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Mornings are an underutilized tool to aid productivity. (and radness, see my favorite self-invented hashtag: #earlytobedearlytoshred & Jesper's Say Hello - Wave Goodbye post below.)

We’re often at our peak in the mornings. Mark McGuinness suggests the single most important change you can make to your workday is to move your creative time to mornings. Well I'm shipping this week's revue a but late but still early! (7:30 am here)

As always, thanks for ready!

p.s. remember that toddler trip idea from a few weeks back? Here is a great followup on everything you need to know about raising a strong, confident, empowered daughter.


‘a meditation on pain, for armchair enthusiasts who don’t fancy it much themselves.’

The 10 best cycling books

Top pick I haven't read? The Escape Artist: Life from the Saddle by Matt Seaton. "An autobiographical tale about one man’s obsession with amateur bike-racing: fine-tuning the machine, shaving the legs, the physical and emotional fellowship of riding with friends, the early-morning training rides, the etiquette of the peloton and the suffering are all here."

Spinlister acquires Amsterdam bike share business Cycleswap

Spinlister acquires Amsterdam bike share business Cycleswap

America’s Spinlister has acquired fellow bike sharing platform Cycleswap of Amsterdam – dubbed locally as “the AirBnB of bicycles”.

Mark & the team at cyclingindustry.news have been killing it since launching! (Peek their Fahrradschau interview with my buddy Bregan & about how the bike shop of the future is all about people and valuable human connections)

Say Hello - Wave Goodbye – La Passione

Say Hello - Wave Goodbye – La Passione

Greeting your fellow riders on the road in the morning, is not only a golden rule in cycling, but also an act of kindness. Learn the art of saying hello and waving goodbye. Love this Jesper!  ✌🏻️


The Fuel to Build an Enduring, Billion Dollar Business.

The Hierarchy of Engagement — Greylock Perspectives

Building an enduring, multi-billion dollar consumer technology company is hard. As an investor, knowing which startups have the potential to be massive and long-lasting is also hard. From both perspectives, identifying companies with this potential is a combination of “art” and “science” — the art is understanding how products work, and the science is knowing how to measure it.

CreativeMornings on Kickstarter!

CreativeMornings on Kickstarter!

Ever been inspired by a Creative Mornings talk? Every month, organizers volunteer their time and energy to put on a free talk for creative communities in 137 cities (and counting) around the world. Help them bring these people together to make your local events even better! I've been to CMs in 7 cities and though I've sucked about attending recently, supporting this initiative is a no brainer!

Start-Ups That Last

Start-Ups That Last

“It’s been fascinating to watch people from the engineering team look at the sales team and say, ‘Hey, they actually look happy and productive. Maybe managers aren’t such a bad thing.’”

—Matthew Prince, CEO, CloudFlare

You’re hired, but first, some rules.

You’re hired, but first, some rules.

Bonus 4th link in this section! James' “A Preamble to Your Success” is really cool. He believes it is vitally important to let new employees know the kind of people you expect them to be. Man, this is good!


Salespeople worth keeping are those who don’t just wait for the phone to ring.

Outbound Sales: Embracing New-Old Strategy

Are you paying attention to outbound sales? In B2B sales and still relying heavily on inbound leads and sales from your marketing efforts?

Data-driven sales: The 3 cold calling and emailing metrics that matter

Data-driven sales: The 3 cold calling and emailing metrics that matter

Tracking sales data is a lot like dieting.

You know you should do it. You know it’s good for you. You might even know how to do it. But do you?

Probably not.

Roger Fisher on a Better Way to Negotiate, Part 1

Roger Fisher on a Better Way to Negotiate, Part 1

Our desire to defend our stance in negotiations is a natural habit, but one that we need to avoid to get things done and maintain good relationships. Spoiler Alert: "The first step of the process is to separate the people from the problem."


Rolling outside Berlin with Jeroen from Soigneur - Photo by Aspire Cycling
I wrote an article for Soigneur Magazine

I wrote an article for Soigneur Magazine

Only two of seven Berlin Bike Shows under my belt & this annual highlight of Berlin Bicycle Week has got me feelin’ some type of way; still a week later. Justifying a several day trip to a trade show is so much more than just browsing exhibitor stands in foreign lands. But what exactly makes everyone say wow about the Berliner Fahrradschau? For me, I boiled it down to seven main reasons...

Here's to getting up early & helping others in your life be strong, confident, empowered!

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