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Empathy is the capacity to understand or feel what another being is experiencing from within the other being's frame of reference. [wikipedia]

"That’s really the purpose of the talk today for me is this empathy of understanding the people that you’re working with. That’s the number one most important thing, hands down. The next most important thing is that there’s collaborative communication." - Kyle Porter of SalesLoft talking to Brian Regienczuk is the CEO and Co-Founder of Agency Spotter

This interview between two staples of the the Atlanta startup scene caught my eye this week. Kyle's focus on empathy isn't new to me but the reminder was great. About your colleagues & customers, are you constantly putting yourself in their shoes? "What are their challenges? What are their pains? What are their fears?"

As always, thanks for reading!


It is all incredibly fun, but by no means easy.
Dalsland Runt 2016

Dalsland Runt 2016

Last weekend, cyclists from across Europe gathered for the Dalsland Runt – an independent ride through Dalsland, Southern Sweden. Held since 2011, and growing from a group of three friends, the Dalsland Runt embodies the spirit of adventure riding, taking its participants over the remote gravel roads and forested terrain of Sweden’s ‘lake province’. More snaps on insta & the routes on Komoot.

Senior Sales Manager Tourism at komoot

Senior Sales Manager Tourism at komoot

Based in Berlin & Potsdam, our client Komoot is looking for a passionate Senior Sales Manager to join their team. This app has become essential for me when finding new roads & trails. They have amazing offices, an inspiring culture & a wonderful team! Check out that job & more here: komoot.de/jobs

(Future) Director of Digital - VanMoof

(Future) Director of Digital - VanMoof

Our friends at VanMoof here in Amsterdam are also hiring! Started by two Dutch brothers who wanted to develop the kinds of bikes that got people from A to B, without the fuss. Now they're a team of riders, designers, dreamers and doers.


"professional, clean, airy feel, with a fun, techy-twist."
Headroom Rebranded!

Headroom Rebranded!

When Kristel & Céline started Headroom Assistance in 2012, it was quite a different company. They were still discovering our what, how and why and had no clear ideal customer.

This past week they launched a new site (check it out!) and hosted a 4 year party (bummed I missed it!). I've used Headroom since before I started hiring & recommend the service to any entrepreneur looking for the secret to having more hours in one day.

Let’s face it; most startups are a waste of time, money and talent!

Let’s face it; most startups are a waste of time, money and talent!

"At the end of the day statistics show that most of the startups fail. Despite excellent conditions. Such a waste of time, talent and money."

How to move the PR industry out of the dark ages.

In 8 years of running a PR software firm pr.co has concluded that the way PR is done just sucks. They’ve seen countless of press releases bomb and paid close attention while working with many customers.


"engage in conversation before connecting" -

LinkedIn Invitations Changed: What Now?

LinkedIn changed the way invitations work this week. You now can't ask anyone who sends a standard invitation, why they sent that invitation. You're forced to accept or ignore standard invitations before you find out if either of those two might make sense. Here's how this matters to you and what to do about it.

4 Steps to Writing Emails That Convert to Business

4 Steps to Writing Emails That Convert to Business

Avoid the dreaded spam folder-and write emails that sell -- by following four simple steps.

How we collected 5458 emails at a 4-day event with a digital scratch card contest

How exciting! You’re an exhibitor with a booth at an event. You’ve got your product displayed just right, your booth looks inviting and now you’re ready to welcome hundreds of possible prospects.

So what’s the easiest and most qualitative way to collect leads?


Riding on Rails with Craig Durkin

Riding on Rails with Craig Durkin

Craig Durkin is a talented cyclist, an entrepreneur, and a bit of a mad scientist. A video of his latest contraption–a rail bike, for lack of a better name–caught the eye of my bud Aaron Chamberlain Singletracks.com.

Craig co-founded Concrete Jungle in Atlanta. They pick urban fruit trees, do some farming, and donate everything to in-town food banks and homeless shelters. They have a pedal-powered apple grinder used for making cider, a bike blender for making smoothies/margaritas, a bike-powered water pump for gardening, and now this weird thing. ; ) Keep on tinkering & exploring Craig! Good to see you last week in Kirkwood!

Here's to getting off the beaten path & practicing empathy this week!

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Jon Woodroof
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