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👋  from near Rodanthe, North Carolina in the Outer Banks!

Still on 'vacation' touring up the East Coast with my family. We're posted up at a beach house with several of my wife's friends from college & their families.

If you haven't heard of the Outer Banks, they're pretty wild. A string of peninsulas and barrier islands separating the Atlantic Ocean from mainland North Carolina. One spot, Ocracoke was the last refuge of pirate Edward Teach, better known as Blackbeard. It is also where the infamous pirate was killed November 22, 1718.

Today or tomorrow I'll ride south with a route planned on Komoot to Creed’s Hill Lifesaving Station at Trent (today known as Frisco) with watchtower, cisterns and outhouse. The station was built in 1878 and abandoned in 1947. Read more about the Lifesaving Stations here on Hatteras island here. And more about the history of them globally here.

As always, thanks for reading!  ✌🏻️


The 2016 Atlanta Cycling Festival

Jeffrey and the team at The Atlanta Cycling Festival just released their promo video for this year. Click here to share on FB. Their events calendar is up too! Click here to share the details.

Cycling Business Podcast - Episode 3. The Impact Of Consumer Direct Sales On The Bike Business.

With the growth of online brands such as Canyon, consolidation of online retailers with Wiggle's acquisition of Chain Reaction, and both Trek and Giant implementing hybrid click and collect services - where does this leave the rest of the industry and in particular the increasingly challenged brick and mortar retailer?

Featuring Brendan Quirk, founder of Competitive Cyclist and now President of Rapha North America, and Eric Bjorling, Brand Communications Director of Trek Bikes.

Flat-out: family cycling fun in the Netherlands

Flat-out: family cycling fun in the Netherlands

A Dutch cycling break with kids offers canals, coast, chocolate and, crucially(?), no hills.


an inexpensive place to try out ideas & a launchpad for international expansion
The Next Global Tech Hotspot?

The Next Global Tech Hotspot?

Frustrated by the difficulty of finding dates while living in London, Dutchman David Vermeulen started InnerCircle, a matchmaking website focused on highly educated singles. Yet rather than set up in Europe’s biggest city, he moved to Amsterdam, home to about 800,000 people and a much smaller pool of potential customers.

Tech Startups: The Netherlands Wants You

Tech Startups: The Netherlands Wants You

Holland has a centuries-old legacy of international trade, excellence in logistics, open-mindedness and free-thinking. Now it’s assuming a leadership role in innovation, becoming a top location in Europe for tech startups in record time.

Amsterdam dominates tech funding activity in The Netherlands, but it's still far below levels seen in London, Paris and Berlin.

Amsterdam dominates tech funding activity in The Netherlands, but it's still far below levels seen in London, Paris and Berlin.

Amsterdam-based startups are off to a relatively slow start in 2016, at least in fundraising terms, according to data collected and analysed by Tech.eu and Dealroom.


"People fiercely guard the sanctity of their email"

The Blissfully Slow World of Internet Newsletters

Sometimes your feed needs to slow down to a titrated drip. That's the appeal of the weekly newsletter. For sales, this newsletter has become the number 1 lead generator for my business. Want to start your own or one for your business?

I recommend revue.

Amsterdam Expat in the Spotlight ! A Q&A with cycling fan Jon Woodroof.

I had the opportunity to answer questions for angloinfo.com's Amsterdam Expat in the Spotlight column about my life in the Netherlands.

Value Proposition Examples - Words That Get Meetings

Value Proposition Examples  - Words That Get Meetings

Jill Konrath says one of the biggest reasons businesses struggle in today’s market is because they have weak value propositions.



Ever since my trip to Nice with Far Ride Magazine, I've been obsessed with finding bunkers. So many of them are hidden, hard to find and challenging to reach. That's where the work of max leonard and camille mcmillan comes in! Check out these amazing sneak peeks on instagram. Follow them on twitter & insta + sign up to get the forthcoming book!

Here's to documenting hidden highlights this week!

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Jon Woodroof
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