🎙Live from Friedrichshafen🎙 Nº56– Cycling, Startups & Sales ✌🏻️


Live from Friedrichshafen! Well Markdorf a few kilometers west of the Eurobike tradeshow. I'm here with: Far Ride, Zwatt, Gilles Berthoud, Wahoo Fitness, Komoot and Fahrstil. Today is the second day of the show & its going to be a busy one, so I'll keep it quick! (protip: make sure to check out the cold email review opportunity below)

As always, thanks for reading!


More stoked than you crew!
Fahrstil launched 1st English issue at Eurobike!

Fahrstil launched 1st English issue at Eurobike!

Grab yours at the press boxes at Eurobike or contact the guys to get a copy as ordering isn't even online yet : )

Read about their recent trip to SF here. And like Fahrstil on FB!

#eurobike on twitter with eventhashtag.com

#eurobike on twitter with eventhashtag.com

My bud Yousef, co-founder of our Tweetbeam and Relive.cc, put this tool together together last year to see what people at Eurobike are talking about on twitter. Check it out.

Rapha CC Amsterdam | Hit The Wall Brevet

Rapha CC Amsterdam | Hit The Wall Brevet

Join us as we venture out on a 200km competitive brevet adventure, championing those cycling heroes of years past. With a stunning course taking participants from Valkenburg (nl) to Huy (bel) and back again, we’ll ride the race staples from La Flèche Wallone, Liège-Bastogne-Liège and the Amstel Gold, providing participants with plenty of challenges along the way.

  • Date: 10th September 2016
  • Time: All day, participants will be informed about their sign in and roll out times.
  • Distance: 204 km
  • Location: Start and finish location at the Amstel Gold Experience in Valkenburg, Netherlands
  • Terrain: This ride will feature hills and murs with staples from Liege Bastongne Liege, Fleche Wallone and the Amstel Gold Race.


They may not be the coolest thing around. But, one thing is for certain, they work.

Don't underestimate the power of a simple newsletter.

"In terms of using social media to grow your business, we are all looking for the next new platform or app. We want to find that magic ‘Multiplier’ that gets our story out to the world.

But there is a danger that by doing just that, we are ignoring the tried and trusted tools right under our noses that, well, just work.

Take the simple newsletter. It is one of the best ways I know to grow a business, build the community and culture of your brand. Like a tree needs roots, a brand needs to build its roots too.

A great newsletter can do that. And yet most people ignore it, dismiss it, or if they use it, use it poorly. Yet, this tool, in the right hands, is as powerful as they come."

- david hieatt, Co-founder of Hiut Denim Co and The Do Lectures

How to Deal With a Foreign Colleague Who Can’t Say No - NYTimes.com

How to Deal With a Foreign Colleague Who Can’t Say No - NYTimes.com

"When I worked as a global media coordinator for the United Nations several years ago, I organized biweekly conference calls, during which I would ask my colleagues around the world to provide information by particular deadlines. My colleagues almost always responded with a resounding yes, but all too often the deadlines came and went without the requested material, leaving me bewildered and upset."

Amsterdam launches program to help startups scale in the US

Amsterdam launches program to help startups scale in the US

StartupAmsterdam is offering five young, fast-growing companies the opportunity to scale in the US by bringing them to TNW Momentum (November 16, NYC).


A cold email template that will increase your response by 300%

Submit Your Cold Email & Bryan Kreuzberger Reviews It For Free

For years salespeople have used the phone to cold call and get meetings. But maybe you’ve noticed cold calling isn’t working as well as it used to, or maybe you just can’t find the time to make the calls.

So people have been using LinkedIn and email to get meetings.

But the problem is for most people they are only getting a 5-10% response rates and it takes a ton of time. Even small tweaks in an email can produce massive improvements.

A friend of mine, Bryan Kreuzberger is a master at cold emailing and getting sales from it.  He is the founder of Breakthrough Email which is a company focused on getting leads with cold emails.

  • Here’s some ridiculous numbers about Bryan’s ability to drum up sales:
  • His clients have scheduled meetings with thousands of small and medium size companies, as well as Fortune 500 companies like Apple, Google, and GE.
  • Last year he helped 70,000 B2B salespeople generate $1.25 billion in sales.
  • Last year he helped save 8.4 million hours of wasted cold calling time.

And Breakthrough Email is offering to review your email for free!

11 Must-Have Tools for Modern Sales Reps - Troops

Sales is a people business, but that doesn't mean that tools can't help you work more efficiently. Here are 11 sales rep tools modern reps are using.

I woulda added Thrive + Quickmail to the mix! ; )

5 Closing Questions Every Salesperson Must Ask

5 Closing Questions Every Salesperson Must Ask

Ask these five questions to get the close.




Now a two years running tradition, I rode to Eurobike with Matt from Meesterknecht, Derrick & ride leader Ricky from Rapha + Bill from Bicycling. Easily one of my favorite 200km stretches and this year was even better!

"I feel like we forgot to grind the gravel. Was more like dancing with it." - Bill

Here's to kicking off something new this week!

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Jon Woodroof
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