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I'm still sore from a weekend of racing both on the velodrome & cyclocross but wanted to get an issue out. Especially to reflect a week after the Bicycle Film Festival. Thank you for reading! : )

16 years ago, I attended and appeared in a film entitled 'The Breath' directed by my friend James Connelly in the 6th annual BFF in NYC. This was my first experience with the festival and it was magical!

Ten years later, Twotone had the opportunity to support the 2016 edition of the BFF with BYCS in Amsterdam. And in 2022 , Twotone once again had the chance to support one of our favorite cycling institutions for its 3rd edition in our hometown!

This was a tremendous honor for our agency, our extended team, clients, and the cycling community here in Amsterdam. Special thanks to the entire Twotone team of Quinda, Kristy, Kike, Malo, & Bob for all of your efforts to make the weekend a success!

Ultimately, we earned 30 articles & counting in international titles with a combined 46.3 million audience; meaning an estimated 262k views in publications like Het Parool, de Volkskrant, The Radavist, Bike Rumor, Bicycling NL, Fiets, Velozine, Mashable, Racefietsblog.nl, Fietsvrouwen.cc, Tweewieler, Fietsmarkt, Velostrom & more! Additionally, we've tracked more than 100 social media shares, showcasing the joy & wonder that the BFF is known for!

Our monthly radio show, The Mechanics of Joy, broadcasted live all day Sunday on Echobox Radio sharing the Future of Women's Cycling panel, Q&As, and interviews with directors, cast & attendees to listeners worldwide!

We distributed film programs around the city by bike as well as in the Netherlands and in Europe by mail. We hosted out-of-town visitors, loaned bikes to those without wheels, Kike sang with his family in the opening night concert, and Twotone celebrated our 8th birthday that evening with BFF attendees & friends from around the world! Simply put: this is what we live for!

Thank you, Brendt, for your beautiful words of gratitude below. This means the world to us!

"Dear Twotone and all. Thank you! We touched a lot of hearts this weekend. This is important. Why do it otherwise? It was a challenge to pull off; however, we made the first great festival in Amsterdam. I believe this was a win. We all won together. I am personally grateful for all of the super hard work and passion you have put into this. The party was the best party I have been to in years. It carried the BFF spirit, and it complimented Blonde Redhead. We have now officially made the first awesome BFF in Amsterdam! Gracias, Thank you, Bedankt!" – Brendt Barbur, Director, Producer & Founding Director of The Bicycle Film Festival.

Thank you to the BFF team of Brendt, Michelangelo, & Mandy!

Thank you, Move & Ride Out, for hiring us & hosting the event!

Thank you to everyone from near & far that came out to this edition of the BFF to make it so tremendous! Hope to see you again next year!

In closing, here are some highlights from the weekend:

as always, thank you for reading & sharing this newsletter,


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📷: BFF AMS group photo after the Urban Bike Shorts program


The 1st Environmental Impact Cycling Barcamp

The 1st Environmental Impact Cycling Barcamp

This event will bring together environmental enthusiasts and experts from the cycling industry to interact, have fun and tackle some key issues facing the industry.

See you there!

Twotone 8 Year Gear!

Twotone 8 Year Gear!

We've got our 8 Year T's, patches, pins, stickers, caps, hoodies & soon, socks!, online for order!

Lekker Supply Chain Intern Opening

Lekker Supply Chain Intern Opening

Lekker Bikes is looking for a Supply Chain Internship to join their team.


Nine Types of Rest Original

Nine Types of Rest Original

I've said it before & I'll say it again: "rest is best!"

Dig into this post for ways & ideas of how to best get your rest!

Interview Skills - All You Need to Know

Interview Skills - All You Need to Know

Want to smash every media or podcast interview? Here's an extensive, free guide from Adam Stones.

The 37signals Guide to Internal Communication

The 37signals Guide to Internal Communication

Long-form asynchronous? Real-time chat? In-person? Video? Verbal? Written? Via email?

This is how 37signals keeps everyone in the loop without everyone getting tangled in everyone else’s business. Pretty impressive & some lessons for Twotone too!


The Bicycle Academy and its outstanding contribution to handmade bike culture

The Bicycle Academy and its outstanding contribution to handmade bike culture

Spoon Customs wrote some heartfelt words about The Bicycle Academy (TBA) closing its doors & its legacy on framebuilding in the UK, Europe and beyond.

Worth a read whether you're into custom bikes or not. I'm looking forward to seeing what Andrew and the TBA crew do next.

S02 E49 Build. Make. Be. Project Fearless - Salt The Podcast

S02 E49 Build. Make. Be. Project Fearless - Salt The Podcast

Project Fearless is an Amsterdam based non-for-profit organization that offers after-school courses for girls and genderfluid youth between the ages 9 and 14 to get hands-on, break stereotypes and find their voice.

Since its founding in 2019, Project Fearless has welcomed over 895 kids across 72 one-of-a-kind programs.

Great stuff!

SHOW REEL | Robin Pearson

SHOW REEL | Robin Pearson

Video projects Robin has done for Ride UK BMX, 50 Rebels, Monster Press, Dirt Mountainbike, Road Cycling UK, Switzerland Tourism, YT, Iswari / Super Vegan Fitness.

Very cool!


Back in New York - 4 song EP by Mira Woodroof

Back in New York - 4 song EP by Mira Woodroof

A few weeks ago, while in NYC with her brother & me, my daughter Mira recorded 3 more songs with audio engineer and CEO & Co-Founder of Studio Assistant; Stephen Bartlett.*

Mira covers songs from Snail Mail, Claire Rosinkranz & Phoebe Bridgers. The EP also includes a live Judy Blank cover as well.**

Listen to Mira's new release here.

Thank you very much to Stephen for taking the time! These moments are so magical with Mira, and it's wonderful to share her music with the world.

*Listen to songs that Stephen has either co-written, produced, engineered, or mixed here.

**The Judy Blank cover of 'Who've You Been Loving Lately' was recorded live on Echobox Radio in Amsterdam in June, 2022. You can listen to the whole episode here.

Here's to planning for 9 types of rest as we near the end of the year!

Written by
Jon Woodroof
♥️ @Kristyspark✨, Otto, Mira, Errol, Simone, Brayden & Rowan 💡 living the dream @Workspacesix & @Twotoneams 💌 I love to send special stuff to special people weekly.
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