⋛⋋( ‘◇’)⋌⋚ Nº161 Birds of a feather flock together 🐦🐤MWLxHIFIxAssSavers Edition


In 161 issues of this weekly labor of love, I've never repeated a single subject line, UNTIL NOW! ; )

I first used ⋛⋋( ‘◇’)⋌⋚ birds of a feather flock together 🐦 🐤 for Nº93 and today, it is to feature the long time comin' collabo between My Wild Love, Ass Savers & HIFI Wheels. Built upon intros that I made between cool people at cool companies.

This collaboration is about a bike (surprised?) but also more than that. There is even an 8-bit game (desktop only) where you can BUNNY HOP OVER AN OSTRICH! (the bird metaphor goes even further than you thought!)

But the real magic of this project is the people and positive vibes behind 4 globally far flung & very cool companies from very different corners of the world:

  • 💦 ASS SAVERS - founded in Workspace 6 in Amsterdam ages ago but HQ'd in Gothenburg, Sweden with an office in Berlin. These guys keep you stoked & not soaked!
  • 🐎 My Wild Love - also founded in Workspace 6 (Stefan of Ass Savers rented a desk from Paul of MWL) but now MWL is based 1/2 in Cape Town, South Africa & Hobart, Tasmania yet still based on Italian steel. I miss having Paul & Dario around the office!
  • 🎙HIFI Wheels - Portland, Oregon based purveyors of hi-fidelity fast A F carbon hoops to smash your opponents in a crit & simply make your bike look radical while you take a picture of it. Josh & co at HIFI are keeping rock'n'roll alive in cycling.
  • ❌❌❌Twotone Consulting - we took over Workspace 6 from Paul and have worked with all the aforementioned brands in various capacities over the years. We love to connect birds of different feathers together! It is both the what and why of what we love to do!

If you have a cool collabo, story about connecting people or just wanna say hi, hit reply! :D

Or if you prefer another list, like habits that keep notable people living well. Check out Marie Kondo’s delightful daily routine.

As always, thank you for reading!

with appreciation,



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Play the MWLxHIFIxAssSavers video game 🎮 and win an Ass Saver!


Johan's My Wild Love X Ass Savers

Johan's My Wild Love X Ass Savers

Ass Savers is a company mainly run by instinct and gut feeling. We don't make 5-year plans because we can't follow them. We don’t have a marketing strategy because they kill spontaneity. And we don’t shave during racing-season because we’re superstitious. What we do have, though, is a business approach known as the SUS-method — Stumble-Upon-Something.

If my intro didn't convey my stoke, click here to gain more insight why I'm so ampled! ; )

The Bikepacking Journal Issue 02

The Bikepacking Journal Issue 02

The second issue of The Bikepacking Journal is coming soon! Don't miss it!

Meet Tom Hill: a bike rider of all disciplines, trail runner, climber and writer

Meet Tom Hill: a bike rider of all disciplines, trail runner, climber and writer

I rode 700+ kilometers from Torino to Nice with Tom. I love Tom & so should you!

He is one of the very best people in cycling and not even just cycling! ; )


Keen to become a service design online course beta tester?

Keen to become a service design online course beta tester?

I met Naomi Lantzman, VP of the International Service Design Institute yesterday & said I'd add this to my newsletter.

Here are the details: Based on the best-selling book "Be Relevant: A Practical Guide to Service Design,” Naomi & her team constructed an in-depth curriculum - soup-to donuts - on service design.

More info:


Enroll with promo code: Apprentice50

Brand the Change Meetup Amsterdam

Brand the Change Meetup Amsterdam

I spoke last week about turning my passion into a profession. Deck is here as keynote (Apple ID required). Or if you want a PDF, let me know :D

Thank you Hugo (long time Sales Hacker Amsterdam attendee) for the opportunity to speak!

I've included all 11 tips I shared here too:

  1. Show up on time, do what you’ve got to do, stay until it’s done right.
  2. Learn from your managers yet quit for new opportunities.
  3. Find a consistent passion that keeps you stoked and keep pushing on that.
  4. Establishing a network globally and in your community are equally vital
  5. Pay it forward, overdeliver & be nice
  6. Trust your team & trust yourself
  7. Make a name for yourself that people can comprehend & share with their network.
  8. Hold yourself accountable and push yourself personally and professionally
  9. New terrain with new people: constant stream of new contacts and adventures
  10. Keeping a routine of perpetual improvement that’s fun!
  11. Share what you learn with a personal yet commercially motivated newsletter

How to Nail Your Enterprise Marketing Strategy

Gigi at Content Stack asked me to share this post and though it may feel a bit corporate for some readers, any company can take cues for her list! Thank you Gigi! : )

Sales & PR

OUTSIDER: "Altruism is the future. Believe it. The sooner the better."

OUTSIDER: "Altruism is the future. Believe it. The sooner the better."

"Move your brand into the next lane. Share what you have. Concern yourself less with being acknowledged, and more with leading by example.
After all, what else is your marketing budget there for - Facebook ads? Yawn."

Jess is the best!

An Agency Guide to Successfully Closing More Sales

An Agency Guide to Successfully Closing More Sales

Spoiler alert: failing to prepare really is the same as preparing to fail. OOF! ; )

How to Use Personalized Images in Your Cold Sales Emails to Get More Replies

How to Use Personalized Images in Your Cold Sales Emails to Get More Replies

I see potential here but still feels strange. What do you think? More pics, more clicks?


Telecast - #014

Telecast - #014

Guy just shipped the latest Telecast & like the 13 that preceded it: it guarantees good vibes & Portuguese rays of sunshine. 🌞

If you're in Lisbon, Guy is playing tonight!

Here's to connecting birds of different feathers together this week!

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Jon Woodroof
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