Berthoud Cycles

Berthoud Cycles

Founded in 1977, the Gilles Berthoud company is based in Pont de Vaux, Ain. In the cycling world, it is synonymous with quality, durability, ingeniosity, and elegance. The term « Haute couture » has been employed to describe the company’s production. The company is composed of a small team of artisans with their own specialties : saddle making, bag manufacture, frame building, mechanics, wheel building…

"I met Jon on two occasions on trade shows and thought: “This guy is passionate, embedded in the industry and knows his stuff.” When Gilles Berthoud was looking for a way to increase sales and visibility, Twotone was the natural choice. They helped us to get out of the dark zone the brand had fallen into."
Vincent Crétin – Allround Shop Dog

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