on Cycle EXIF

This year the overall winner of the Dutch Fixed Gear Criterium Competition was Cornelius Kersten, having fought off many riders that have competed in the Red Hook Crit events, and he won himself a completely custom frame by RIH.

RIH Sport Amsterdam was established in 1921 and has an impressive history in Dutch cycling, carrying riders to over 350 national titles and 63 Olympic and World Championship titles.

Soigneur - Le Grand Tour: Stage One

Soigneur - Le Grand Tour: Stage One

"467 kilometres — it was a number at first, and then a line traced on a map. From Paris to Lyon, down the Loire valley and across to the Rhone — it was a geography that I only really knew from wine bottles. Places such as Sancerre, Pouilly, and Beaujolais evoked only tastes. In 1903, Maurice Garin won the stage and became the first-ever leader of the Tour. 467 kilometres — it was another era, another sort of racing. I wondered what it was like."

Follow Keir's adventure on Komoot.



Wicked-Problem Solvers

Acknowledge the experiment.

Pointing out that the work ahead is experimental creates an expectation that risk taking, both interpersonal and technical, is essential. When people understand this context, they are more likely to approach their collaborators with open-minded curiosity and feel less concerned about committing social blunders or exposing their ignorance."

So Busy at Work, No Time to Do the Job

So Busy at Work, No Time to Do the Job

As companies preach collaboration among their ranks, a growing share of bosses’ time is spent coordinating, directing traffic and overseeing employees who may or may not report directly to them. Managers say the push for teamwork, innovation and speed has left them little time to do real work.

Rebrandly on the iOS App Store

Rebrandly on the iOS App Store

I agree that Rebrandly is the best way to create and share branded Short links with your custom domain name.

Plus they put out great content this on building your brand identity.


Market Segmentation, Target Audience Research, Customer Analytics

Outbound Lead Generation & Sales Revelation For Startups

Years of work and life of research accumulated in a piece of answering to Quora questions, sharing B2B outbound lead generation strategy for early startups.

2016's 3rd #saleshackerams, Amsterdam's #1 Sales & Business Development Meetup on July 21 at WeWork Weteringschans

2016's 3rd #saleshackerams, Amsterdam's #1 Sales & Business Development Meetup on July 21 at WeWork Weteringschans

Speaker 1: Steffen Walma, Sales Manager at SignRequest.

Speaker 2: Julian Gijsen, Co-founder & CEO at KOLLEKT.FM

Speaker 3:  Niels Peekstok, Business Development Consultant at Twotone Amsterdam.

Wonderflow - Twotone Amsterdam

Wonderflow - Twotone Amsterdam

Wonderflow is an analytics tool that help marketeer listen to their audiences across all platforms and come up with the insights that fill in the gap between the consumer need and the company’s offer. We worked with Wonderflow to scale their sales & increase conversion rates.


#brofondo vibes at #rpbohemia

Rapha Prestige Weekend by davidrobinsonphoto

"Every so often you get to be part of something special. This past weekend was one of those opportunities during the #rpbohemia where we rolled over 190 kilometers of back roads, gravel and trails in the region between Germany and the Czech Republic they call Bohemia. Like the other 20 some teams that started, we were faced with setbacks and challenges, but we persevered. Made some great memories along those paths and took home some very nice beer for the fastest time on the day. Thanks to the Rapha crew for pulling this all together and to everyone who took part." - Ken Bloomer of Crema Cycles

#flattimesatridgemonthigh vibes with @legorcicli at #rpbohemia

Here's to finding the right pressure to go faster this week!

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Jon Woodroof
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