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Guten morgen from a Romanshorn bound train outta Zürich.

I flew here yesterday after a fun two days celebrating my daughter's & girlfriend's son's 6th & 7th birthdays. : )

The last time I took the Romanshorn ferry to Friedrichshafen for Eurobike was 2011. It was my 1st time at the show & I was selling translation services for ALTA. 2018 is now my 6th (!) time at the show. And I'm very proud to be supported by such an awesome team representing so many amazing clients. Check out Twotone's clients at Eurobike here on pr.co. Speaking of pr.co, their sales guy Sjors is staying with us too!

My busy schedule & travel can really take its toll. I'm hoping to catch some Z's on this hour train ride  & 40 min ferry.

10 months ago I wrote: rest is best. But what happens when you put napping the test? (Spoiler alert: “a short afternoon nap improves endurance performance in runners that obtain less than 7 [hours] night-time sleep.”)

So wait, you can literally nap to catch up on sleeping too little... But how about how to sleep your way to the top? Not like that, I mean: to develop an evening routine for cutting stress, creating momentum, and cultivating happiness:

1. 🤔 Do a daily reflection. Ask yourself questions like this before bedtime:

What were three amazing things that happened today?
What’s one (or two) thing(s) I learned today?
  • The neurophysiology behind these exercises is that they get you out of your limbic system and into your neocortex. The limbic system is responsible for our emotions, among other things.

2. 👌Reframe negative experiences – Reflection and visualization prime you to get it right next time. Maybe follow the exercise above with this question:

What’s one thing you could have handled better today?

3. Play Tetris – Playing Tetris regularly has been shown to promote the growth of grey matter in the brain.

In other words, adding it to your routine helps support your brain’s adaptability and flexibility — two crucial tools shown to help combat prominent neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis, and Parkinson’s.4. 📝 Make your to-do list for tomorrow, today – Identifying what you want to achieve tomorrow is an empowering way to end your day.

5. 💤 Keep the same sleep and wake schedule (no matter what) – starting and ending your day at the same time is incredibly important for long-term vitality, productivity, and focus.6. 💨 Oxygen levels dip in the evening – so many good tips in the article to up your bedtime oxygen game.7. 🛌Protect your bedroom:

  • You should protect your sleeping space the way you protect other valuables in your life.
  • Dim the lights in the evening and reduce your exposure to devices in the hours preceding bedtime
  • Reduce the temperature
  • Sleep with breathable clothing — or (gasp!) naked
  • Charge your phone in your kitchen
  • Remove all electronics from your bedroom

8. 😏 Boatloads of sex and orgasms  – the neurological and physiological benefits of sex are too important to ignore:

All of our vital markers improve: cardiac output decreases, heart rate and blood pressure drop, breathing rate slows. It even aids in digestion. Not to mention the increased likelihood of intimacy, bonding, and connection with your partner. Your serotonin and dopamine levels are guaranteed to skyrocket. So take it from a doctor: there’s no better way to start your sleep than with an orgasm.

Whew! Long intro this week!

Hopefully, it has you stoked on getting some sleep!

As always thank you for reading,



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Cycling as meditation: Can riding help us achieve mindfulness?

Cycling as meditation: Can riding help us achieve mindfulness?

Have you ever been out for a ride, lost yourself in the moment, then come home and felt like your mind has been cleansed?

Um, yes. Every single ride.


I'll be contributing to Cycling Tips about my Silk Road Mountain Race experience! So stoked!

I'm arriving a few days early & may explore some of these spots near Bishkek before the race. The new off-grid planning from Komoot is gonna come in handy! 😨

Lastly, some bikepacking inspiration from my friend & former client Rob & his trip through Georgia.

24 hours in Gosse van der Meer’s wheel

24 hours in Gosse van der Meer’s wheel

Gosse van der Meer (22) is Frisian, a top athlete, student, globetrotter and prospective cartographer. He refers to being paid for cycling as ‘a good trick’. One day following in the tracks of a moustachioed cyclocross racer. ‘I often listen to lectures in my hammock. What a life!’

The new Grayties collection from Ornot

The new Grayties collection from Ornot

Summer is officially in full swing and right before they kicked off their European Vacation, Ornot released a collection of matching essentials to keep your adventures going strong. Lookout for them at Eurobike & Grinduro Scotland! (Who else will be getting radical on the Isle of Arran again in a week?!)


CAPACITA - The Most Affordable Smart Cargo E-Bike.

CAPACITA - The Most Affordable Smart Cargo E-Bike.

The Volta from Pure was cool. But this rules!

Stoked to see Michael the Pure Cycles Europe team after lunch later today!



The thought process behind creating a company that you're passionate about, that works with your strengths and aims in life.

I know I just gave Nick a nod 2 issues ago.

He deserves it. Even if he unsubscribed some time ago... ; )

And even Richard Sachs digs the new project. Solid street cred before launch ATMO.

The Definitive Guide to Using Your Story to Attract Customers & Build Loyalty

The Definitive Guide to Using Your Story to Attract Customers & Build Loyalty

Corey from Home Pro Success sent me this after he heard this podcast interview I did with Pat Helmer back in Jan 17. Very cool!

Sales & PR

#24 – netz – fahrstil – das Radkulturmagazin

#24 – netz – fahrstil – das Radkulturmagazin

Fahrstil's 24th issue is all about how things are connected. I'm so incredibly honored to be featured about my knack for networking, some opinions about the cycling industry & more. Danke guys!

What You Think is a "Sales" Problem is More Likely a Marketing Problem

What You Think is a "Sales" Problem is More Likely a Marketing Problem

In the early days, it’s usually marketing to the rescue.  Not some sales magician.

Hexlox HexThru modular Perfect Fit thru-axles promise universal bolt-on fit for all!

Hexlox HexThru modular Perfect Fit thru-axles promise universal bolt-on fit for all!

In a land of every increasing industry ‘standards’, Hexlox HexThru is a solution to bring us back interchangeability [...]. Plus of course, they build in compatibility with Hexlox’s optional locking security nuts.

Thanks for the love Bike Rumor! So rad to work for such innovative clients like Hexlox!


The Kids’ Imagination Simulator – LEGO® City

The Kids’ Imagination Simulator – LEGO® City

I was in a LEGO commercial with my girlfriend Kristy's son Errol!

It was magical!

Watch it here.

Here's to getting the habit of better sleep this week!

Written by
Jon Woodroof
♥️ @Kristyspark✨, Otto, Mira, Errol, Simone, Brayden & Rowan 💡 living the dream @Workspacesix & @Twotoneams 💌 I love to send special stuff to special people weekly.
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