٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و Nº258 Awe is as good for you as anything you can do! 😲 🥗

New Year, New Format! Things look different around here because Revue is shutting down, and I've made the move to Ghost. So, please bear with me while I iron this thing out & thank you for reading the first issue here!
٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و Nº258 Awe is as good for you as anything you can do! 😲 🥗
Camping at Workspace Six with the team before Christmas last year. 
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New Year, New Format!

Things look different around here because Revue is shutting down, and I've made the move to Ghost. I'm very excited about it! Please bear with me while I iron this thing out & thank you for reading the first issue here! ; )

I've been off since the 24th of December and spent some time today getting this new newsletter format rolling + catching up in my inbox to dive back into my first week of work in 2023 tomorrow. I'm stoked!

Over the break, I had a wonderful holiday with my kids in town for nearly two weeks. We had a beautiful Christmas with the whole family (annual portrait achievement unlocked as well), celebrated Otto's 13th birthday (also with an overnight party at Workspace 6!), an excited New Year's bash on the roof deck with panorama views of Amsterdam's fireworks, arranged a day out with Mira and her friends, and even a fun two-day excursion into Belgium with Kristy & our three youngest kids with a visit to Plopsaqua, a radical waterpark we first visited in 2018!  

For Twotone, January is already off to a full-steam start, with a kickoff tomorrow with new #twotoneclients Nomoq and Velofollies back on the calendar after two years – we're attending with PRO & Classified. At the end of the month, I'll be heading to Murcia, Spain, with the Gravel Collective. Let's call it training for the Hellenic Mountain Race. ; )

“An awe-rich person can expect to be happier, healthier and kinder: the holy trinity of good vibes.” – Dacher Keltner as interviewed by Henry Wismayer for Noemamag.com

I'll keep the intro short & not extrapolate bullet points about this week's subject line inspiration, but if you wanna read more about a new field of psychology that has begun to quantify an age-old intuition & the idea that feeling awe is good for us. Click here to explore the article & here to check out Keltner's book about the subject. : )

as always, thank you for reading & sharing this newsletter,


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📷: Team snap by William Lounsbury


It all comes back to the bike!

Leo Rodgers Meets Julian Molina and Fundraiser for Leo’s Recovery – Josh Weinberg
It doesn’t take long to understand why Leo Rodgers is such an inspirational figure in the cycling world, and beyond. After losing his leg to a motorcycle accident nearly a decade ago, Leo found bicycles as a positive outlet and has been spreading good vibes in communities across the world ever since…
I met Leo with my kids in Tampa, FL. He's a genuinely kind guy & can really use our help.! 
I've had a soft spot for Tern since helping produce & starring in the GSD launch in 2018. : )
Oliver from Micromobility talks to Josh Hon of Tern Bikes about his personal history and how he came to start Tern The current range, what’s notable right now, how they’ve raised capital and built their team Building in Taiwan & what should people know about what they’ve done.
Showroom Assistant
You are invited to join us as a Showroom Assistant on our mission to get more people out of their cars and onto our e-bikes! Ampler creates sustainably built e-bikes that excite and inspire. We work towards making emotive zero-emission commuting available for everyone. Our bikes are suitable for an…
Ampler is hiring a showroom assistant in Amsterdam! Click thru to see if this job is for you! : )


Hopefully new to you!

The Case for Running Slowly
Yes, even if you’re competitive.
This article is literally about running but also the maybe "obvious: You can’t just do sprinting workouts to prepare for a distance race; moving at a relaxed pace allows you to practice covering a lot of ground without burning out your body and your brain."
How To Be Influenced
Why we need to take control of our influences and what we can learn from artists about how to do so
1. Attend to your influences: be more aware of what’s influencing you and how. Acknowledge just how much of what you think, feel, and do is picked up from others, 2. Recognise that ‘you’ are made up of influences: there is no such thing as originality. 3. Curate your influences: which leads to the principle - always think about your portfolio of influences and influencers. 4. Interrogate your influences: we all have favorite influencers and influences - people we know, celebrities, artists, friends, writers, and uh, influencers. 5. Set tighter filters: explore the tension between breadth and depth of influence.
Non-Coercive Marketing: A Primer
A new philosophy of marketing, rooted in letting go of control, and trusting people to be their own authority.
Intriguing stuff! I feel Twotone often has to walk this line in the work that we do. TL;DR? One example that stuck out to me: "Instead of offers and ultimatums, non-coercive marketing runs on invitations. An invitation is friendly, open-ended, and positive sum. It doesn’t try to persuade you to take an action that may not be right for you."


What people we know are up to!

A new song from my long-time friend Chad Widner. Chad & his brother Russell along with our deceased friend Vinnie had a local band where I went to high school called the Blue Druids. I couldn't find a Bandcamp or Spotify link about Chad's new project here but will soon! 
‘I want to get off WhatsApp and call my friends instead’: the thing I’ll do differently in 2023
I’ve replaced real conversations with texted chats and I miss speaking to the people I love
I don't know Annie but do endorse picking up the phone more in 2023. Call your friends!
Silk Road Mountain Race 2022: The Reasons and Preparations
It had been a four year long and endeavor to finally return to Kyrgyzstan and race the Silk Road Mountain Race. This is about the why’s and how’s and all the preparations leading up to August 2022. If you followed the race last summer, you know Eleanor completed her dream and rode over the finish li…
My friend Eleanor had quite the experience in Kyrgystan during last year's Silk Road Mountain Race. It was more than ten years in the making! I'm inspired by her approach to adventure, stance on human rights, women’s issues, and expression through photography!


A Twotone Newsletter Staple

The Bicycle Film Festival is available worldwide until Feb 28th. Consider getting a pass and enjoying Program 1: URBAN BIKE + CINEMATIC shorts, Program 2: CYCLE SPORT, Program 3: ADVENTURE and/or Program 4: ADVENTURE. I got a full pass and watched them with my kids! 

Written by
Jon Woodroof
♥️ @Kristyspark✨, Otto, Mira, Errol, Simone, Brayden & Rowan 💡 living the dream @Workspacesix & @Twotoneams 💌 I love to send special stuff to special people weekly.
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