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My legs are toast!

I was in Nice over the weekend exploring with Far Ride Magazine. (more on that below)

Next week is Berlin for the Berliner Fahrradschau. Need reasons to make the trip? I wrote down 10 for Soigneur Magazine ; )

I'll be at the show Saturday & Sunday. If you will too, reply to this email and let's make sure to catch up and maybe ride!

As always, thanks for reading!


its easy to forget Amsterdam wasn't always the City of Bikes

Sharing Amsterdam’s story of transformation into a city for people

At first glance, Cornelia Dinca’s journey from the Alberta oil fields to the bicycle-friendly streets of Amsterdam seems like an unlikely one. But the relationship between the way we design our cities, and the energy we use is one that has long fascinated her. Interesting trivia: the viral tweet she mentions is a photo of my street!

Kasey Lloyd at Red Hook Criterium - Volata Magazine

Kasey Lloyd at Red Hook Criterium - Volata Magazine

Just hours before winning the Red Hook Criterium BCN3, Kacey Lloyd was interviewed by photographer and filmmaker Caterina Barjau. Kacey's thoughts about racing accompany Barjau's first ever look at the world of fixed gear crit.

The Japanese Odyssey - A bicycle journey across Japan

The Japanese Odyssey - A bicycle journey across Japan

"The second edition will start on Saturday, September 17, 2016. It will lead the riders from Tokyo to Osaka.

While the 2 major cities are only about a few hundred kilometres apart, the imposed detours will take the entrants into remote and mountainous regions. They will go through places of cultural significance to Japanese people. And will experience the magic of the “rural” Japan. They will zig-zag all over the road on steep climbs. They will ride through big cities that may be an assault on their senses, and may possibly lose their way in those densely populated and futuristic downtown areas." Whoa!


Bikes ORO: Socially Conscious, Everyday Bikes

Longtime subscriber, Chelsea Koglmeier launched her Indiegogo for ORO last week. Already almost at 50% funded! What's it about?

"ORO started as inspiration to find a way to sustainably fund getting bikes to people in need. I spent time living in Uganda and Bolivia and saw how powerful access to a bike could be to change someone's life. I set out to solidly link the profit and the non-profit sides of bikes. Because, in my opinion, bikes enable access to opportunity and that is a beautiful thing that everyone deserves." -  Chelsea Koglmeier, Founder

My bud Josh Greet has availability for new projects

My bud Josh Greet has availability for new projects

I know Josh from my work with Vulpine. He has photography degree, specializes in 3D and moving image. He is talented heaps of creative things. He has lots of experience in both sport and editorial photography (Vice, Adidas, Illustrated People, Tokyo Fixed). Also a solid designer such as cycling kit (seen Kibosh yet?), casual clothing, packaging, etc and is great at art direction for photo shoots and music videos (see Is Tropical video). Please shout if you know of anything that might be suitable and/or forward his site to any contacts you might have!

Slack, I’m Breaking Up with You by ⚡️ Samuel Hulick

Slack, I’m Breaking Up with You by  ⚡️ Samuel Hulick

From the comments: "I wonder if carpenters write long posts about how they are going to break up with their hammer because they’re tired of getting a sore thumb?"

I have to agree. Slack has its shortcomings but for my company, setting up slack channels for every client facilitates communication, enables more effectiveness and, yes, mitigates email. Looking for ways to improve? Read this.


not as scary as it sounds

Sales People are Evil, Money-driven Vultures. Right?

Are Sales People really the evil, money-driven vultures? My friend Jakob of Your Sales might change your mind.

Thanks For Taking My Call - Tibor Shanto (@TiborShanto) - YouTube

Thanks For Taking My Call - Tibor Shanto (@TiborShanto) - YouTube

Sales Expert Tibor Shanto outlines two common mistakes that telephone prospectors make that can easily be avoided.

The Press Release Is Dead — Use This Instead

The Press Release Is Dead — Use This Instead

"tech entrepreneurs (these days there are a HELL of a lot of you) and (some) PR people who have ZERO clue how to pitch me/TechCrunch/the media. Their pitches are long-winded and rambling." I do sales and PR. The best practices are the same. The pitfalls are the same. Oldie but goodie from Mike here!


Climbing with John Braynard & Sogon Yoon of Far Ride Magazine. 📷: @donalrey

#nicefarride – exploring around Nice with Far Ride Magazine

I had the opportunity to spend a few days in Nice, France with Sogon & K. Dizzy of Far Ride Magazine.

Also on the trip was brother from another mother, John Braynard & NYC 5th Floor rider Donalrey Nieva.

I'll save the details for issue 5 of the magazine but I can share:

Stoked to see more? Subscribe to Far Ride Mag. Check out their other stories online. Follow & Like them.

@koooldizzy of Far Ride Magazine. 📷: @donalrey

Here's to reflecting and finding new angles this week!

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Jon Woodroof
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