Nº144 | It is hard to rhyme all the time ; )


Hello from Florida!

I'm working from here for a week while visiting my kids.

Earlier this week, on Twotone's bi-weekly All Hands, I had a proud moment with Frank & Renate dialed in from the office in Amsterdam, Guy working remotely from Portugal and I was leading the call from 'Merica. We also have a new intern, Aleksandra, from Greece who has stepped up to drastically improve the branding & experience at the co-working space where our office is located: Workspace Six.

My point is, it was cool to be on such a geographically distributed call comprised of such talented people with a variety backgrounds. Our clients and the companies that we're currently pitching are all quite globally diverse. I was grateful not only for such a reliable & autonomous team but the consistent demand for us to help fellow international teams with unique and challenging projects.

This kind of work requires 'thinking outside of the box' and recently useful lists like this one from Outsider inspire me to ask more questions & dig in deeper:

  1. The difference between leadership and management is that leadership is human, and management is structural. The primal job of leadership is emotional – a leader’s fundamental role is to prime a good feeling in the people they lead. To create emotional resonance in the group; that means a reservoir of positivity that frees the best in people. Anybody can be a leader and it is likely, possible, but not ideal, that your boss may not be your leader.
  2. Avoid opinion pieces. Form your own opinion first, then discuss it with those around you, then perhaps see what other people are saying. Last step optional. The risk of exposing yourself to others’ opinions is you eradicate the chance for your own to form. Activate your own thoughts, ways, connections. Limit your input.
  3. Use words with primality. Bend them. Make them yours. Find the combinations that you haven’t seen or heard before.
  4. Be social. Deliberately. Is staying home really self-care? Or is ‘self-care’ code for Netflix. We are social creatures and we thrive off social connections. Looking someone in the eye, being smiled at, sharing a smile, your subconscious reading emotions on a face... do not underestimate any of this. This is the fuel of life. This will feed your soul.
  5. Don’t work for free. This includes overtime and does not include volunteering. Remember, just because a business does not make money doesn’t mean it is a non-profit. Volunteering should be reserved for non-profit organisations and causes.
  6. Wear a watch. Rely on your phone as little as possible.
  7. If it’s difficult to say, it should be said in person.
  8. Reduce your costs and live with less.
  9. Social media modifies behaviour. Did you always take your phone to the toilet? Reclaim your free will.
  10. Don’t be afraid to do things differently. You’ll look around and see nobody beside you – but that’s the point!

Outsider's author is looking for podcast suggestions too!

as always thank you for reading,



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Working from Florida has its perks (warm weather) but regularly encountering attitudes that inspire products like the one above will really bum you out. Besides, building spaceships is what Legos are really for! ; )

Here's to practicing rhyming all the time this week!

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Jon Woodroof
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