2moso van following two cyclists on the road
In: Cycling, Marketing, PR, Running, aftershokz, megmeister, wahoo

Since 2005, 2moso has provided import and exclusive distribution in the Benelux of international A-brands that, among other things, develop accessories for cyclists and runners.

2moso has large, well-known brands in its product portfolio and monitors the quality of the sales channel with suppliers and dealers. 2moso also keeps ears and eyes open for innovative newcomers.

We collaborate with them on epic brands such as Wahoo Fitness, Megmeister, & Aftershokz. We help them get the word out on their latest products and come up with creative collaborations to build awareness of their portfolio.

The owner of 2moso discovered the Twotone through Wahoo fitness, a brand they represent in the Benelux. Twotone was chosen because bikes were key but also because of Jon’s influence and his lifestyle in general. His advice was to describe the current media landscape and the factors influencing social media and relationships with media.

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