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The phrase "A Stitch in Time Saves Nine" basically means it's better to solve a problem right away and prevent it from becoming a much bigger one. According to the BBC, the first recorded use of the phrase was in a book way back in 1723 and it's a sewing reference.

The idea is that sewing up a small rip with one stitch means the tear is less likely to get bigger, and maybe require more (9? 😅) stitches later on.

I've always enjoyed stitching garments and other things to avoid bigger rips later but also to avoid tossing out torn belongings. I've long found it cool to wear your repair.

Initiatives like Patagonia's Worn Wear program and Tom Van Deijnen's work to promote #visiblemending both help to really popularise clothes repair.

The #wearyourrepair link above goes to an FT article about the Visible Mending trend and also mentions Japanese textile artist Hikaru Noguchi. Noguchi also recently published: Darning: Repair, Make, Mend. These twelve darning techniques are covered in detail in her book:

  1. seed stitching: Seed stitches resemble seeds scattered random length and direction over an area. Like this.
  2. square darning: a classic way to repair moth holes like this.
  3. reversible darns: It is used on fabrics that are used on both sides, like towels and napkins. like this
  4. seed and square darn: as the name implies, a 1 & 2 combo
  5. triangular darns: for repairing the tears caught on a sharp object (like a nail, sharp corner, etc.) Like Section 5 here.
  6. english darning: A counted thread stitch in blocks in either horizontal or vertical rows like this.
  7. accordion darning: this one is pretty wild! Couldn't find much more info about it.
  8. appliqué is ornamental needlework. Used for repair, it looks like this.
  9. reverse appliqué is a needlework technique whereby several layers of cloth are placed on top of each other and shapes are cut out in layers of decreasing size. It looks great!
  10. chain darning looks particularly tough! Check out this example.
  11. honeycomb darning a very decorative variation of blanket stitch that takes the form of a honeycomb. It can be used as a filling stitch. Some examples from Hikaru herself here.
  12. decorative tambourine darning: best illustrated with an excerpt from her book from which this list was taken.

Ironic that I'm engrossed in repairs as some really big news is coming from the USA. No doubt that the USA has some serious 'visible mending' to do in the coming weeks, months and years. But like my friend Joachim just said to me, its "far from over. But there's hope again".

So, hopefully, this issue sparks a motivation to, not only with textiles, but also with other problems, remedy rips and tears right away to avoid encountering much bigger ones later.

as always, thank you for reading,


Header image this week of Twotone colleagues Coline & Paul at lunch.

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Cannondale introduces fully recyclable bicycle packaging

Cannondale introduces fully recyclable bicycle packaging

Cannondale introduced a 100% recyclable bicycle packaging in Europe this month as part of its commitment to reduce waste and simplify bike assembly. Cycling Sports Group will not apply for any patent or other protection of the idea but rather decided to open-source the layout:

"The idea is free to be used by other market players as it will contribute to making the bicycle industry more sustainable" - Bjarke Rasmussen, Cycling Sports Group VP global strategy and GM for sourcing and operations
ADVNTR partners with komoot, welcomes new editor, Katherine Moore

ADVNTR partners with komoot, welcomes new editor, Katherine Moore

Very cool to see komoot continuing to grow in the UK and beyond. Stoked for ADVNTR & Katherine!

"The new Harley is a bicycle" - Der Spiegel

"The new Harley is a bicycle" - Der Spiegel

Twotone was recently introduced to the team behind Serial 1 Cycle Company, a spin-off of Harley Davidson, by our friend Gunnar of pressedienst-fahrrad to support Serial 1 their German launch.

We tapped our good friends at Crank Communication and are already closing in on 100 pieces of coverage!


Instagram is Dead

Instagram is Dead

"People say things like, “I really need it for my work”—which sounds ambivalent at best. [...] People complain that Instagram is no longer fun for the same reasons people complain ‘all politicians are the same.’"

I'll concur that it isn't what it once was but would most certainly contend that it sure ain't dead either. What do you think?

Time for a new social contract for the gig economy

Time for a new social contract for the gig economy

The gig economy isn't going anywhere. It's time for Europe to embrace that fact — and create a new social contract which helps it work for everyone.
How to get into and write better cultural criticism

How to get into and write better cultural criticism

This panel of Alissa Wilkinson, Dee Lockett & Kristy Puchko caught my eye as 2020 has been a year where many, including myself, have struggled to articulate criticisms of a given culture (on a micro or macro scale).

Alissa does panels on topics like service journalism, copywriting and even writing a book too!


Twenty 6 Consultancy

Twenty 6 Consultancy

Oct 30 marked Renate's last day at Twotone after three years to the month. She left an indelible mark on the way we provide value for our clients and helped us achieve some of our best results in the company's nearly six year history.  She had been pursuing a side hustle for some time that became viable to pursue full time and she's helping others do the same. We're grateful for the years we had you as a colleague and wish you all the best with many years of success, Renate!

The Side Hustle Business Course provides participants with the right knowledge and applicable tools to become a part-time entrepreneur:
Deux Film - homage Norman McLaren's Pas de Deux by McFaul and Day

Deux Film - homage Norman McLaren's Pas de Deux by McFaul and Day

Conceived as a homage to Norman McLaren’s ‘Pas de Deux’ in the autumn of 2019 against a backdrop of division, the aim was simple, and visually and strategically symmetric – bring people together to make something more.

Inspiring work from my friends Justin Day & John McFaul and an extended team that made this experimental short film.

We Are Not Sick’s Theory-Music Album Sad by Design

We Are Not Sick’s Theory-Music Album Sad by Design

I read this interview with Jess from No Fun Mag and Geert Lovink of wearenotsick.com.

The project Geert talks about is Sad By Design, an album of music inspired and interwoven with the book of the same title:

Sadness is now a design problem. The highs and lows of melancholy are coded into social media platforms. After all the clicking, browsing, swiping and liking, all we are left with is the flat and empty aftermath of time lost to the app.
Sad by Design offers a critical analysis of the growing social media controversies such as fake news, toxic viral memes and online addiction. The failed search for a grand design has resulted in depoliticised internet studies unable to generate either radical critique or a search for alternatives.

I recommend you listen on Bandcamp here.


ARTIST SERIES: Chet Malinow EP Anti-Flutter 38mm Carbon Tubeless Clinchers

ARTIST SERIES: Chet Malinow EP Anti-Flutter 38mm Carbon Tubeless Clinchers

Chet Malinow

I saw these in the HIFI newsletter recently and immediately knew they'd nail the radness section of the newsletter!  : )

Here's to wearing your repairs this week!

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Jon Woodroof
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