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Yesterday was Father's Day! One of my favorite things to do with my kids is share music with them. Specifically music that made an impact on me.

When I read that Spotify is making us boring because algorithms shape music taste and we're losing human curiosity, I was like, oh shit(!), I recently gave Spotify props for their magical weekly mixtape!

Well, what if algorithms actually made the rhythms? (Shout out to Azeem Azhar's The Exponential View & Tim from Meesterknecht's newsletters for this spin on deep s/work/learning) Deepjazz was created in 36 hours during a hackathon. It uses deep learning, the AI tech that powers Google's AlphaGo and IBM's Watson, to make music -- something that's considered as deeply human. Speaking of deeply human: take a photo, you'll stay stoked longer!

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ready to take on any road (or not-road)
NAHBS - Philosophy — embrocation cycling

NAHBS - Philosophy — embrocation cycling

"It's brand launch 101 these days, find a solid partner to collaborate with, do a sick project together, launch it on social media."

Exercise four hours after learning 'boosts memory' - BBC News

Exercise four hours after learning 'boosts memory' - BBC News

Intensive physical exercise four hours after learning is the key to remembering information learnt, say Dutch researchers.

Build your own fram with Big Forest Frameworks

Build your own fram with Big Forest Frameworks

Rob builds custom bike frames out of Potsdam, Germany, and also offer a frame building course where you can learn how to build your own frame.


strategy should come before tactics
Disruption is not a strategy

Disruption is not a strategy

"I was at a research lab to talk about commercialization. The presenter put up a slide of some exciting new technologies. The slide’s tagline said these technologies would “disrupt the biomedical industry.” My first thought was that disrupting the biomedical industry–“to interrupt by causing a disturbance” or “to drastically alter or destroy the structure of something”–is probably the exact wrong thing to do to an industry that keeps us alive and healthy."

Douglas Rushkoff on How Growth Became the Enemy of Prosperity

Douglas Rushkoff on How Growth Became the Enemy of Prosperity

the “obsolete economic operating system that emphasizes growth” and the abandonment of core values that occur once companies go public and succumb to short-term thinking.

Rushkoff suggests a shift away from the growth pressures of publicly traded markets and platform monopolies — and toward collaborative models that build on the contributions and add to the wealth of their workers, communities, and consumers.

Getting less done

Getting less done

So you got a lot done this week? Good for you. But what exactly did you get done? Was it work you’ll remember next month? Maybe time for some deep work.


That’s a lot of untapped potential.
5 Simply Awesome Email Automation Funnels To Build Today

5 Simply Awesome Email Automation Funnels To Build Today

Email automation funnels use triggers to send out emails when a particular action or series of actions occur. They can help significantly grow your business

How to Say a Super-Charged Thank You

How to Say a Super-Charged Thank You

Want to know a quick and easy way to make someone's day?  Tell them thank you, like you mean it.  But how can you do this without looking like you are...

A KILLER Outbound Sales Strategy for New Agency Business

Think of reasons why prospects might want to spend time with you. What can you offer in exchange for an hour of their time?


it's cool how a passersby can peer in and wonder "What is going on?"

Meet the men who run a radio station from a former amsterdam brothel

Amsterdam's sprawling De Wallen area –- better known to tourists as the city's infamous Red Light District -- is, contrary to popular belief, anything but seedy. Even as the neighborhood acts as a hub for the city's legal prostitution industry, De Wallen has lately also been serving as a creative haven for professionals, businesses and visionary projects alike -- one of the most prominent of which is Amsterdam's Red Light Radio station.

Here's to getting less done this week! ; )

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Jon Woodroof
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