⛰ My rhyming skills got you climbing hills ⛰ Nº66 – Cycling, Startups & Sales ✌🏻


Anyone that knows me. Like, really knows me...

...knows I love #hashtags that rhyme:

  • #earlytobedearlytoshred
  • #dropinordropout
  • #ifyouslowdownyougodown
  • #whenindoubtleaditout
  • #stokednotsoaked (for Wit Industries FenderBender)
  • #noflywheelnoroadfeel (For Wahoo Fitness' Kickr trainer)

That's just a small sample. Join me on any business meeting or bike ride and you'll be treated to many memorable one-liners. #smilesformiles

"The challenge is not just writing rhymes, but also making sure your lines still make sense"

I've found that coining rhymes on the fly is not just fun but makes ideas stick. Here's a great post to help you brush up your rhyme skills. ; )

p.s. if you're in Amsterdam, I hope to see you this evening at Sales Hacker! I've been organizing it for two years and its the last one of 2016!

As always, thanks for reading!


The Massifier - Design your own Infographic Artworks by Massif Central —Kickstarter

The Massifier - Design your own Infographic Artworks by Massif Central —Kickstarter

Massif Central is raising funds for The Massifier - They are building an online portal to illustrate achievements; turning your life-changing challenges, unforgettable holidays and great journeys into sophisticated infographic artworks that also tell the story behind the effort and the enjoyment.



Our clients at Far Ride Magazine were recently in Hong Kong & had the chance to attend Rapha Women's Ride. They captured a day on the bike demonstrating the growing popularity of road cycling in there. Follow Far Ride on Instagram.

How (and when) to wear a Skinsuit correctly

How (and when) to wear a Skinsuit correctly

An abbreviated teaser:

1. Mindset is key and the skinsuit is a state of mind.

2. Contrary to popular belief the skinsuit is not a limited-use garment.

3. Treat your skinsuit with care.

4. Skinsuits are designed to be ‘skin’ tight.

5. Always remember: style is the answer to everything.


Product innovation is both art and science.

How to Keep Your Innovation On Time and On Budget

Product innovation can feel like the cool uncle at the family reunion. Sure, he’s hip, stylish, and drives a slick car. But if he shows up late, doesn't help out, and leaves you holding the bill, you may be wondering why you invited him.

My old bud Kurt wrote this. He has a cool company called BOLTGROUP. They create brands, products, and experiences that people ❤️.  He also created the original Twotone logo.

Atelier Rebalance - Massage therapy

Atelier Rebalance - Massage therapy

I used to work with Cammy when she worked at Headroom in the early days of getting Twotone off the ground. Now she has opened her own business here near Amsterdam. If you're local, check her out & she's happy to come help your colleagues on site at the office too : ) Follow @AtelierRebalance on instagram.

Startup Diaries: You Can’t Do It Alone

Startup Diaries: You Can’t Do It Alone

Great interview with @kristelkuit of @iloveheadroom.

I've used Headroom since 6months after I began as a freelancer here in Holland. Wondering what you would ask an assistant to do? Here's a handy guide to delegating tasks for entrepreneurs.


🛫 Cold email needs to land at the right time 🛬

Valuable Lessons Learned After Sending 1,000+ Cold Emails – HelpDocs

In B2B SaaS cold email you’re often looking for a 15–30% open rate. These guys managed to hit 60% with a 5% click rate.

Why You Need Fewer Customers, Not More

Why You Need Fewer Customers, Not More

Ask yourself this question. "It's 4.30pm on a Friday. The phone rings. It's a customer. Who do you least want it to be?"

Turn a stranger into a client in four simple steps

Turn a stranger into a client in four simple steps

Indeed, this four-stage process is not just about getting to know your ideal clients; it’s also about you becoming less of a stranger to them.


Podia - Frank’s Transcontinental

Podia - Frank’s Transcontinental

Max at Podia interviewed our newest teammate here at Twotone and my long time friend, Frank the Tank about his  Transcontinental Race experience. I've written about the race before and in case you forgot: it is an annual, ultra-distance race across Europe covering between 3,000 – 4,000km over 7-10 days. Check out the interview here.


Here's to taking finding the time to rhyme this week!

Written by
Jon Woodroof
♥️ @Kristyspark✨, Otto, Mira, Errol, Simone, Brayden & Rowan 💡 living the dream @Workspacesix & @Twotoneams 💌 I love to send special stuff to special people weekly.
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