Obst & Gemüse

Obst & Gemüse
In: Cycling, Marketing, PR, Sales

OBST&GEMÜSE started out as a fixed-gear bike shop 8 years ago in Basel, Switzerland. But has since transformed into an all-inclusive bike shop, with a spacious set-up downstairs filled with luxury cargo-bikes. As of May 5th 2017 they opened the ‘Performance Showroom’ on their upstairs floor, offering some of the most desirable race-bike brands available today. This opening simultaneously marked the shops 8 year anniversary.

Twotone worked with OBST&GEMÜSE to make their 8-year anniversary a big success. By inviting journalists, brands, influencers, and customers to come to the opening party and various rides over the #OG8thAnniversary weekend. We were able to rapidly grow their brand globally by ensuring publications in and from a variety of media, influencers, and brands.

Leading up to the event we helped out with graphics for the invitation and temporary website, as well as distributing these to the right outlets. During the event, we generated photo and video content by ourselves and through multiple influencers from the cycling scene.

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