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Uncertainty can be scary or inspiring.

Some people thrive on it out the gate and other need some practice. I can easily say my time in The Netherlands has been some of the most uncertain in my life. It wasn't until I started this company that I could really start to place bets with confidence. Now I know what I need to do every day to advance the future of the company. It is up to me and my team. There is no luck there.

Knowing that its up to you to #dropinordropout is a special kind of certainty even when the outcome is unknown. I hope that most of you ready can relate to that idea. I hope that you, too, are inspired by uncertainty.

As always, thanks for reading!


"It tests how far we can go with the print and questions what cycle wear should look like.”

Brand Spotlight: Milltag – The Beauty of Cycling

UK-based Milltag started out in 2010 as a small kit brand collaborating with artists and designers from around the world to produce interesting and unique cycling jerseys. Fast forward 6 years and Milltag are official kit suppliers for UK professional women’s team Matrix Pro Cycling (including British Road Champ Laura Trott) and the Tour de Yorkshire run by the ASO. Not to mention cycling legend Kenny Van Vlaminck’s team Top Bonk Schleppers.

How I Finally Stopped Saying Sorry - Syd Schulz

How I Finally Stopped Saying Sorry - Syd Schulz

"Sorry, I’m feeling slow today. Sorry, I’m so bad at this. Sorry, I’m so much slower than everyone else. Sorry, this trail is really hard for me.  Sorry I’m so slow, I had a crash and got my chain stuck and then you wouldn’t believe it, but I got chased by a rabid badger, but really, just, sorry for being slow. Blah blah blah." Such a great post.

Berlin Six Day: Monster thighs: When cycling gets scary - CNN.com

Berlin Six Day: Monster thighs: When cycling gets scary - CNN.com

"With riders reaching speeds over 70 kph for 100 laps or more it's a favorite with the crowd, and Kovalcik is something of an expert." Cool to see some facebook friend names popping up here!  Keep it up Zak! p.s. if you're wondering how Zak made it from the streets of Pittsburgh to the track of Berlin: https://vimeo.com/76321875


Dustin Moskovitz on why Slack isn't a threat to Asana

Startups need to invest in their culture when it gets tight, not pull back, says Asana CEO and Facebook cofounder Dustin Moskovitz.



The most inspiring stories of women entrepreneurs, leaders and changemakers from across the globe.

The World's Most Innovative Companies by Sector | Fast Company

The World's Most Innovative Companies by Sector | Fast Company

The World's Most Innovative Companies by Sector: Africa
Noce work World Bicycle Relief! For breaking down the barrier of distance


The yin and yang of sales

My friend Isaac, Chief @twonas.com, a SaaS Artwork Management System with one simple goal: disrupt an old fashioned market dominated by Goliaths, wrote: "You can influence, to an extent, the required energy. For instance by:

• Simplifying the registration and setup

• Implementing and easy to use interface

• Making the learning curve gentle and short"

Digitising the last mile conversations increases sales velocity - keynote at The Sales Summit 2016

"I have always liked the simplicity of the Sales Velocity Formula as it describes very accurate how you can build and finetune a revenue engine" - Mario Haneca of Showpad.  Try'n to get Mario to speak at the next Sales Hacker here in Amsterdam!

Content Strategy by Matt | Professional content strategist

Content Strategy by Matt | Professional content strategist

67% of B2B companies reported content marketing a top priority in 2015, but less than half documented their content strategy (source). When inbound marketing can potentially double conversions for your products or services, you can’t afford to leave your content marketing or strategy to chance. Instead, hire a professional content strategist and leave it to my friend Matt.


Thanks for sharing this one @basrotgans!
Fast Forward on Vimeo

Fast Forward on Vimeo

For Lael Wilcox, taking on the Arizona Trail—800+miles of desert singletrack—is a challenge unlike any other, and it will test her to the core.

This is one of a series of three short films featuring the stories of people connected to three trails: The Appalachian Trail, Arizona Trail and Bay Area Ridge Trail.

Here's to taking on challenges you can't predict this week!

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